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Full text of "Genealogy of the descendants of Nathaniel Clarke of Newbury, Mass. Ten generations, 1642-1885"

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TEN GENERATIONS, 1642-1885. 



M^mbei- of the A'ciu Eir^laiid Historic Genealogical Society 



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TEN GENERATIONS, 1642-1885. 



Member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. 





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The foxing, or discoloration with age, characteristic of 
old books, sometimes shows through to some extent m 
reprints such as this, especially when the foxing is 
very severe in the original book. We feel that the 
contents of this book warrant its reissue despite these 
blemishes, and hope you will agree and read it with 

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FTER a rather discouraging experience of more 
than four years in collecting material, I published 
in the fall of 1882, a genealogy of the descend- 
ants of Nathaniel Clarke of Newbury. 

This book I knew to be imperfect, but hoped that it would 
awaken a more general interest in the matter, and enable me 
to obtain more complete records for a second edition. 

The result justified my expectations, although only a por- 
tion of the edition was sold, and since then I have obtained 
records with comparative ease. 

In the preparation of the second edition great care has been 
taken in copying manuscripts and in reading proof, to avoid 
errors if possible ; but there are doubtless some, as in a work 
of this kind it is well nigh impossible to exclude them alto- 
gether. Often I have received conflicting records from differ- 
ent sources, and in many instances have made persistent effort 
to learn which were correct. It will be noticed that in a very 
few instances in the earlier generations, I have a record of the 
birth of male children and know nothing further of them, un- 
less it be the mere fact that they lived to manhood, and it is 
reasonable to suppose that some of them have descendants ; 


but the most diligent research, and the investigation of every 
clue, has failed to discover any trace of these lines. 

In the arrangement of the genealogy, the " Register Meth- 
od " has been substantially adopted as the most common and 
familiar one, and because it is desirable to have some uniform 
system in general use. In order to keep the v^ork within rea- 
sonable limits, the author has been obliged to exclude the re- 
cord of more than one generation of descendants of other 
names, except in certain special cases. The previous edition 
contained records of about 624 persons of the name of Clarke, 
and of comparatively few of other names, while the present 
edition contains records of more than 900 persons of the name 
of Clarke, and of a large number of other descendants. 

Among the many who have rendered me valuable assist- 
ance, and who have my sincere thanks. Rev. John Clark of 
Rumney, Rev. Jacob Chapman of Exeter, Amos S. Clark 
of Sandown, Enoch Henry Clark of Greenland, Rev. Amos 
H. Clark of Piermont, Mrs. John S. Hanaford of Campton, 
and Miss Mary Norris of Stratham, all in New Hampshire, 
are entitled to especial mention, as without their aid it would 
have been exceedingly difficult for me to have procured these 

The gratitude of all who are interested in the publication of 
this genealogy is due to the Hon. John Badger Clarke of 
Manchester, N.H., for the very generous and substantial en- 
couragement which he has extended to both editions of the 
family record. 

It is to be regretted that more biographical sketches have 
not been obtained, but as a rule the family have shown a 
remarkable readiness to do the best in their power, and have 
in many instances cheerfully put themselves to much trouble 
to collect the desired records. The first edition was published 


to preserve fast perishing records, and the second is offered to 
the family in the hope that, while still more fully accomplish- 
ing that object, it may prove interesting to them and to future 
generations. Let all corrections and additions be sent to me 
as soon as possible, as only a portion of the sheets will be 
bound at present, and the additions can appear with the latter 
part of the edition in the form of an appendix. 

All communications may be addressed to 


1 8 Somerset St., Boston. 





HE town of Newbury, Mass., was settled about 
1635 by English emigrants. "Some princi- 
pal inhabitants of Ipswich obtaining leave 
of General Court to remove to Inascacunquen began 
a town at that place, and called it Newbur)% and 
Mr. Parker a learned minister who had been in the 
ministry with Mr. Ward at Ipswich accompanied them." 
(Holmes's Annals of America.) In the Winthrop Me- 
morials it is said: "Mr. Parker and the people with 
whom he now removed, came from Wiltshire, England." 
There is very strong evidence that Nathaniel Clarke 
was nearly related to the Clarkes at Ipswich,* but 

* According to Savage and other authorities, there were not less than forty 
different families of the name of Clarke who came to New England prior to 
1700. " Of several of these races extensive genealogies have been published, 
and there is much in print relating to others. 


some of the earliest records oi that town are lost, 
and the author has been unable to ascertain anything 
definite of him previous to his marriage In 1663. 

From 1665 to '69 Newbury was divided by a bitter 
controversy between the friends of Rev. Mr. Parker 
and those of Mr. Edward Woodman, a man of talents 
and ability. Mr. Woodman affirmed that "Mr. Parker 
would set up a Prelacy, and have more power than 
the Pope, for the Pope had his council of Cardinals." 
Nathaniel Clarke and many other prominent men 
were of Mr. Parker's party. (See Coffin's Hist, of 

He was a witness to a petition dated 13 Mar. 1669, 
to the Court at Ipswich relative to this dissension, and 
his name appears throughout the controversy. 

II Sep. 1666, he signed the petition of Newbury 
" relative to the King's displeasure." 

29 Apr. 1668, he was admitted Freeman. 

In 1670 Nathaniel was chosen ''to layout y'^ high 
way to y^ Ferry place in Amesbury " in company with 
William Chandler, and the trace of the old road as laid 
out by them over Bailey's Hill Is still visible. 

II Oct. 1 68 1, he signed the petition for a magistrate 
for Newbury. 

24 Mar, 1682, he with three others made an in- 
ventory of the estate of George Carr. 

In 1683 W'llllam Morse of Newbury appointed "his 
loving friends Capt. Daniel Peirce, Tristram Coffin, and 
Nathaniel Clarke " overseers of his will. 

* All the town histories and genealogies referred to in this work can be found 
in the library of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, i8 Somerset 
Street, Boston. 


In May, 1684, ^^ "^^.s appointed naval officer for the 
ports of Newbury and* Salisbury by the General Court, 
and 4 June, 1685, ensign of Capt. Daniel Peirce's com- 
pany at Rowley, vice Stephen Greenleaf promoted. 
Capt. Peirce and other officers petitioned for these 
promotions 25 May, 1685 stating that Nathaniel Clarke 
was the oldest sergeant in the company. 

(Mass. State Archives.) 

1685 ^^ estate of John Hutchins was indebted 
to '' Mr. Nathaniel Clarke of Nubery." 

19 June, 1686, he was chosen one of the com- 
mittee, composed of the leading men of the town, to 
arrange the division among the freeholders of a large 
tract of common land lying above Artichoke River, 
afterwards known as the " Rate lots," and agreeably 
to ""the report forty-five acres were set off to him and 
his eldest son. 

There is at Salem an Indenture, made 26 March, 
1686, betw^een " Robert Downer of Salisbury, Massa- 
chusetts, Colony of New England, House Carpenter," 
and "Nathaniel Clark of town of Newbury in County 
and Colony aforesaid, cordw^ainer, for 10 ^ silver 
money Bradbury marsh in Salisbury, mortgage to 
secure payment of said money discharged in manner 
following 28 Feb. 1687. 

'' Received money in full. 

(Signed)' -Nathaniel Clarke." 


Great Island August 13, 1687. 
To hU Excellency Edmund Andros : 

Sir, — 

Your excellency may please to remember I proposed some 
persons as fitting to serve his majesty in the town of New- 
bury both in civil and military affairs. On my return to this 
place I had discource with several persons, the most consider- 
able of that town, that by want of justices of the peace, noth- 
ing hath been done at the meeting of those inhabitants for 
settling the rates and other concerns of the publick. Mr. 
Woodbridge, one of the justices is very ancient and crazy 
and seldom goes abroad ; Mr. Dummer the other justice 
lives six miles from the place and therefore very unfit for that 
service for the town of Newbury, besides his other qualities 
in not being of the loyal party as he ought to be. I doe 
therefore entreat of your excellency, that in the commission 
of the peace my two friends, Daniel Peirce and Nathaniel 
Clarke may be put, which I assure myself will be for his ma- 
jesty's service and to your excellency's satisfaction. There 
are no military commissions sent to this place and therefore 
I doe entreat your excellencys favour that commissions 
be sent these following persons : Daniel Davison, Captain 
of horse for Newbury and Rowley ; Stephen Greenleaf 
junior, lieutenant ; George March cornet. Of the first Com- 
pany. Thomas Noye5 Captain ; Stephen Greenleaf senior, 
lieutenant; James Noyes Ensign. Of the second Company; 
Nathaniel Clarke captain ; John March lieutenant ; Moses 
Gerrish ensign. * * * * * 

Your excellencys servant, 


(Mason was of the Governor's Council. P'or entire letter see Coffin's History 
of Newbury.) 


2 June, 1690, he took the depositions of Joseph, 
an Indian, and of Robin, a negro, concerning the 
supposed treasonable communication of Isaac Morrill 
with the French. 

(Clerk's Office, Salem.) 


"March 2, 1667 Nathaniel Clarke was chosen to serve as 
the Towne Constable for the yeare ensuing." 

''Dec. 3, 1668 the Select men granted Liberty to Nathaniel 
Clarke, Mr. Edward Woodman, Benjamin Lowle John Kelley 
and John Kent jun. to build a pew for their wives at their 
owne charg in the meeting house from the east end of the 
fourth gallery to the pulpit to be and to remain to them and 
their heirs for ever." 

"at a meeting of the Select men Feb. 25 1668 Taking into 
consideration the generall request and complaint of Consider- 
able persons for want of seats in the meeting house the Select 
men ordered thre seats to be built for such persons that do 
want, provided that now the seats are builded that such per- 
sons as are placed in them do pay their equall Shares and 
proportion for the building of them and in case that any such 
persons are placed in the said seats, shall refuse to pay their 
Shares then they shall have no right in the said seats, and 
Mr. Richard Dumer jun. Thomas Woodbridge, John Dole, 
Thomas Noyes John Knight & Nathaniel Clarke is placed 
in the new short seat on the east side of the meeting house 
and shall have free egress and regress through the Long seat 
or some other way." 


*'That whereas Nathaniel Clarke being Constable in the 
yeare 1668 there was left in his hands the sum of eight 
pounds and six shillings of the Towne Rate to buy a barrell 
of powder, the said Nathaniel Clarke upon the ninth day of 
may in the yeare 1670 brought two Cowes and tendered them 
unto the Select men John Bartlett Sen Wm Chandler & 
Caleb Moody for the payment of the aforesaid ^8-6-0 the 
two Cowes was prised by William Titcomb and Tristram 
Coffin at seaven pounds twelve shillings and sixpence, the said 
Select men received the Cowes at the said price of jQy-i2-6j 
then they agreed with the said Nathaniel Clarke to give him 
the two Cowes and that which was above in his hands and 
forty shillings of good pay out of the next Towne Rate to 
procure a barrell of powder for the townes use and upon this 
agreement the Cowes was delivered unto Nathaniel Clarke 
again by the said Select men and Nathaniel Clarke doth 
engage to buy a barrell of powder for the townes use between 
this and October next ensueing. 

"Sept. 2, 1670. We the Select men above mentioned re- 
ceived a barrell of marchantable & good conditioned powder 
for the townes use of Nathaniel Clarke, a full barrell & we 
acknowledge that the town is indebted to the said Nathaniel 
Clarke the full sum of forty shillings. 

John Bartlett 
Wm. Chandler 
Edmund Moore 
Samuel Plumer 
Caleb Moody 

"Sept. 19, 1670 Mr. Hills Capt. Gerrish, Archelaus Wood- 
man William Titcomb Nathaniel Clarke are appointed to 
draw up an order about the settling the freeholders interest 
& to present it to the Generall Courte." 

"Jan. 3, 1672 A Committee was chosen for building a 
house for the ministry the same dimensions every way, accord- 
ing as Nathaniel Clarkes house is \yith an Addition of a 


"At a General! Towne meeting April 16 1673, Richard 
Knight, John Knight Sen, Benjamin Rolfe, John Emery- 
Sen. & Nathaniel Clarke was chosen to be a committee to 
search out such lands that are Common belonging to the 
Towne which particular men have enclosed into their pro- 
prietyes and to bring what they have found out to the Towne 
the next meeting." 

"March i 1674-75 It is voted that Nathaniel Clarke & 
Henry Jaques being Impowered by the Towne fencing & 
finishing the building of the ministry house that they Com- 
pleat the furnishing of housing and fencing of the ground for 
pasture to be done according to writing given by the Select 
men for every person with carts & oxen & hands & tools 
suitable to bring stones &c and every person not having oxen 
appear in person to help forward the work & in neglect shall 
pay five shillings to be strained by the Constable within two 
days after the neglect or the Constable pay his fine if he 
neglects his duty therein. 


"April 13, 1675 Daniel Pierce, Sen. Nathaniel Clarke & 
John Bartlett, Sen. were chosen to compleat the furnishing & 
fencing in of the ministry house." 

"Feb 5, 1677 Nathaniel Clarke & John Knight is placed in 
the west gallery for seat." 

March 3, 1678-9, he was chosen "to serve upon the Jury 
of tryalls at Ipswich Court next," and again 10 Mar. 1684. 

"Jan 5, 1679 Nathaniel Clarke proposed for a place to 
make a wharf." 

"March ist 1679-80 Nathaniel Clarke proposed for a parcel 
of the flats on the South east side of the Point of Rocks that 
was granted to Capt. White about thre Rods broad at hy 
water mark and so to low wSter mark to make a wharf. This 
proposition was voted and granted but the Townes Inhabi- 
tants shall have free liberty to land goods upon it provided 
they do not let them ly to Damnify the owner, and the wharf 


is to be made up within thre yeares or else if it be not done 
then the land is to return to the Towne again." 

"March 4, 1682 The Select men of Newbury ordered and 
appointed Sergt. Nathaniel Clarke to warn Evan Morris out 
of the towne of Newbury." 

"May 3, 1682 at a legall meeting we the Select men do 
order and appoint Sergt. Nathaniel Clarke to answer the com- 
plaint of the Towne of Topsfield Concerning Evan Morris at 
the adjournment of the court of Ipswich which will be the 
ninth day of May 1682 and we do hereby give him full power 
to prosecute the case." 

In 1668 29 shillings were paid to him out of the town 
rates for services etc.; in 1670 £2 \\s.\ in 1672 the 
town rate was ^100 and 5^-. 6d. was paid him; in 1673, 
175-.; 1674, £^ \2s, 6d.\ 1675, ;^8 iSi-.; 1677, £1 4^-.; 
1678, 8j-. ; 1682, £1 lys. 6d. 

In 1684 his tax for payment of town debt and 
schoolmaster's salary amounted to i^jS. <^d., and in 1685 
to 7^. 3^. in money, and \\s. 6d. in " corne " for Mr. Rich- 
ardson's salary. 8 Dec. 1685, his county tax v/as 45-. 2d. 

He was constable 1667, 1668, tythlngman in 1679, 
1682, and 1685, and selectman in 1682, 1688, and 
probably other years. 

30 Aug. 1688, D. Pelrce, D. Davison, Nath'l Clarke, 
and Jacob Toppan, selectmen of Newbury, met with 
the Commissioner, Thomas Noyes, and prepared a list 
of all the persons above fourteen years of age, and' of 
all the taxable property in town, " according to y^ act 
of Councill." " Ensig" Clark" had in his family three 
persons over fourteen years of age, and owned 4 houses, 
14 acres of plowland, 16 of meadow, 10 of pasture, 2 
horses, i one year old, 4 oxen, 5 cows, 30 sheep, and 3 
hogs. Nathaniel Jr. had 2 houses, 6 acres of plowland, 


4 of meadow, i horse, 2 oxen, 2 cows, 12 sheep, and 
I hog. 

From Registry of Deeds, Salem. 

10 Sept. 1664, Nathaniel Clarke bought of John Wolcott for 
;£4 ^s. "all that parcel of land which was Henry Travers his 
portion of devident land, containing by estimation seaven 
acres" 25 Mar. 1665, he sold the same to Tristram Cofhn 
for ^5. 

7 July, 1666, he bought of Robert Morse "Taylour" for 
^90 "■ All the houses e land I have in Newbury containing by 
estimation nyne acres b it more or lesse and three quarter as 
it lyeth. Scituate lyeing and being in Newbury neare Merri- 
mack River in the little field" ''the street next Merrimack 
River on the Northeasterly end." Also four acres recently 
bought of the heirs of John Svvett, bounded west by the River 
at high water mark. Also "the seaven e twentieth lott " re- 
cently bought of Mr. Woodbridge, " with all and singular the 
house, barne Hovells, outhouses, pasture, meadow, e arable 
land orchards, gardens, fences." 

3 Oct. 1667, John Woodbridge gave him a deed of "the 
Seven and Twentyeth, Freehold Lott in Plumb Island, con- 
taining foure Acres." 

19 Sept. 1670, he bought of John Bishop and others for £^^ 
the "commonage or right of a Freehold " that was granted to 
Samuel Scullard. 

10 Apr. 1674, he bought of Daniel and Hannah Lunt for 
;£"io a "foure Acre Lot of Salte Marsh knowne by the name 
of the Sixe Twentyeth lott " on Plum Island. 

1685, he bought land in Amesbury of Thomas Putnam for 


4 Dec. 1685, Nathaniel Clarke "Merchant" for one eighth 
of a " Kotch cald ye Salisbury meado sure unto me by Isaac 
Morrill of ye Towne of Salisbury" exchanged "six full & 
Compleat acres of Marsh now lying and being within ye 
bounds of ye Town Ship of Salisbury afores^" Witness 
Nathaniel Clarke jr. 


15 Mar. 1685-6, he bought of Samuel, Thomas, and Marga- 
ret Lowell for £,\% sterling i \ acre of upland lying "in a 
place commonly Cald or knowne by the name of ye littell 

He Is called ensign in the Newbury records, and was 
usually entitled " Hon—" when mentioned by his co- 
temporaries. He died 25 August 1690, aged about 
48. Judge Sewall mentions his death in the Diary re- 
cently published, and he also speaks of seeing him at 
the funeral of Capt. Gerrish at Salem, Thursday, 1 1 
Augt. 1687. 

His home was on the Merrimac River towards what 
is now West Newbury. 


In the name of GOD amen. I Nathaniel Clark, of New- 
bury in New England, senior, being weak of body, yet of 
sound and perfect mind and memory, praise be therefore given 
to allmighty God, do make and ordaine this my present last 
will and testament, in manner and forme as followeth, (that is 
to say.) First and principally I commend my soul into the 
hands of allmighty God, hopeing, through the merrits, death 
and passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ, to have full and free 
pardon and forgiveness of all my sins, and to inherit everlast- 
ing life ; and my body I committ to the earth, to be decently 
buryed at the discression of my executors hereafter named ; 
as touching the disposal of all such temporall estate, as it hath 
pleased allmighty God to bestow upon me, I give and dispose 
thereof, as followeth 

First. I will y^. my debts and funerall charges be paid and 
discharged. Item. I give unto my son Nathaniel, if he live 
to come home, all that my parcell of land above hartychoke, 
called by the name of the Rate lott, joyning to his owne land, 


as it is bounded by the land of John Koeby westerly and the 
land of Joseph Bailey easterly. 

Item. I give unto my son Thomas, besides what I have 
alreddy given him, one acre and half of land of my homestead, 
iovneins: to his owne land and the land of Samuel Greenleafe 
and to the land of William Moulton ; provided that his father 
Noyes shall give and confirme five acres of salt marsh, making 
his daughter's portion worth one hundred pound. 

Item. I give unto my son Henry all this my parcell of 
land or homestead undisposed of, with all the salt marsh that 
I bought with it, and a lot of salt marsh at Plum island, which 
I bought of Daniel Lunt, provided he shall live with his 
mother and take y! care of her business, whilest she remains a 
widow ; but if she shall marry he shall pay to his mother six 
pounds a year untill my youngest child be sixteen years old, 
and then to enter upon it as his owne propper estate. 

Item. I give to my son Daniel all y^. my parcell of land 
above harty choke, called by the name of Freehold lott, as it 
is bounded by y^ land of John Emery easterly and w^^ y^ 
land of Francis Browne westerly ; and my lott of salt marsh 
at Salisbury down at y? poynts, bounded w^*? y*: marsh of 
Samuel French sen': easterly and the marsh of Isaac Morrill 

Item. I give to my son Josiah all that my parcell of land 
wS^ I bought of Thomas Putnam, lying in Almesbury, as it is 
bounded with the land of Major Pike easterly and westerly 
on Merrimack river northerly. 

Item. My brigandine and all y? rest and residue of my 
p.sonall estate, goods and chattels whatsoever I give and be- 
queath to my loving and dear wife and to my son John, whom 
I appoint my full and sole executors of this my last will and 
testament, to be disposed of for y? bringing up of my four 
youngest children, and when y^ children are of age my estate 
is to be divided into six parts, my wife is to have two parts of 
it, y! other four parts to be divided equally to my sons and my 
daughters Sarah and Elizabeth and Judith. 


Item. My will is, that estate w^^ I have given to my son 
Henry, viz, my homestead and y? marsh be my wife's and at 
her disposall during widowhood, and also my warehouse and 
y? pcell of land or flats, as it was granted by y? town, w'^l* y! 
war house stands upon. 

Item. My will is, that my warehouse and y^. pcell of land 
or flats, w^Mt stands on be disposed of by my executors as 
y^ rest of my estate committed to their care, and to be divided 
to my wife and my son John and my three daughters. 

Item. My will is, that, if any of my children dy before 
marriage, their estate shall be equally divided among y^ rest 
of my children. 

Item. My desire is, y^. my honoured father in law Trustrm 
Cofin and my loving friends Henry Somerby and William 
Noyes be overseers of this my last will and testament. 

Dated in Newbery y9 twenty first day of August anno Dom. 
one thousand six hundred and ninety. 

Witnesse. ^_ ^ -^ 


Rebecca Somerby. 

^^ i::/J^^ 

This last will of Mr. Nathaniel Clark, of Newbury, being 
presented to the court held at Ipswich September 30, 1690, by 
the widow of said Clark and their son John, the witnesses 
hereto appeared and gave oath, that they did see said 
Nathaniel Clark sign and own the same, as his last will and 
testament, and that at the same time he was of a disposing 
mind ; further the said William Noyes and Rebecca Somerby, 
do testify, that, being present when Nathaniel Clark senior, 
of Newbury, did make his will and order it to be writte, that 
there at that time he did appoint and order his wife Elizabeth 
Clark and his son John Clark to be joint executors to this his 
last will, upon which evidence the said will is approved and 
allowed to be entered into record. 

Attests. Thos. Wade, clerk. 







An inventory taken this 27th day of September, 1690, of 
the estate of Nathaniel Clark, of Newbury, prized as money. 

Imprimis. To the dwelling houses and barns, 9 acres of 

land adjoining and freehold of commoning . ^200 o o 
To the freehold \o\. £y:> — to the Rate Lot ^30 — to a par- 
cell of land in Amesbury ^30 — ..... 
To a piece of marsh at Little pine island, £\i — 
To a piece of meadow at Salisbury point, ^20 — 
To 3 lots of meadow at Plum island, ^36 — 
To 3 horses ^9 — to 2 oxen ^7 — to 6 cows ^12 — to 6 

young cattle ^10 — ....... 38 o o 

To 3 yearlings and 3 calves ^5 — to 26 sheep and lambs 

£^\l?> — to swine ^2 — . . . . . . 11. 15 o 

To his wearing apparel, woolen and linen, plate buttons and 

buckles ^20 — ........ 20 o o 

To books £\ — to money _;,^5 — to a tankard ^10 — to a cup 

and 6 spoons ^2 los — ....... 21 10 o 

To money due by bill for the brigandine sold ^115 — . 115 00 

To 2 guns, 2 swords and two belts ^5 — to ammunition ^i — 600 

To 5 feather beds, 7 bolsters, 4 pillows and 2 flock beds ^19 19 o o 

To 9 coverlids, 4 rugs, 6 blankets and 2 pair of curtains 

^I'j — .......... 17 o o 

To 16 pair of sheets ^14 — to 6 dozen of napkins ^3 — to 6 

table cloths ;{^2 — to 6 towels 12s — . . . . 19 12 o 

.8 bolster cases ^ I — 8 pillowcases 15s — cupboard cloths 

5s — sheep wool and yarn ^3 10 — . . . . . 5 10 o 

To 7 bedsteads and cords ^2 — to 6 tables and forms and 

joint stools ^3 — ........ 500 

To 2 dozen and 9 chairs £6 los — to 3 trunks and a desk 

£^i — .......... 7100 

To 3 chests 30s — to 2 boxes 3s — to a carpet 5s — to a 

copper and 3 kettles ^5 — . . . . . . 6 18 o 

To 2 iron pots and a kettle ^i — to 3 skillets 8s — to 12 

platters ^iio — . . . . . . . . 2180 

To 12 plates and twelve porringers ^i — to 4 drinking pots 

7s — to 5 candlesticks ^1 — ...... 270 

To smoothing irons, tongs, five shovels and warming pan i8s o 18 o 

To trenchers, spoons, dishes, trays, earthen waie and glasses 

£^i 10 — ......... I 10 o 

To hogsheads, barrels, tubs, pails and vinegar £2. — . 200 


















To a pair of skelyards, scales, weights, a cradle, leather and 

a mortar £2 — ........ 

To wheat, rye, barley, Indian corn, oats and beans £\2 — 
To 2 wheels, a pair of cards and a reel 6s — to a hay boat 

and canoe £,^ — 
To 2 ploughs, a harrow, hows, axes, scythes, spades, 

shovels, sled and tumbril ;^i 15 — 

To an old net 5s — horse furniture 30s — to a frying pan and 

some small things 5s — . 
To measures and sieves los — to an anchor 30s — to 40 

bushels of salt ^5 — 

To the ware house and land adjoining ^^20 — 

To hay ^4 — . . . 

Total sum 

At a court held at Ipswich, September 30, 1690. This 
inventory was presented by the executors unto the last will 
and testament of Mr. Nathaniel Clark, of Newbury, deceased, 
for a true inventory of all his known estate, with their oaths 
for the truth of all that at present appears, as also, if more 
appear, to add the same and to give account thereof to the 
court in convenient time. 

As attests : Tho^ Wade, Clerk. 

He m. 23 Nov. 1663, Elizabeth, b. i Nov. 1646, d.* 
15 Mar. 1 7 16, at Exeter, N. H., daughter of Henry and 
Judith Somerby.^ Henry was the second son of Rich- 
ard Somerby of Little Bytham in Lincolnshire, where 
his family had been eminently respectable for many 
generations. The mother of Mrs. Clarke was the 
daughter of Edmund Greenleaf, who was probably of 

* The late Mr. Joshua Coffin, historian of Newbury, in an interesting 
letter to the late Hon. William C. Clarke of Manchester, N. H., stated that 
Nathaniel Clarke and Elizabeth Somerby were married in the house occu- 
pied by himself at the time of writing, and by Tristram Coffin, step-father 
of the bride, in 1663. 


Huguenot origin, and one of the earliest and most 
prominent settlers of Newbury, Mass., having come 
there from Ipswich, Suffolk, England, as early as 1638. 
Greenleaf was perhaps a translation of Feuillevert, the 
original French name of the family. 

The births of all his children are recorded at New- 
bury. They were 

i. Nathaniel b. 5 Dec. 1664, d. 6 June, 1665. 

2 ii. Nathaniel b. 13 Mar. 1666, d. Oct. 1690. 

iii. Thomas b. 9 Feb. 1667-^, d. 25 Apr. 1722.* 

iv. John b. 24 Jan. 1670, d. 25 July, 1705.! 

V. Henry b. 5 July, 16^3, d. 9 June, 17494 

vi. Daniel b. 16 Dec. 1675, d. before 1709. 5. P.§ 

a vii. Sarah b. 7 Jan. iGj^-S, d. 25 Aug. 1741. 

viii. Josiah b. 7 May, 1682, d. 29 Apr. 171 7. |i 

b ix. Elizabeth b. 15 May, 1684, d. 24 Jan. 1762 
in Beverly, Mass. 

X. Judith b. 3 Jan. 16^6-"/. 

xi. Mary b. 25 Mar. 1689, d. before 21 Aug. 1690. 

Daniel Clarke was baptized by Rev. Christopher 
Toppan on the Sunday following, 19 Dec. 1675, and 
was the second child baptized by him. Sarah was bap- 
tized by the same minister 24 Feb. \6yj-'^, and Eliza- 
beth 18 May, 1684. 

* See Part Second. 

t See Part Third. The date of birth of Rev. John Clarke has often 
been in print, and ahvays as 24 June, 1670 ; but. unless the author is greatly 
mistaken, the Newbury records give it as above. 

X See Part Fourth. 

§ S. P. is the common abbreviation of "sine prole,'" meaning without 

I! See Part Fifth. 


a Sarah m. 9 June, 1697, Nicholas Oilman of Exeter, N.H., 
b. 26 Dec. 1672, d. 1 74 1, who was Judge of the Common 
Pleas and of the Superior Court of N. H., and was a very 
wealthy man. His father was John, son of Edward and Mary 
(Clark) Oilman of Hingham, Pvlass., who came there in 1638 
in ship "Diligent" from England. Edward Oilman, the emi- 
grant, was the eldest son of Robert, b. 1559, d. 1631, who was 
himself the second son of Edward Oilman of Caston, who d. 
1573, and Rose Rysse m. 22 June, 1550, buried 3 Oct. 1613. 

Nicholas and Sarah Oilman had seven sons and three 
daughters, among whom were Col. Samuel^ Judge of the 
Superior Court of N. H., Col. Daniel, who was grandfather of 
Oov. Oilman, Rev. Nicholas of Durham, N. H., Dr. Josiah, 
and Sai-ah, wife of Rev. James Pike, ^ndjoaiuia, wife of Hon. 
John Wentworth, both of Somersworth, N. H. (See Oilman 

b Elizabeth m. Dr. Robert Hale of Beverly, b. 3 Nov. 
1668, Harv. Coll. 1686, d. 12 Jan. 171 8-19, selectman and 
representative three years. He was son of Rev. John of 
Beverly, b. 3 June, 1636, Harv. Coll. 1657, d. 15 May, 17CX), 
and Rebecca, daughter of Henry Byley of Sarum, Eng., who 
settled in Salisbury, Mass. 1640, and grandson of Robert 
Hale of Charlestown, Mass., who was one of the first two 
deacons there, also ensign and selectman, many years. The 
children of Robert and Elizabeth Hale were 

I. Rebecca b. 19 Nov. 1701, d. 4 July, 175 1, m. 12 Feb. 
17 18-19, Rev. John Chipman, b. in Barnstable, Mass. 16 Feb. 
1690-1, Harv. Coll. 171 1, d. 23 Mar. 1775, Pastor in what is 
now North Beverly, Mass. The Latin inscription above her 
grave commends her as "of marked piety, the ornament of 
her sex, an exemplar to her family, and the crown of her hus- 
band." She had 15 children. 

II. Dr. Robert b. 12 Feb. 1702-3. Graduated at Harvard 
College 1 72 1, d. 1767, m. Elizabeth, b. 5 Feb. 1701, d. 19 
Aug. 1736, daughter of Col. John Oilman of Exeter, by whom 


he had three daughters. He m. 2d, 21 Dec. 1737, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Hon. John Clarke of Boston. Dr. H. was select- 
man, assessor, town clerk, treasurer, justice of the peace, 
collector of excise for Essex County, representative to 
General Court sixteen years, and colonel of a regiment in 
the Louisburg campaign. 

III. Henry d. 30 Sept. 173 1, at Exeter, N. H. (See 
History of Beverly and Chipman Gen.) Mrs. Hale m. 2d, 
29 Dec. 1720, Col. John Gilman of Gilmanton, N. H., brother 
of Nicholas, b. 19 Jan. iGjG-J, and had three sons and one 
daughter. (See Gilman Gen.) 

Mrs. Clarke m. 8 Aug. 1698, the Rev. John Hale of 
Beverly, the same who had been chaplain in the expe- 
dition against Canada, and was admitted to the church 
at Beverly 17 Sept. 1699, by recommendation ot the 
church at Newbury. Mr. Hale d. 15 May, 1700, set. 64. 

*' The third public burial place was on the rising ground 
now occupied by the First Cong. Church. Here the Rev. 
Messrs. Odlin and many of their conternporaries were buried. 
The head stones were, for what reason I cannot devise, leveled 
and buried above the bones which they commemorated many 
years ago. Only one of them, sunk several inches below the 
surface of the earth, remains half visible to remind the present 
generation that the ashes of their forefathers repose beneath. 
Removing the earth and long grass with a spade, I succeeded 
in deciphering the inscription upon the sunken horizontal 
slate stone slab, 'Mrs. Elizabeth Hale Relict of ye Reverend 
Mr. John Hale Late Pastor of ye church in Beverly and 
SOMETIME wife to Nathaniel Clark, Esq. Late of New- 
bury Dec'd who died March ye 15th 1716 aged 71 yers.' " 
(Rev. Elias Nason's Sketch of burial grounds at Exeter.) 

From documents at Salem it is evident that she was 
better educated than most women of her time. 



* 2. Nathaniel^ {N'athajiiel^) of Newbury, was born 
there 13 Mar., 1666. He m. 15 Dec. 1685, Elizabeth, 
b. 16 Oct. 1665, dan. of Dr. Peter and Jane Toppan, 
and sister of Rev. Christopher Toppan, D.D. Her 
father was sixth in descent from Robert of Linton, 
near Pately Bridge, in the West Riding of York, where 
they continue to the present day among the most 
respectable families of that county. f She m. 2d James 
Wise of New^bury. 

In 1686 the towm granted to Nathaniel Clark, Jr., 
one acre of marsh from Henry Somerby's grant. 

In 1690 he went in the disastrous expedition against 
the French in Canada, and was mortally w^ounded there 
on board the ship ' Six Friends ' in October of the same 
year. The follow^ing are from the Probate office 
records at Salem : 

"To the honoured Collonell Bartholomew Gedney, Judge of 
the Court of the Probat of Wills, for the County of Essex. 
The humble petition of Elizaheth Clarke widow of the towne 
of Newbury. Sheweth, That whereas her sonne Nathaniel 
Clarke being engaged in the voyage to Canaday and being 
there wounded and dyed left a will w^'? some persons got 
sight of, but cannot now be obtained. That you would be 
pleased to estate the house and land and meadow so that it 

* Whenever a name appears as the head of a family with a number pre- 
fixed, the surname Clarke is to be understood in all cases. The number in 
small type to the right of the name is the number of the generation, and 
the name following in parentheses is that of the father of the person pre- 

\ See Toppan Gen. 


mighte be assigned to the heirs accorchng to your just dit- 
tomination, and your petitioner shall pray. 

(Signed) Elizabeth Clark." 

Rev. John Hale's Testimony. 

"These are to signify to all whom it may concerne y*. 
Nathaniel Clark Jne of Newbury in New England being in 
y^ late Canada expedition wounded and aboard the six 
ffriends I perceiving him like to dye did among other dis- 
courses aske him if he had made his will. He told me he had 
made a will befor he came forth but was not well satisfyed in 
it and desired to make another iff any one could be found to 
write it. The respect I had to his relatives himselfe and 
his present case moved me to write his will and testament 
wS^ was signed and sealed by himselfe in presence of y^ two 
surgeons and one \L'rascd\ Of the contents I remember this 
that he gave his whole estate to his wife to use so long as she 
remained his widdovv and that if shee married again shee 
should have her third or right of dowry in the estate or else 
three score pounds which shee pleased and y^ reste of his 
estate to be putt into y? hands of his executors to bring up 
his childe, or children with (for he signifyed y\ for ought he 
knew he left his wife with childe and if so that childe should 
have a portion if safely come of her) and if his executors 
should have y': care of bringing up his childe or children with 
y! said estate and when He or they should be of age y? 
remaining estate to be given wholy to the surviving childe if 
one, or if two, y? eldest to have a double portion with other 
circumstances needless to be named seeing there is but one 
childe, and if I mistake not was added y^. if no childe lived to 
age of maturity then y! remaining estate to go to his childe's 
heirs and he constituted his Father Nathaniel Clark and Henry 
Somerby of Newbury his kinsman (as he said) to be his 
executors affter his will was finished and left with me he 
dyed that day presently as I understood it. This Testament 
I brought with me to N Eng'l and sent word to his relations 


at Newbury and shortly after Mr. Peter Toppan and his wife 
came to my house and desired to receive y? will w'^^ I deliv- 
ered to them and putt it into his hand (to y9 best of my 
remembrance) but am sure y^. between them they had it 
from me and I delivered it that it might be consined and 
published according to y*? desire of y^ Testator. 

''Newbury 15 Sept. 1691 by Mr. John Hale. The ReV? Mr. 
John Hale made oath y*. above written is truth. Taken 13 
Sept. 1 69 1 at Newbury before me. 

(Signed) N. Saltonstall assist." 

"The deposition of Henry Somersby aged 32 years or 
there abbought. Testyfiethe and saith within a short time 
after the fleat came from Cannade Docktor peter Toppan came 
to me and tould me y^. his son Clarke was ded and had made a 
will orr sumething like one of which he had made me one of 
his executors and Desired me to come to his house and see 
the will which I Did and seed it Decon Coffen being there 
present s^ Toppan asked me if I would except of executorship 
I tould him I could not tell it wase a suden thing I would 
consider of it. After this within a Day or two I went thither 
again and whether I saw the will again or not I am not 
certing. But I went the third time very short after this and 
then desired to see the will. Docktor Toppan tould me he 
could not at present tell where it wase but he said he did 
hoop he should find it. his wife Mrs Jane Toppan Thould 
me shee was not willing I should see it except I would declare 
whether I would except or not. I left the will in their hands 
and never saw it since. But Desired of them severall times 
either to let me hand it or Deliver it into Court. Mr Henry 
Somersby made oath to y! truth of y? above written. Before 
y? Honor"? Barth? Gedney Esq": Sept. 20, 1694. 

"Steph Sewall Cle." 

Peter Toppan and wife were summoned before 
Bartholomew Gedney at 11 o'clock, 28 Sept. 1694. 


Bond of administration dated 24 July, 1693. The in- 
ventory, taken by Tristram Coffin and Henry Lunt, 30 
Mar. 1691, shows the value of dwelling, barn, shop, 
orchard, etc., to have been ^305 9s. Nathaniel's 
children were : — 

i. Elizabeth b. 27 July, 1686, d. before Oct. 1690. 
3 ii. Nathaniel b. 29 July, 1689, d. 3 May, 1753. (?) Both b. 
at Newbury. 


3. Nathaniel^ {N'athanieP) of New^bury, cordwainer, 
was born in Newbury 29 July, 1689, ^-^^d d. there 3 
May, 1753? 

31 May, 1 7 10, he bought of John Rolfe ''y^ mansion, or 
dwelling house," and one and one-half acres of land adjoining 
*' in a field by y^ name of littlefield " in Newbury. Price 

I Aug. 1 710, he sold one-eighth of a 20 acre lot near the 
Merrimac to Joseph Brown for ;£io. 

14 Aug. 1 7 10, he sold John Greenleaf for £17, all rights 
in estate of Samuel Greenleaf, which he, *' Shoomaker and 
Sarah Clark my wife daughter of Mr. Samuel Greenleaf 
late of Newbury " had. 

17 Jan. 1710-11, he sold for £60 to his uncles Thomas 
and Henry, all rights in "the Estate Real & Personall of my 
Honoured Grandfather Nathaniel Clark late of Newbury," 
and also those in a '' tract of land lying in y^ upper woods in 
y? Township of Newbury being a Rate Lott in y! Eight 
Division," about 45 acres. *' Said lot was formerly laid out to 
my honered Grandfather Nathaniel Clark deced as aforesaid, 
and to my honered father Nathaniel Clark late of Newbury 


26 Jan. 1710-11, he sold to James Wise for £,\o the land 
left him by his great-uncle Daniel Somerby, Josiah Clarke as 

23 Mar. 171 1, he sold Daniel Thurston for £,2 ^s about one 
acre of salt marsh " in a place Commonly Called Newbury 
Neck on y^ South side of y? river parker." 

23 Apr. 1 714, he sold some salt marsh on 'Mittle pine 
Island" to Samuel Tappan for £,2\, and 28 Sept. 1715, some 
marsh near Plum Island to Joseph Brickett for ^14. 

4 Feb. 1715-16, he sold to his uncles Thomas and Henry, 
for £>\i, all the interest which he, as "eldest son and heare " 
of his father Nathaniel deceased, had in the estate of his 
grandfather Nathaniel. 

II Mar. 1716, a conveyance was made to Nathaniel for 
^30, in which are these lines: '' I James Wise and Elizabeth 
Clarke, alias Elizabeth Wise my now wife," the dwelling 
house, barn and shop in estate of Nathaniel Clark, '' y^ former 
Husband of y? s^ Elizabeth, and ffather of s*? Nathaniel 

17 July, 1 718, he sold Christopher Toppan 7I acres of land 
for ^40 in Province bills, and 40 acres of wood and swamp 

14 Mar. 1 71 8-19, he sold five acres of upland in Newbury 
to James Smith for £,2^. Wife Sarah. 

19 Jan. 1720-21, he sold to James Wise, for ^200, "the 
Mansion, Dwelling House, Together with y^ land adjoining 
that I bought of John Rolf of Newbury afores^ by one Cer- 
taine Deed Executed according to Law y! first * Day of May 
Seventeen Hundred and Ten except what was sold to Mr. 
Christopher Toppan." The wife did not release dower. 

3 March, 1726-27, David Woodman, cooper, and Nathaniel 
Clark, cordwainer, sold Stephen Chase certain land for ;£45. 
Woodman's wife signed her release, but Clark's did not. 

* The recital in this deed appears to be incorrect, as the original deed 
gives the date as 31 May, 1710, as mentioned on the preceding page. 


6 Jan. 1727-28, he conveyed to David Woodman six acres 
*'in Crane meadow in Township of Bradford" for £,\^, 

15 Oct. 1739, he sold Benjamin Pearson one half acre for 
^6, and i July, 1749, he sold him four acres in Bradford on 
Beaver brook for ^60. No wife signed. 

Seven townships were given by the General Court 
** to officers and soldiers who were in the Narragfansett 
war, or to their lawful representatives." Narragansett 
No. I is now Buxton, Me., and John Hobson, Samuel 
Chase, James Chute, and Philemon Dane laid out the 
first division, twenty-three lots, 17 Nov. 1735. In ''a 
Raing of lots by letter A," Nathaniel drew on right of 
'' Daniel Sumersby " lot No. 3, and in " a Raing of lots 
by letter C," he drew on the right of Jonathan Clarke 
lot No. 21. There was a Jonathan Clarke in Newbury 
in early times, and he may have been a brother of the 
first Nathaniel, and the one on whose right this 
Nathaniel drew No. 21. (See History of Buxton.) 
It does not appear what became of these lots, and it 
seems certain that none of Nathaniel's immediate de- 
scendants settled on them. 

It may cause surprise that sometimes the final e 
appears in the name of Clark, and sometimes it does 
not. This is not an inconsistency of the author, but 
of his ancestors. It has occurred in different signa- 
tures of the same man. The weight of authority is in 
favor of Clarke. 

Nathaniel died intestate and insolvent, and his son 
Ebenezer was appointed administrator 5 Aug. 1754. 

ITe m. 7 Mar. 1709, intention published 22 Feb. 1709, 
Sarah b. 3 Nov. 1692, dau. of Samuel and Sarah 
(Kent) Greenleaf, and great grand-dau. of Capt. Ed- 















mund Greenleaf, and of Tristram Coffin, first maeistrate 
of Nantucket. Sarah Kent was dau. of John and Mary 
and grand-dau. of James Kent, who, with his brother 
Richard, owned Kent's Island, and much land in Old- 
town, and were men of great local importance. Their 
father was Richard. 

4 i. Samuel b. 23 Apr. 17 10, d. 15 Nov. 1757 in 
Stratham, N. H. 
EHzabeth b. 15 Oct. 171 1. 

Stephen b. 9 June 1723, d. Dec. 1804. 
Nathaniel b. 1728, d. 7 Nov. 1805. 

The births of Samuel, Elizabeth and Stephen are 
recorded at Newbury. 

All available means have been employed to learn 
more of this family, but without success. There may 
have been other children, but no trace of them has 
been found.* 

a Sarah m. 21 Dec. 1731 Benjamin Dole of "Crane Neck,'* 
now West Newbury, b. 2 July 1702, d. 4 Jan. 1776, and had 
seventeen children, only one of whom was married. (See 
Hist, and Gen. Register for Jan. 1884, page 78, and notes 
and queries for Oct. 1884.) 

* The names of John and Daniel are added to the list of children given 
in the first edition principally on the strength of the following: — 

About 1840, Robert Clarke of Newburyport told Hon. Wm. C. Clarke 
of Manchester, N. H., that his grandfather had these brothers, Daniel of 
Brentwood, N. H., John of Stratham, N. H., Ebenezer of West Newbury, 
and Nathaniel of Haverhill, and a sister Sarah who m. Benjamin Dole. 

He also said that there was a Samuel or Moses at Stratham, N. H., who' 
was a Deacon. These facts were corroborated by Sarah Smith, aged 82, 
and by her brother. Mr. Clarke took notes of their statements, and these 
notes have been seen by the author. 



4. Samuel* {N'athaniel^) of Hampton and Stratham, 
N. H., was b. in Newbury, Mass., 23 Apr. 17 10, and d. 
in Stratham, N. H., 15 Nov. 1757. 

15 Sept. 1737 ''Samuel Clark of Hampton, Clothier" 
sold to Joseph Pike, his partner, land "in y^ West 
Division of Hampton" also a " part of fuling mill" &c. 

He m. II Jan. 1736-7 Mercy b. 4 Nov. 1713, d. 24 
Apr. 1745 at Stratham, dau. of Moses and Mar)^ Merrill 
of Salisbury, Mass. 

He m. 2d . 

By his first wife he had four children (see will of 
Moses Merrill), and two or more by the second wife. 

The children were : 

10 i. Moses b. 24 Oct. 1737 at Salisbury, Mass. d. 18 17. 

ii. Greenleaf } 

a iii. Sarah d. 1822 .? at Durham, N. H. 

iv. Unknown. 

b v. Hannah b. 18 Dec. 1747, d. 16 Feb. 1839. 

vi. Dauo:hter who m. Whicher and removed to 


Descendants of Moses say he had a brother who 
once lived in Newburyport, and who had two daus., 
and perhaps a son James who lived in Rochester, 
N. H. 

There was a Greenleaf Clark in Newburyport about 
the year 1757, and he may have been this brother. 

a Sarah m. Capt. Benjamin Smith of Durham, N. H. b. 22 
Mar. 1709, d. 13 Oct. 1791, who was a member of the Com- 
mittee of Safety, selectman, &c. He was much the elder and 


had been twice married before. They had Benjamin b. 2 May, 
1769, d. 1826, m. Nancy Smith. 

b Hannah m. 24 Nov. 1768, Joshua Avery who d. 24 Nov. 
1829, and had ch. 

5 John* (^Nathafziel^^ of Kingston and Stratham, 
N. H. He was in the former town but a short time, 
and then removed to Stratham where he was a clothier. 
His mill is still standing. He was a member of the 
Baptist church. He m. 21 Apr. 1738, Rooksby Green- 
leaf of Newbury. Edmund and Abigail (Somerby) 
Greenleaf had a dau. Rooksby b. 11 May, 17 13, and 
she was probably the one who m. John Clark. John 
and Rooksby Clark had 

i. Rooksby b. 1 8 May, 1 739. 
ii. John b. 21 Jan. 1 740-1. 

iii. Paul b. 12 Dec. 1742-3, d. at Charlestown, N. H., 
27 Oct. 1763, and was buried at Stratham. 


All born at Stratham. John lost ch. 9 Sept. 1743, 11 
Nov. 1744, and 23 Nov. 1744. 

6 Daniel* (^Natha7ziel^) was of Brentwood, N. H. 
Daniel, Samuel and Nathaniel signed the Association 
Test there in 1776, but who they were is not known. 

7 Ebfenezer* {Nathaniel^) blacksmith in West New- 
bury. 23 June, 1753, he bought land of Benjamin 
Dole, and Stephen Clark was a witness. A deed was 
recorded 27 July, 1789, by which he conveyed to 
" Hannah Clark, single woman," three acres of land. 
By another deed, recorded the same year, he sold to 


daughter Hannah for ^45, " all land on the road from 
Pearson's mill to Crane Neck Hill, with three quarters 
buildinof on said land." There were about seven acres. 
By a deed on record, 22 Nov. 1788, he sold to Amos 
Poor ten acres for ^24, and also six acres to the same 
for ^30. Wife Susannah. 

In 1757, he was one of the "Training Soldiers" 
under Lt. Col. Joseph Gerrish. 

He m. 1753, Susanna Perry, and his children were : — 

* i. Michael (? or Micah)''^ b. Dec. 1753. 

ii. Sarah b. 3 Sept 1755. 

iii. Molly b. 7 Sept. 1757. 

iv. Susanna b. 6 Oct. 1760. 

j V. Hannah b. 16 Feb. 1762. 

( vi. Elizabeth b. 16 Feb. 1762. 

vfi. Anne b. 6 Mar. 1764. 

viii. Paul b. 24 Apr. 1766. 

ix. John d. 30 Nov. 1768. 

X. Judith b. Dec. 1769. 

All born at Newbury. Nothing further is known of 
this family. 

8 Stephen'^ {A^athaniel^) of Newburyport, Mass. a 
carpenter, was born in Newbury 9 June, 1723, and d. 
Dec. 1804. He was sergeant in Capt. Benaiah Young's 
company at Fort William Henr>% 9 Aug. 1756, and 8 Feb. 
1757 had served thirty-two weeks and two days. In 
1757, he was in Capt. Richard Greenleaf's company, 
and his name is among those of Capt. Samuel Gerrish's 
company, Col. Frye's regiment, who served in Nova 
Scotia after i Jan. i76o.t 

♦ Micah Clark m. 15 Apr. 1779 Abigail Jewell at Newbury. 
+ State Archives. 


He m. 26 Mar. 1747, Rebecca Watson, and his chil- 
dren were : — 


n i. Greenleaf b. 17 Oct. 1748, d. 5 Dec. 1836. 

ii. Mercy b. 14 x\pr. 1750. 

a iii. Rebecca b. 19 Sept. 1752, d. 6". P, 

iv. Judith b. 27 Oct. 1754, d. 5. P. 

b V. Eunice b. 27 Feb. 1759. 

vi. Susanna b. 5 Aug. 1762, d. 6". P. 

a Rebecca : "■ Of dear old Aunt Becky I have very pleasant 
memories. A woman of rare intelligence, of remarkable 
insight into character, a great reader of the Bible and Dr. 
Watts, and withal a woman with a rare and happy faculty of 
interesting the children, who gathered around her to hear the 
old, but ever new stories of the Revolution." (Letter of Mrs. 
Caroline R. Kimball.) 

b Eunice m. Michael Atkinson of Newbury, Mass. 

9 Nathaniel^ {Nathaniel^) of Haverhill, Mass., was 
born in Newbury 1728 and d. in Haverhill 7 Nov. 1805. 
A farmer. 18 April, 1757 he was a member of the 
second company of foot, Maj. Richard Saltonstall, cap- 
tain, and did all In his power to further the cause of the 
Revolution by loaning money to the town on several 
occasions (23 Aug. 1779, ^24 was due to him,) and 
by serving In 1780 on the committee to collect clothing 
for the army. His will is on file at Salem, and his sig- 
nature Is fairly good for a man of his years. Married, 
18 Feb. 1753, Mary Hardy of Bradford, Mass. b. 8 
Oct. 1733, d. 13 Jan. 18 17. Her father, David Hardy, 
was son of Joseph and Mary (Burbank) Hardy, and 
grandson of John Hardy, who with his brother William 
came to New England in the family of Gov. WInthrop, 
and was assigned land in Ipswich by him, but not liking 


the place removed to East Bradford, and lived on the 
site where the Marden house now is. 

Mrs. Clarke's mother was Dorcas, daughter of Samuel 
and Mary (Watson) Gage, and granddau. of Daniel 
Gage, whose father was John of Rowley, who is sup- 
posed to have been son of John, created a baronet 26 
Mar. 1622, and of Penelope his wife. Sir John was 
grandson and heir of Edward Gage, knighted by Queen 
Mar}\ Children : — 

David b. 27 Nov. 1755, d. 16 Mar. 1833. 
Sarah d. in Westmoreland, N. H. 

Susanna b. 3 Apr. 1758. 
Nathaniel b. d. young. 

Mary b. 10 Mar. 1762, d. 25 Nov. 1843. 
Greenleaf b. d. young. 

Nathaniel b. 1766, d. 19 Mar. 1846. 

Paul b. 1767, d. 20 Nov. 1789. 6'. P. 

Moses b. 6 May, 1770, d. 28 Sept. 1840. 
Theodore b 27 Apr. 1772, d. 7 Dec. 1829. 
Rebecca b. d. before 1792. 

Greenleaf b. 5 May, 1779, d. 12 Jan. 182 1. 

a Sarah m. Nathan Morse of Sandwich, N. H., a descend- 
ant of Anthony of Newbury, Mass. and had i Benjamin m. 
Joanna Thresher and had seven children. 11 Sarah b. 6 July, 
1786, m. 18 July, 1806, Henry Currier b. 18 Jan. 1780, moved 
to Magog, Stanstead Co., Province of Quebec, and had nine 

children, in A dau. m. Mason, iv Susan m. Ebenezer 

Cram, a merchant of Portland, Me. 

b Susanna m. 24 Nov. 1777, Richard Hazeltine, who d. at 
Orford, N. H., son of James Hazeltine of Bradford, Mass. 
and had i Rebecca b. 4 Mar. 1779, ^'^'^' Ichabod Eaton of Hop- 
kinton, N. H. 11 NatJianiel b. 14 Jan. 178 1, of Orford, N. H. 
Ill Susanna b. 5 May, 1783, m. Merrill Hines of Hopkinton. 






















c Mary m. Joshua Prescott of Holderness, N. H., b. Feb. 
1769, d. 18 Jan. 1826, and had i Jane b. 1793, d. i Sept. 1859, 
m. Enoch True of Centre Harbor, N. H. 11 Clark b. 1799, 
d. 1829, m. Sarah Beede and had Sai'ah who d. in California. 
Ill Greenlcaf Clark b. 8 Oct. 1800, m. Apr. 1826, Azubah Clark 
b. 1 801, d. 28 Sept. 1829, m. 2d, 13 Mar. 1835, Rhoda Ladd, 
b. 14 Apr. 181 7. He was a farmer in Holderness, N. H. iv 
JoJin b. 1804, d. 1864 at Rock Creek, 111. m. Lucinda Webster. 
He was a colonel in the militia of N. H. (See Prescott Gen.) 


10 Moses^ {Samuel^) of Stratham, N. H., b. in 
Salisbury, Mass. 24 Oct. 1737, bapt. 30 Oct. 1737, d. 
in Stratham 18 17. 

He was a clothier in Stratham, probably working in 
the same mill with his uncle John. 19 July, 1770, he 
was moderator of the newly-organized Baptist Church, 
of which he was a deacon. He was probably the 
Moses Clark, selectman of Stratham, who refused to 
sign the Association Test. John Clark also refused. 

He m. 24 Nov. 1763, Mehitable, b. at Stratham 1741, 
d. there 1835, dau. of Thomas French. Their ch. 
were : — 

a i. Elizabeth b. 30 Jan. 1765, d. at Parsonsfield, Me. 

17 ii. Daniel b. 21 Jan. 1767, d. before 181 7. 

18 iii. Levi b. 11 Mar. 1769, d. 3 Oct. 1827. 

b iv. Eleanor b. 16 Aug. 1771, d. 23 July, 1856. 

19 V. Moses b. 23 Dec. 1773, d. July, 1803 at Exeter. 
c vi. Mehitable b. 11 Jan. 1776, d. Jan. 1865. 

d vii. Marcy b. 27 P'eb. 1778, d. 27 Apr. 1862. 
e viii. Abigail b. i Nov. 1780, d. 29 Apr. 1863. 

20 ix.- Benjamin b. 15 May, 1784, d. 1820.?. S. P. 


a Elizabeth m. Hill of Danville, Vt., and had 

Elizabeth b. i Apr. 1794, m. Shadrach Fifield of Stratham, 
and had six children. ♦ Mrs. H. m. 2d, Eliphalet Doe of Par- 
sonsfield, Me. and had children. 

b Eleanor m. John Light Piper of Stratham, N. H., and 
lived at Wolfboro, N. H. They had i Moses b. 23 July, 1798. 
II George, in PJiebe b. 1800. iv Jane b. 13 Oct. 1804. Mrs. 
Piper m, 2d, Richard Rust of Wolfboro. 

c Mehitable m. Levi Barker of Stratham, N. H., but had 
no children. 

d Marcy m. 3 Aug. 1803, Benjamin Norris of Stratham, 
b. 31 Aug. 1781, d. II Oct. 1866, and had i Mehitable C. h. 12 
Oct. 1804, m. Nov. 1822, Ira Weeks, and has three children. 
w JosepJi b. 16 Oct. 1806, d. young, iii Rev. William b. 31 
Dec. 1807, d. I June, 1852, m. July, 1842, Eliza Davis of 
Methuen, Mass., and had four children, iv Benjamin b. 17 
Aug. 1809, d. 1 8 10. v Mary b. 8 Aug. 18 10, d. young. 
VI Mary b. 29 Apr. 18 13. vii Martha b. 16 Aug. 181 5, d. 17 
Nov. 1822. 

e Abigail m. 1800 ? Thomas Piper of Stratham, N. H., and 
had I Mary b. i Aug. 1801, d. July, 1882, m. George Barker. 

II Caroline b. 1802, d. 23 Oct. 1823, m. Nathaniel Howe. 

III Lonisa d. . iv Thomas b. 15 June, 1809, d. 12 Sept. 

1880, m. 25 Nov. 1834, Caroline Tolman. v George. 

fl Greenleaf^ {Stephen^) of Newbur}^port, was born 
in Newbury 17 Oct. 1748, d. 5 Dec. 1836. He served 
in the Revolution, and 24 Dec. 1776, he was first lieut. 
of a Newburyport company of 64 men, commanded by 
Capt. Elias Davis, and was also an original member of 
the *' Silver Grays," a noted military company. Mr. 
Clark entertained many prominent men at his house, 
among others, the Hon. Daniel Webster. 

Mr. George Woods, author of "■ Gates Wide Open," 
writing to the Newburyport Herald of 31 Mar. 1863, 


of the society there in the olden time, says: — "Of 
those in society whom I then regarded as the lovehest 
of the lovely, were the daughters of Capt. Greenleaf 
Clark, on Federal Street, Anne and Susan and Sarah, 
sisters of Mrs. Capt. Salem Woodward, and Mrs. Capt. 
Samuel Swett, — all of them women of surpassing 
beauty and culture." 

e^^ui^ ^£^^0^A^ 

He m. I Oct. 1772, Eleanor White, b. at Glasgow, 
Scotland, 18 July, 1750, d. 8 Sept. 1840. His children 
were : — 

Rebecca b. 14 July, 1773, d. 4 Apr. 1777. 
Robert b. 20 Feb. 1775, d. 31 July, 1846. 5. P. 
Margaret More b. 27 Jan. 1777, d. 14 Apr. 1798. 

Rebecca b. 23 July, 1779, d. Nov. 1822. 
Samuel b. 25 Oct. 1781, d. 19 Feb. 1865. 
Eleanor b. 6 July, 1785, d. 1831. 

Sally W. b. 3 Oct. 1787, d. 10 June, 1879. 5. P. 
Susan G. b. 22 Sept. 1789, d. 25 Oct. 1877. 5. P. 
Anne b. 5 July, 1792, d. 13 Apr. 1868. 
William b. 5 Feb. 1795, d. 5 Nov. 1795. 

a Rebecca m. 22 Dec. 1799, Capt. Samuel Swett, and had 
I Margaret b. 27 Sept. 1800, m. 17 Dec, 181 7, James Melvin 
of Georgetown, D. C. 11 Caroline R. b. 30 Sept. 1802, m. 4 
Nov. 1828, David Kimball of Portsmouth, N. H., b. 26 Feb. 
1799, at Topsfield, Mass. and had four children, in Samuel 
b. 5 Oct. 1803, d. 8 Sept. 18 19, at Georgetown, D. C. 
IV Elle7i Maria b. 8 Apr. 1809, d. 4 Dec. 1883, at Newbury- 
port, m. 3 July, 1839, Seth J. Todd of Washington, D. C, 




• • • 








• • 







b. 8 Aug. 1805, d. Apr. 1841. v Laura b. i Oct. 181 1, d. 9 
Oct. 1822. VI Horatio N. b. 16 Dec. 1812, d. 12 Oct. 1864, 
at Portsmouth, N. H. vii Susan A. b. 12 Apr. 1817, m. 4 
Mar. 1845, James M. Stewart, at Portsmouth, N. H., Rev. 
Rufus W. Clark, officiating. Mr. Swett d. 8 Sept. 18 19. 

b Eleanor m. 22 Jan. 1806, Capt. Salem Woodward, and 
had I Grccnleaf h. 18 Oct. 1806, d. 1832. 11 Robert d. 1875 
at Carlisle, Penn. iii Geoj-gc d. Cincinnati, O., 1877. iv Lucia 
b. 1 81 5, d. 24 Jan. 1884, at Cincinnati, m. 1833, John W. 
Coleman of Cincinnati, O., and had children, v Charles d. 
1828, at Norfolk, Va. 

c Anne m. 24 Jan. 1828, Parker Noyes of Salisbury, N. H., 
b. 18 Nov. 1776, at South Hampton, N. H., d. 18 Aug. 1852, 
at Franklin, N. H., graduated at Dartmouth College, 1796, 
and was an eminent lawyer. They had Aiuic Parker who 
d. young. 

I 2 David^ {^Natha7iiel^^ of Sandown, N. H., was 
born at Haverhill ? 27 Nov. 1755, and d. at Sandown 
16 Mar. 1833, cloth dresser at Allen's mills, Salem, and 
then at Sandown. He served in the First N. H. 
regiment in the Revolution, and was at the battles of 
Bunker Hill and Bennington, and with Gen. Washing- 
ton in New Jersey, serving nearly through the whole 
war; m. 21 June, 1 781, Anna Woodman, b. 28 Mar. 
1762 ; d. 16 Mar, 1826. His children were: — 

David b. 28 Mar. 1782, d. 29 Nov. 1790. 
John b. 25 May, 1784, d. 15 May, 1863. 
Nathaniel b. 4 Aug. 1786, d. 13 May, 1874. 
Abner b. i May, 1788, d. 25 Feb. 1814. S,P. 

Nancy b. 4 Apr. 1790, d. 30 July, 1790. 
Daniel b. 7 Dec. 1791, d. 22 Apr. 1822. 
David b. 4 Feb. 1794, d. 24 Nov. 1834. 
Nancy b. 6 Mar. 1796. 





• • • 










• • • 



ix. Sally W. b. 23 Feb. 1799, d. 25 Mar. 1800. 

X. Paul b. 23 Feb. 1802, d. 4 Mar. 1802. 

b xi. Sally W. b. 24 Oct. 1803, ^- 3^ Jan. 1845. 


a Nancy m. 31 May, 18 19, Samuel Clough, b. 7 Aug. 1791, 
d. 18 Mar. 1824; m. 2d, 3 Sept. 1826, Josiah Clough, and had 
I Grcciilcaf C. (M. D. Dartmouth, 1844), b. 19 Feb. 1821, 
d. 7 June, 1 87 1, m. 22 Apr. 1845, Martha Jane, b. 7 Aug. 
1823, d. 15 Mar. 1859, <Jau. of Rev. Alfred and Ann (Poore) 
Metcalf of Greenland, N. H., and had two ch. He m. 2d 
Harriet Wiggin Metcalf, sister of his first wife, b. i Oct. 
1 82 1, and had one ch. (See Poore Gen.) 11 Samuel A. b. 
1827. Ill Saj-a/i A)in W. b. 13 Jan. 1829. iv Abncr C. b. 
28 Apr. 1830, d. 14 May, 1830. 

b Sally W. m. 22 June, 1828, Peter Sabin, who removed to 

13 Nathaniel^ {Nathaniel'') of Plalstow, N. H., was 
born at Haverhill, Mass. 1766, and d. at Plalstow 19 
Mar. 1846. When fifteen years old, 14 Mar. 1781, he 
enlisted with the consent of his parents for three years 
as fifer in Capt. Nehemiah Emerson's company, loth 
Mass. Regiment. Thomas Page enlisted at the same 
time as a drummer, and it is said their youth and skill- 
ful execution drew the attention of Gen. Washington, 
to whom Capt. Emerson remarked, " they are pretty 
boys " ; a compliment of which they were ever after 
proud. They were with the same captain till the close 
of the war, and Nathaniel was wounded at *' White 
Plains." He was representative in 1808. He m. 
Abigail Woodman, sister of his brother David's wife, b. 
Aug. 1765, d. 3 Apr. 1844, and had 

a i. Susan b. i Aug. 1787, d. 25 Jan. 1869 in Hal- 
lowell, Me. 

Eriyi i 

■if ^hyA.H BJp-y^''-- 



• • • 









• • 






Nathaniel b. 19 Apr. 1789, d. 18 Dec. 1869. 
Nancy b. 4 May, ^791, d. 9 July, 1871. 
David b. 4 June, 1793, d. 4 Feb. 1873. 
Abigail b. 5 Apr. 1795, d. 27 Aug. 1879. 
John Woodman b. 30 Jan. 1797, d. 19 Dec. 1849. 
Mary b. 21 Jan. 1800, d. 6 June, 1833. 
Lydia Woodman b. 29 Sept. 1804. 
Elizabeth b. 6 Nov. 1809, d. before 1846. 

a Susan m. 13 Jan. 1822, Nathan Moody of Hallowell, Me. 
b. in Byfield Parish, Newbury, Mass. 11 Sept. 1768, grad. at 
Dartmouth Coll. 1795, was a merchant in Hallowell, and died 
there 2 Apr. 1846. They had Mary ElizabctJi, 

b Abigail m. 19 Oct. 18 17, David Clark, (see 27), her cousin. 
She m. 2d, 20 Mar. 1867, Major Isaac Smith of Hampstead, 
N. H., who had been twice married before. 

c Mary m. 18 July, 1822, Major Isaac Smith of Hampstead, 
N. H. b. 31 May, 1793, at Plaistow, d. 11 June, 1869, son of 
Joseph and Mary (Sawyer) Smith. He was town clerk 
1825-32, and selectman 1844, 1846, and 1847. They had 
born at Hampstead, i Mary Clarke, b. 16 Sept. 1823, d. 19 
Aug. 1875, m. 6 Sept. 1853, James Brickett of Claremont, 
N. H. but had no ch. 11 Isaac William b. 18 May, 1825. 
Ill Nathaniel Clarke b. 4 Dec. 1827. 

Isaac W., second ch. of Maj. Isaac and Mary (Clarke) Smith, 
prepared for college at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. 
under the tuition of the distinguished Samuel H. Taylor, 
LL.D. Entered Dartmouth College in 1842, graduating in 
1846. He was engaged in teaching in his native town during 
portions of 1846-7, and in March, 1847, began the study of 
law in the office of William Smith, Esq. of Lowell, Mass. In 
April, 1848, he entered the office of Hon. Daniel Clark, at 
Manchester, N. H., and was admitted to the bar 9 July, 1850. 
He at once opened an office in Manchester, where he still 
resides. In 185 1-2 he was in partnership with Hon. Herman 
Foster of Manchester, and from 1857 to 1862, with Hon. 


Daniel Clark. For one year he was clerk of the Common 
Council, and in 185 1-2 he wa^ a member and President of 
the same Board. Appointed April, 1854, city solicitor, and 
reappointed in 1855. In July, 1855, he was appointed Justice 
of the Police Court of Manchester, but resigned in 1857, and 
in 1859 ^^<^ i860, was representative, and in 1862 and 1863, 
senator from the Third District. In 1869 he was Mayor of 
Manchester. From Feb. 1863 to 1870, he was U. S. assessor 
for the Second District of N. H. under the Internal Revenue 
Law. He continued in successful practice until Feb. 1 874, when 
he was appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of 
N. H. The Court was reorganized in August of that year, 
when he was reappointed, and remained upon the bench until 
August, 1876, when the courts were again reorganized, and 
he resumed practice at Manchester. He was reappointed 
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court for the third time, 
in July, 1877, and is still upon the bench. He m. 16 Aug. 
1854, Miss Amanda White, dau. of Hon. Hiram and Mary 
(White) Brown of Manchester, and had i Mary Amanda b. 
5 June, 1855, teacher, Manchester, N. H. 11 William Isaac 
b. 22 Feb. 1857 (Dartmouth College, 1880), resides in Rawlins, 
Wyo. Ill Arthur Whitfuy b. 9 Mar. i860, iv Julia Broivn 
b. 17 Jan. 1862, teacher in Rawlins, Wyo. v Edward Clark 
b. 24 Oct. 1864. VI Daniel Clai^k b. 5 April, 1866. yu Jennie 
Patterson b. 29 Sept. 1868. viii Grace Lee b. 10 Sept. 1870. 

Nathaniel C, third ch. of Major Isaac and Mary (Clarke) 
Smith, was b. 4 Dec. 1827, m. 31 Mar. 1852, Eliza- 
beth Ann, d. 11 Apr. 1858, dau. of John and Abigail 
(Wadleigh) Heath of Hampstead, and had Mary Abbie b. 3 
Apr. 1858, d. 6 Apr. 1858. He m. 2d, 28 Feb. 1861, Annie 
Oilman, dau. of Isaac and Mary (Wadleigh) Glines of North- 
field, N. H. and has i Lizzie Heath b. 27 Jan. 1862 ; 11 Annie 
Glines b. 9 Oct. 1864 ; iii Mary Brickett b. 21 May, 1868. 

Maj. Smith m. 2d, 23 Oct. 1834, Sarah, b. 9 Dec' 1795, d. 2 
May, 1866, dau. of Moses and Mary Clement of Salisbury, 
N. H. and had two sons. He m. 3d, Abigail Clarke. (See 
page 41.) 


d Lydia W. m. 29 Apr. 1828, William Noyes of ^Atkinson, 
b. 12 Apr. 1797, son of Henry and Tamar (Little) Noyes, and 
has I William Clarke b. i Oct. 1829, m. 25 Dec. 1856, Mary B. 
Williams of Haverhill, and has five children. 11 Isaac Smith 
b. 25 Mar. 183 1, m. 27 Sept. 1855, Caroline A. McCloy of 
Salem, Mass. and has four children. 

14 Moses^ (^Nathaniel^^ of Haverhill, Mass. was 
born there 6 May, 1770, and d. 28 Sept. 1840, m. Nov. 
1804, Mary Kimball, b. 16 Feb. 1779, d. 16 Aug. 181 7. 
He m. 2d, 13 Dec. 1820, Hannah Emerson; he had by 
his first wife : — 

Nathaniel b. 25 Nov. 1805, d. i Dec. 1874. 

Mary b. 24 Jan. 1808, d. 4 July, 1879. 

Leonard b. 6 Feb. 18 10. 

Mehitable K. b. 8 Mar. 1812, d. 17 Aug. 185 i. 

Harriet b. 9 Aug. 18 14. 

Sarah b. 26 Apr. 18 17. 

a Mary m. Sept. 1826, Lemuel Leonard, b. Jan. 1789, d. 
Dec. 1848, and had 1 Harriet Clark b. 17 June, 1828, d. Nov. 
1874, m. Jan. 1858, Horace Bond. 11 Ellen Harding b. 19 
Sept. 1 83 1, m. Oct. 1865, William Ford of Groveland, Mass. 

III George C b. 19 Apr. 1836, d. 22 Sept. 1864, in the District 
of Columbia. He served in the 22nd Reg't Mass. Vols. 

b Harriet m. 7 May, 1832, James Flanders, d. 26 Dec. 
185*5, a^d had I diaries leonard b. 17 Mar. 1833, d. 17 July, 
1864. He served in the First Mass. Heavy Artillery, and 
was taken prisoner. 11 Almira Ellen b. 8 Aug. 1834, d. 17 
Aug. 1835. Ill James Henry \i. i May, 1836, d. 20 Oct. 1837. 

IV Harriet Isabel b. 19 July, 1838, m. 28 Feb. 1856, John S. 
Foster, v Moses Clai^k b. 20 Aug. 1840, m. 24 Jan. 1872, 
Adelaide A. Noyes. vi Mary Ella b. 28 July, 1845, ^'^'^' 23 
Nov. 1870, True Hoyt. 

c Sarah m. 15 Oct. 1844, William Emerson b. 1819, d. 12 
Sept. 1866, son of Moses Emerson of Haverhill, Mass. and 




• • 



• • • 








had I Albmt Henry b. 23 Nov. 1845, d. 2 June, 1868. 11 Maty 
b. 25 Oct. 1847, d. 22 Oct. 1877. 

15 Theodore^ (Nathaniel'^) of Pittsfield, N. H. born 
at Haverhill, Mass. 27 Apr. 1772, and d. at Pittsfield, 
N. H. 7 Dec. 1829. He bought land at Pittsfield, 
settled there, and built one of the first mills in the 
Suncook valley, and was a cloth-dresser and farmer. 
He was a man of strong principle, integrity and busi- 
ness ability, and owned a large portion of the village, 
including where the railroad station now is, and valuable 
timber lands. While working at the mill-dam he cut 
his knee severely with an axe, and after suffering for 
eight months, and enduring two amputations, he died, 
leaving his projects incomplete, and his affairs to be 
settled by others. With skillful surgery, it is thought 
he might have recovered. He was buried in the old 
graveyard, on the rising ground back of the church at 
Pittsfield. He m. 19 May, 1800, Sarah b. 5 Sept. 
1782, d. 27 May, 1856, daughter of John^ and Sarah 
(French) Eaton of Pittsfield, N. H., and had 

Polly b. 6 Oct. 1801, d. 29 Oct. 1805. 
John b. 4 Oct. 1802, d. 6 Jan. 1885. 
Nancy b. 15 Aug. 1805, d. 14 Aug. 1807. 
Nancy b. 20 Aug. 1807, d. 20 Sept. 1864. 
Greenleaf b. 14 Oct. 1809, d. 10 Aug. 1875. 
Mary b. 23 Sept. 181 1, d. 29 Sept. 1862. 
Sally b. 13 Apr. 18 13, d. 9 Oct. 1834. 
Julia b. I Nov. 181 8, d. 11 Oct. 1834. 
Nathaniel b. 7 June, 1823, d. 26 Nov. 185 1. 

* John Eaton was son of Elisha and Elizabeth (Blake) Eaton, and sixth 
in descent from John Eaton of Haverhill, Mass. 




• • • 













a Nancy m. 29 Mar. 1835, Orren E. Drake, b. 24 June, 
1806, d. 8 Dec. 1 88 1, and had 1 John Fraitcis b. 13 Feb. 1836, 
d. 24 July, 1854. II Sarah E.h. 11 July, 1843, "i. 12 Mar. 
1864, William Bennett, in George W. d. 28 June, 185 i. 

b Mary m. 28 Nov. 1837, John Prescott of Pittsfield, b. 29 
Feb. 1796, d. 4 Jan. 1862, and had i Julia Clark b. 20 Sept. 
1838, m. 28 Dec. 1 86 1, David T. Brown of Chichester, N. H. 
II John Henry b. 14 Oct. 1840. He enlisted in the 12th 
Reg't N. H. Vols, and became a staff officer with the rank of 
captain ; now a lawyer at Junction City, Kansas, in George 
Clinton b. 25 Apr. 1844, now of Sabina, Kansas, iv Green- 
leaf Clark b. 8 Jan. 1849. ^' Mary Lyon b. 6 Nov. 1853. 
(See Prescott Gen.) 

16 Greenleaf^ {Nathaniel^) of Atkinson, N. H. was 
born in Haverhill, Mass. 5 May, 1779, and d. 12 Jan. 
1 82 1. He was a master mason and farmer, and held 
the office of selectman. He m. i Mar. 18 10, Julia, b. 
20 Feb. 1789, d. 9 Jan. i860, dau. of Dr. William and 
Judith (Badger) Cogswell of Atkinson. Dr. William 
was a surgeon in the Revolutionary army, and be- 
longed to one of the most distinguished families of 
New Hampshire. He was son of Nathaniel of Haver- 
hill, Mass. and of Atkinson, N. H. w^ho m. 31 Jan. 
1739-40, Judith, dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Peaslee) 
Badger of Haverhill. Hannah Peaslee was dau. of 
Col. Nathaniel of Haverhill. Rev. William, Rev. 
Nathaniel, Hon. Thomas, Hon. Francis, President of 
the Boston and Maine R. R. and Hon. George, w^ere 
sons of Dr. William Cogswell, and brothers of Mrs. 
Clarke. Their mother was dau. of Hon. Joseph and 
Hannah (Pearson) Badger of Gilmanton, N. H. (Cogs- 
well Gen.) 


Mrs. Clarke m. 2d, 12 Dec. 1822, Amasa Coburn^ 
and had four children, all of whom d. young, except 
Mary, who m. R. D. Mooers of Manchester, N. H. and 
had one son who d. young. Children : — 

William Cogswell b. 10 Dec. 1810, d. 25 Apr. 1872. 
Sarah b. 4 May, .1812. 
Francis b. 28 Mar. i8i.'j, d. 10 July, 1852. 
Greenleaf b. 7 May, 18 16. 
Moses b. 18 Jan. 1818, d. 27 Mar. 1864. 
40 vi. John Badger b. 30 Jan. 1820. 

a Sarah m. 29 Sept. 1835, Col. Samuel Carleton of Haver- 
hill, Mass. b. 24 Apr. 1803, d. 16 Mar. 188 1, and had 
I William Badger b. 20 Apr. 1837, m. 8 Feb. 1870, Lizzie 
Bryant. 11 Julia Merrill b. 7 May, 1841, d. Sept. 1842. 
Ill CJiarles Greenleaf (M. D.) b. i Nov. 1843, "^- H June,. 
1 87 1, Frances E. Putnam, iv Sarah Clarke b. 21 Mar. 1848. 
V Francis Clarke b. 28 Mar. 185 1, d. 8 June, 1852. 












I 7 Daniel^ {Moses^) of Exeter, N. H. was born at 
Stratham 21 Jan. 1767, and d. prior to 181 7. He m. 
Phebe Barker of Stratham. He m. 2d, Nancy (Simpson) 
Wiggin, widow of Caleb Wiggin. Daniel had one 

I Caroline, who m. Benjamin Swasey of Exeter. 

18 Levi^ {Moses^) of Stratham, N. H. was born 
there 11 Mar. 1769, and d. 3 Oct. 1827. He m. Love, 
b. 14 Feb. (or Jan.,) 1768, d. Mar. 1834 at Stratham, 
dau. of Daniel and Dorothy (Wingate) Wiggin of 


Greenland, N. H. Dorothy was dau. of Joshua 
Wingate of North Hampton, N. H. Their children 
were : — 

41 i. James b. 4 Dec. 1790, d. 1838. 

42 ii. Benjamin b. 6 Aug. 1792, d. Aug. 1858. 5. P. 
a iii. Sarah b. 25 June, 1794, d. 27 Sept. 1868. 

43 iv. Walter W. b. 17 Nov. 1796, d. 23 Nov. 1863. 

V. Levi b. 8 June, 1799, ^- i^ ^^^ winter of 1840 in 
^ Clinton, Me. 5. P. 

44 vi. Thomas J. b. 31 Oct. 1800, d. 8 Apr. 1847. 
b vii. Eliza b. 3 Mar. 1803. 

viii. Moses b. 8 July, 1805, d. 1877. 5. P. 

45 ix. Josiah Bartlett b. 11 Jan. 1808. 

46 X. Ezra Barker, b. 15 May, 1810, d. 19 Apr. i860, in 

Amesbury, Mass. 

a Sarah m. 25 May, 18 16, Capt. Daniel Wiggin of Stratham, 
and had i Cy^itJiia b. 12 Apr. 181 7, m. May, 1836, Walter 
Phillips of Svvampscott, Mass. and has two ch. 11 John O. 
b. 6 Mar. 18 19, m. Apr. 1843, } Hannah M. Jewell, and has 
four ch. ni Sarah E.h. 21 July, 1823, m. 17 Sept. 1842, James 
E. b. 4 Oct. 18 1 3, son of Dr. James and Charlotte (Hilton) 
Odell of Stratham, and has no ch. ]\Ir. Odell was representa- 
tive 1^6^-6^, and selectman ten years, iv Caroline A. b. 30 
Oct. 1825, m. 30 Oct. 1845, John Q. Hammond of Nahant, 
Mass. and has six ch. v Harriet /^ b. 17 Sept. 1829, m. 11 
Nov. 1852, Charles H. Palmer of Nahant, Mass. and has four 
ch. VI HaJinaJi L. b. 13 June, 1835, m. 17 Jan. 1862, John 
H. Barker of Stratham, and has two ch. 

b Eliza m. , Greenwood Carroll of Union, Me. b. 

I Nov. 1800, d. II Apr. 1850, but had no ch. 

I 9 Moses^ {Moses^) of Exeter, N. H. was born at 
Stratham, 23 Dec. 1773, and d. July, 1803, at Exeter; 
but was buried at Stratham. He was a trader. He m. 


Jane Robinson of Greenland, N. H. She m. again and 
lived in Meredith, N. H. They had 

i. John b. d. aged 20 ? in Stratham. .S". P. 

ii. Charles b. 1796, ? d. 12 June, 1863. 5. P. 

47 iii. Robert b. 9 Feb. 1799, d. 23 May, 1840. 

48 iv. William Henry b. 4 Dec. 1800, d. 17 Apr. 1863. 

V. Elizabeth b. d. young. 

All born at Exeter, N. H. 

20 Benjamin^ (Moses^) of Exeter, N. H. was born 
15 May, 1784, in Stratham, and d. 1820. ? He m. 

18 16, ? Lougee of Exeter. He is said to have 

had no ch. 

2 I Robert^ {Greenleaf''), a cabinet maker in New- 
buryport, Mass. was born there 20 Feb. 1775, and d. 
there 31 July, 1846. He was an original member of 
the '' Silver Grays," and was one of the committee 
to receive President Monroe, 16 June, 181 7. He m. 
2 Mar. 1800, Jane, b. 17 Nov. 1769, d. June, 1848, 
dau. of William and Wilthen Perkins Stickney. (See 
Stickney Gen.) He had no ch. 

22 Samuel^ {Greenleaf^) of Newburyport, Mass. was 
b. there 25 Oct. 1781, and d. 19 Feb. 1865. A cabinet 
maker. He was stationed at Plum Island in the war of 
181 2 ; m. I Aug. 1804, Abigail Goodhue, b. 1782, ? d. 
27 Mar. 1864. Children: — 

i. Samuel b. 13 July, 1805, d. 20 July, 1805. 

a ii. Sarah Goodhue b. 7 July, 1806, d. i Dec. 1834. 

b iii. Rebecca Swett b. 22 Mar. 1808, d. 17 May, 1867. 

c iv. Jane Stickney b. 17 Feb. 18 10. 


d V. Anne White b. 25 Nov. 181 2. 

49 vi. Greenleaf b. 29 Dec. 1S13. 

e vii. Lucy Caldwell b. ']} Jan. 1816. 

/ viii. Margaret Melvin b. 8 Apr. 18 18. 

g ix. Ellen White b. 13 Mar. 1820. 

X. Martha Caldwell b. 15 Jan. 1822, d. 4 Apr. 1822, 

xi. Martha Allen b. 19 Dec. 1823. 

xii. Harriet Richardson b. 2 Aug. 1828. 

a Sarah G. m. 29 Apr. 1828, William Richardson of 
Hadley, Mass., and had i Sarah Wolcott b. 8 Mar. 1829, m. 
18 Apr. 1849, Austin Spencer Pease of Springfield, Mass. b. 
9 May, 1820 at Enfield. 11 Harriet Rebecca b. 17 Jan. 1831. 
Ill MartJia Jane b. 15 Jan. 1833, d. 26 Sept. 1835. (See 
Pease Gen.) 

b Rebecca Swett m. i Feb. 1831, Capt. Charles Marsh of 
Newburyport, Mass. who d. 18 July, 1867. He commanded 
the brig ''Ark," one of the first vessels that went to the 
California coast in 1849. They had Laura Swett^ d. 28 
Sept. 1 87 1, aged 39. 

c Jane S. m. 25 Dec. 1866, Daniel Merrill of Rowley, Mass. 
b. 1792, but had no ch. 

d Anne W. m. Frederic Mitchell of Ipswich, Mass. 

No ch. 

e Lucy C. m. 24 Oct. 1835, William Richardson of Hadley, 
Mass. b. 12 Oct. 1806, at Springfield, d. 2^ Jan. 1879, ^^^ had 
I Lucy Ann b. 2 Dec. 1836. 11 Mabel Louisa b. 15 Jan. 1841. 
Ill Abigail Clark b. 2 Sept. 1844, m. 24 Nov. 1864, Charles 
Stiles Thayer of Hadley. iv Mary Davis b. 21 July, 1848, d. 
27 Oct. 1867. 

/ Margaret M. m. i Dec. 1843, Charles Noyes of Newbury, 
Mass. and has i Charles Mclvin\i. 2 Dec. 1844, "^- -8 Aug. 1865, 
Margaret Boyd Wallace, b. 20 July, 1847, of Maryfield by 
Dundee, Scotland, and had Charles Wallace, b. 17 Nov. 1867, 
d. 27 Dec. 1867. II Isabelle Clark b. 15 Nov. 1846. iii 
Samuel Clark b. 28 Dec. 1850. 


g Ellen W. m. 28 June, 1847, Hosea Treat Crofoot of 
Middletown, Conn. b. 19 Dec. 1819, d. 15 Feb. 1882, son of Ira 
and Betsey Crofoot, and had i Ella b. 15 Apr. 1848, m. 15 
Apr. 1870, Charles Warland Clapp of Boston, and has 
Arl/mr Warland b. 29 Oct. 1871, and Helen Fisk b. 29 Jan. 
1880. II Chai'les Marsh b. 18 May, 185 1, m. his cousin, 
Annie L. Clarke. (See p. 75.) 

23 John^ [David^) of Chester, N. H. born at San- 
down, N. H. 25 May, 1784, d. 15 May, 1863. He was a 
dealer in lumber, came to Chester in 1806, and bought 
the Deacon Wilson place, and also large tracts of land. 
He owned a saw and grist mill, and in 1833 started the 
first clapboard and shingle mill in town ; a representa- 
tive to the Legislature, 1859; m. 12 Nov. 1812, Eliza- 
beth, b. 5 July, 1787, d. 14 Mar. 1868, dau. of Deacon 
David and Mary (Dinsmore) Currier. David was b. 
1756 in Leslie, Scotland, and came to America in 1774. 
The children were : — 

50 i. George Pickering b. 25 ^wg. 181 3. 

ii. John Currier b. 10 July, 18 15, d. 28 Apr. 18 16. 
a iii. Mary Ann b. 12 Mar. 181 7. 

b iv. Catharine Patten b. 7 Aug. 18 19, d. 8 July, 1850, 
at Northfield, Mass. 

51 V. John Currier b. 3 Mar. 1822. 

vi. Elizabeth Augusta b. 11 Dec. 1824, d. 8 Nov. 

vii. James Wason b. 6 Mar. 1828, d. 27 Aug. 1833. 
viii. Edward Ray b. 12 May, 1830, d. 28 Feb. 1833. 

a Mary A. m. 14 Dec. 1843, Isaac Aylsworth Savage b. 28 
Dec. 1 8 14, in Edinburg, Saratoga County, N.Y. ; he graduated 
from Wesleyan University in 1841 ; the same year he joined 
the New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; 
in 1841-2 he was stationed at South Boston; 1843-4 at Har- 


vard St. Cambridgeport ; 1845-6 at Saugus ; 1847-48 at 
Worthen St. Lowell ; in 1849-50 at Pyncheon St. Springfield ; 
185 1 at Bromfield St. Boston ; 1852 at Holliston, where he d. 
16 Feb. 1854. His ministry was brief, but characterized by 
a warm devotion to his work. A scholarly preacher, he was 
likewise a successful pastor. He was a member of the Phi 
Beta Kappa society. 

The children of Mary A. (Clarke) and Isaac A. Savage 
were : i Edward Ay IswortJi b. in Saugus, Mass. 16 May, 1846, 
d. in Derry, N. H. 26 Nov. 1872. Although young, he had 
won a high reputation as a teacher of music, and was instructor 
at the Pinkerton Academy and Adams Female Academy 
and organist at the First Presbyterian Church in Derry. 
II James Francis b. at Lowell, Mass. 24 P'eb. 1849; gradu- 
ated at Dartmouth College 1872, and was afterward principal 
of the High School at Zumbrota, Minn. He later came East 
and was for a time connected with the Boston Daily News. 
In 1876, after studying in the School of Law, Boston Uni- 
versity, he was admitted to the Suffolk bar and has since been 
associated with his brother, a short period in Detroit, Mich, 
and since May, 1878, at Lowell, Mass. under the firm name of 
J. F. & C. W. Savage. He is a member of the Alpha Delta Phi 
fraternity, in CJiarlcs Wesley b. at Holliston, Mass. 14 June, 
1852, graduated at Harvard College, 1874. In the fall of that 
year he became professor of Latin and mathematics in Johnson 
College, Quincy, 111. In 1875-6 was principal of Frances- 
town Academy, Francestown, N. H. In June, 1877, he 
graduated from the School of Law, Boston University, and 
2 Oct. was admitted to the Wayne County bar at Detroit, 
Mich., where he began practice in partnership with his brother. 
I May, 1878, he removed to Lowell, Mass., and has continued 
there in active practice. He also is a member of the Alpha 
Delta Phi fraternity. 

b Catharine Patten m. 29 Dec. 1842, Rev. William Cutter 
Tenney at West Chester, N. H., who was a pupil at one time 
in Phillips Exeter Academy and graduated from Harvard Col- 


lege in 1838. Children : i An iiifant son b. 24 Dec. 1843, d. 
same day. 11 Isabel Caroline b. 6 Jan. 1845, i^ Cambridge, 
Mass. d. in Kansas, 6 Apr. 1877, a graduate of the State 
Normal School at Framingham, Mass. ; instructor of physics 
and natural science at the Salem Normal School, and the 
Framingham Normal School, in Charles Allen b. in Upton, 
Mass. 27 June, 1848, d. 19 Sept. 1848. iv Ellis b. in North- 
field, Mass. 7 June, 1850, d. 31 Mar 1851. 

Rev. W. C. Tenney is a retired Unitarian clergyman and 
lives in Kansas City, Mo. 

24 Nathaniel^ (David^) of Sandown, N. H., born 
there 4 Aug. 1786, and d. there 13 May, 1874, m. i 
Jan. 18 13, Mary French, b. 22 Jan. 1785, d. 27 Sept. 
1818. Hem. 2d, 3 Apr. 1822, Mrs. Anna Wheeler, and 

52 i. Abner b. 2 Jan. 18 14. 

ii. Charles W. b. 10 May, 1823, d. 29 Sept. 1844. 

iii. Henrietta A. b. 3 Oct. 1825, d. 30 June, 1861. 

iv. Mary b. 20 Dec. 1832, d. 24 Jan. 1833. 

53 v. Amos S. b. 30 Oct. 1837. 

25 Abner^ {David^) a Methodist minister, b. at 
Sandown, N. H., i May, 1788, d. at Falmouth, Mass. 25 
Feb. 18 14. 

26 DanieP {David'') was born at Sandown, N.H., 7 
Dec. 1791, d. 22 Apr. 1822, m. 7 Oct. (? Nov.) 1816, 
Anna, b. 5 June, 1793, d. 3 May, 1869, dau. of Col. 
John and Joanna Eastman of Kingston, N. H. Chil- 
dren : — 

i. John Eastman b. 14 Oct. 1817, d. 27 Oct. 1820. 
64 ii. Daniel b. 29 Sept. 18 19. 

iii. Mary Ann b. 22 Dec. 1821, d. 11 Aug. 1823. 


27 Davld^ {David'"") of Lowell, Mass. was b. at San- 
down, N. H., 4 Feb. 1794, d. 24 Nov. 1834. He m. 19 
Oct. 181 7, Abigail Clarke, b. 5 Apr. 1795, d. 27 Aug. 
1879; she was his double cousin. She m. 2d, Maj. 
Isaac Smith of Hampstead. (See p. 41.) David's chil- 
dren were : — 

a i. Elizabeth Abby b. 14 May, 18 19. 

ii. John b. 4 Apr. 1822, d. 4 Apr. 1822. 

( iii. Nathaniel b. 10 May, 1823, d. 10 May, 1823. 

( iv. David b. 10 May, 1823, d. 10 May, 1823. 

V. Susan Moody b. 20 June, 1824, d. 7 Sept. 1824. 

66 vi. David b. 29 Feb. 1828, d. 2 May, 1859. 5. P. 

a Elizabeth Abby m. 12 Mar. 1837, George W. Worthen of 
Lowell, Mass. and had i Frances Abby b. 6 May, 1838, m. 12 
Dec. 1861, Charles Henry Burbank and has Sainncl h. 6 Sept. 
1866. II Susan Adams b. 24 May, 1841, d. 28 May, 1841. in 
Elizabeth Clarke b. 15 Aug. 1843, d. 16 Aug. 1343. iv 
Janet WrigJit\i. 12 Oct. 1849. 

28 Nathaniel^ [Nathaniel^) of Plaistow, N. H. was 
b. there 19 Apr. 1789, and d. there 18 Dec. 1869. 
He was selectman, representative to the legislature 
1835 and 1836, and colonel of the Seventh Reg. New 
Hampshire militia. He was a man of integrity, inde- 
pendence of thought, and much esteemed ; m. 23 Nov. 
1820, Betsey Brickett, b. I799» and had 

66 i. Nathaniel Haven b. Feb. 1826. 
a ii. Abigail b. 19 Jan. 1832. 

b iii. M*ary Smith b. Aug. 1833, d. 28 June, 1878. 

67 iv. Greenleaf b. 23 Aug. 1835. 

V. Ellen Elizabeth b. Aug. 1837. 

a Abigail m. Sept. 185 1, Phineas B. Howe of Haverhill, 
Mass., leather dealer, and had seven children, five of whom 
are living. 


b Mary S. m. Jan. 1866, Luther D. Peaslee of Kingston, 
N. H., b. 12 Aug. 18 12. Educated at Atkinson and Haverhill 
academies. He is a successful merchant, and deals largely in 
lumber and real estate in Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Hamp- 
shire Was postmaster tv/enty years and representative 1881 
and 1882. They had i Grace B. b. 19 Nov. 1866. 11 Char- 
lotte b. 18 Apr. 1868. Ill Caroline E. b. 5 Nov. 1869. iv 
Mary C b. 28 June, 1872, d. 11 June, 1878. 

29 Davld^ {Nathaniel^) of Atkinson, N. H., b. at 
Plaistow, N. H. 4 June, 1793, d. 4 Feb. 1873. Select- 
man 1859 ; m. 27 Apr. 1830, Eliza Pollard of Plaistow, 
b. 2 Nov. 1804, d. 8 Dec. 1859; m. 2d, 21 Apr. 1861, 
at Andover, Mass., Sarah A. b. 12 Oct. 18 14, at Straf- 
ford, N. H. v/Idovv of Jonathan C. Clough, and dau. of 
Ebenezer and Abigail (Caverno) Hanson. His children 

Aaron Woodman b. 27 Feb. 1831. 
Jerome b. 17 Jan. 1833. 
Nathaniel b. 16 Feb. 1835. 
Eliza Pollard b. 26 June, 1838. 
David Oliphant b. 15 Apr. 1841. 

a Eliza P. m. 25 Nov. 1857, Samuel P. Foote of Haverhill, 
Mass. and has David Clarke, b. 24 Nov. 1859. 

30 John Woodman^ {Nalhanier'') of Boston, b. at 
Plaistow, N. H. 30 Jan. 1797, d. 19 Dec. 1849. West 
India trader. He m. Sarah (intention Jan. 7, 18 19), 
b. 16 Dec. 1787, d. 18 Dec. 1846, dau. of John and 
Patience (Rogers) Mann of Scltuate, Mass. and had 

a i. Elizabeth d. 

ii. John W. b 1821, d. S. P. 

b iii. Sarah Ann 

c iv. Abigail W. 

were ; 


J I. 







His only son, John W. Jr., of Boston, Mass., mason, 
m. 9 June, 1844, Sarah M. b. 1824, dau. of Ehsha and 
Harriet Hutchinson, of Haverhill, Mass., and was killed 
in the civil war, leaving no children. 

a Elizabeth m. WilHam Buswell of Haverhill, Mass., and 
had William, NatJianiely Julia and Charlotte , but none of them 
are now living. 

b Sarah A. m. William Buswell of Haverhill, as his second 
wife, but had no ch. 

c Abigail W. m. 29 Nov. 1S43, James C. Stuart of Haver- 
hill, Mass, b. at Salem, N. H., and had i George. 11 Charles, iii 
John, w James, m Frank H. b. 11 Nov. 1856, d. 6 Jan, 1S70. 
VI Richard A.h. 12 Feb. 1859. ^'^^ Enuna. 

31 Nathaniel^ {Moses'"") of Union, Me. wash. 25 Nov. 
1805, and d. at Union, i Dec. 1874. He m. 16 May, 
1832, Betsey Ann, b. 25 June, 1808, dau. of Jacob Sib- 
ley of Union (see Sibley's Hist, of Union), and had 

Harriet Ann b. 11 Mar. 1833. 
Mary Electa b. 17 Sept. 1834, d. 6 Oct. 1834. 
Sarah Persis b. 17 Sept. 1834. 
Martha Ellen b. 24 June, 1836, d, 12 Oct, 1858. 
Octavius Leonard b. 18 Jan. 1840, d. 20 June, 
1876. 5. P. 

Julia Frances b. 9 Mar. 1842. 
Nathaniel Sibley b. 16 Sept. 1847. 
Frank Algeroy b. 31 Dec. 1855. 

a Harriet A. m. 8 Jan. 1856, in Boston, Oliver A, Peck, 
now of Topeka, Kansas, and has i H. Ada b. 20 Nov. 1857. 
II Elmer A. b. 19 July, 1861. 

b Sarah P. m. 5 Dec. i860, Henry P. McCrillis, d. i Apr. 

1868, and had i Flora b. 10 May, 1862. She m. 2d, 5 Apr. 

1869, Miles F. Hartford, d. 18 Nov. 1873, and had Benjamin 
b. 25 Jan. 1873. 





r iii. 






• • 



■ • • 



c Julia F. m. lo Feb. 1870, John R. Colby of Melrose, 
Mass., a pharmacist, and \v2i^ Homer Wayland\). 30 Apr. 1874. 

32 Leonard^ {Moses^) of Derry, N. H. b. 6 Feb. 
1810. A farmer ; he m. 1845, Sophronia Colby b. 8 
Apr. 18 1 2, at Cape Ann, Mass. and had 

i. Sarah Jordan b. 5 June, 1846, d. 17 Oct. 1861. 

ii. Moses L. b. 26 Mar. 1848, d. 28 Jan. 1862. 

iii. Howard P. b. 17 Nov. 1850, d. 13 Dec. 1861. 

iv. Hannah b. 22 Dec. 1852, d. 25 Nov. 1861. 

V. Leverett K. b. 3 June, 1856, d. 19 Oct. 1861. 

vi. Alfred b. 22 Sept. 1859, d- 24 Oct. 1861. 

33 John^ (Theodore^) of Pittsfield, N. H., where he 
was b. 4 Oct. 1802, and d. 6 Jan. 1885. Farmer and 
fuller. He was a captain in the militia of N. H., and 
was an active Whig until the party ceased to exist. 
For sixty-one years he never failed to attend town 
meeting, or to cast his vote at a State election, and for 
twenty-one years he was parish clerk of the Congrega- 
tional church. He was buried in the new cemetery at 

Fac simile of his signature in his 82d year. 

The following is an extract from a notice of him in the 
local paper (''The Analecta," Jan. 10, 1885) : 


On Tuesday morning, January 6, at 10.30 o'clock, passed from earthly 
cares, one of the oldest citizens, Mr. John Clarke, aged 82 years, 3 months, 
2 days. Death's instrument in his removal was the dread disease, pneu- 
monia. Deceased was the oldest native resident of this town. 


Mr. Clarke was a member of the Congregational church, and for many 
years its efficient clerk. His penmanship at that time is said to be a model 
of neatness and precision. Possessing a strong constitution, and maintain- 
ing careful regimen and good habits, he was able at the last to fight for 
seven weeks a disease which generally proves fatal in much less time. 

A strong characteristic in his actions was his substantially deciding in 
the right, and holding to a decided opinion. No one thought of question- 
ing his decision. In his dealings he was square and upright, and he won 
the high respect of all who knew him. 

He m. 2 Mar. 1825, Asenath b. 19 Feb. 1801, in 
Loudon, N. H., d. at Pittsfield 10 May, 1876, dau. 
of Stephen^ and Mary (Sanborn) Wells. Stephen 
■was a soldier in the Revolution and one of Washing- 
ton's body guard during the winter at Valley Forge. 
He had 

Mary Ann b. 2 Dec. 1825. 
Samuel Greeley b. 17 June, 1827. 
Benjamin Wells b. 2 Nov. 1828. 
Sarah Caroline' b. 8 Apr. 1830, d. 10 Jan. 1836. 
Eliza Jane b. 1$ Nov. 1831. 
John Theodore b. 20 Oct. 1833. 
Sarah Caroline b. 31 Aug. 1835. 
Stephen Wells b. 30 June, 1837. 
d ix. Anna Greeley b. 24 Dec. 1838. 

a Mary Ann m. 8 July, 1840, Samuel E. Brown, and had 
I Mary Elliott b. 7 Apr. 1850, d. 8 Apr. 1850. 11 Horace 
Greeley b. 16 Jan. 1852, d. 25 Sept. 1852. iii Frederic 
Oberlin b. 9 Aug. 1854, d. 25 Aug. 1854. iv Frank Ale Duff ee 
b. 22 Feb. 1856, d. 24 Apr. 1856. 

b Eliza Jane m. 22 Dec. 1850, Cyrus B. Green of Loudon, 
N. H., and has i Jo/ui Fred. b. 5 Dec. 1858. 11 Nellie J. b. i 

* It is said that he was son of Nathaniel Wells. Stephen's wife was dau. 
of Benjamin Sanborn of Deerfield. N. H. who was sixth in descent from 
Lt. John Sanborn of Hampton, N. H. who was son of John, who came 
from Derbyshire, Eng. 




• • 



• • • 












Jan. 1866, m. 29 Nov. 1882, Henry Bunker of Barnstead, 
N. H. and has one child. 

c Sarah Caroline m. 28 Mar. 1859, Parley W. Rowell of 
Loudon, N. H. b. 22 Dec. 1823, and has i Sarah IV. b. 22 
Nov. 1862, and 11 George IV. b. 30 Dec. 1867. 

d Anna G. m. 17 Dec. 1859, Solon G. Blaisdell, now of 
San Diego, Cal. where he has extensive ranches, and in 1882 
w^as elected county supervisor. He enlisted from Pittsfield, 
N. H. 5 Sept. 1862, in Co. F, 12 Regt. N. H. Vols., was slightly 
wounded 3 June, 1864, and promoted to be 2d Lieut. 18 May, 
1865. Ch. I Fj'ank E. h. 13 Mar. 1862, known as a naturalist. 
II yohn C. h. 16 Sept. 1864, d. 17 June, 1871. in Emeline G. 
b. 10 Apr. 1866, d. 16 Aug. 1866. iv Elmer S. b. 30 Sept. 
1867, d. I July, 1 87 1. 

34 GreenleaP {Theodore^') of Pittsfield, N. H. born 
there 14 Oct. 1809, d. 10 Aug. 1875. A farmer. 
When ten years old he was shot in the face and chest 
by a half-witted boy who had got possession of a gun, 
and these wounds are said to have caused his death 
many years later. He m. 3 Feb. 1854, Mary Ann 
Nutter of Barnstead, b. 14 Mar. 18 17, and had 

i. Sarah E. b. i June, 1856. 

35 Nathaniel^ {Theodore^) of Pittsfield, N. H. born 
there 7 June, 1823, d. 26 Nov. 185 1. He taught 
school at Exeter, and is said to have been one of the 
best mathematicians in the State. He w^as also an 
excellent pharmacist, and much respected as a citizen. 
His death was from luno- fever after a brief illness. 
He m. 25 Oct. 1848, Arvilla P. b. 30 Apr. 1824, dau. 
of Daniel Tilton of Deerfield, N. H., and had 

a i. Georgiana b. 13 Oct. 1849, i^ Pittsfield. 
66 ii. Herbert M. b. 21 Sept. 185 1. 


a Georgiana m. 28 Jan. 1875, George Henry Sanborn of 
Haverhill, Mass. b. in Deerfield, N. H. 14 Nov. 1849, and has 
no ch. 

36 William Cogswell^ (^Greenleap^ of Manchester, 
N. H. born at Atkinson, 10 Dec. 18 10, and attended 
the academy there. Graduated at Dartmouth College 
in 1832, and received the degree of A^ M. Principal of 
Gilmanton Academy one year, at the same time reading 
law, which he continued at Harvard Law School, and 
with S. C. Lyford of Meredith Bridge, N. H. ; admitted 
to the bar in 1836, and practiced four years at Meredith, 
when he was made county solicitor on the creation of 
Belknap County. In the spring of 1844 be moved to 
Manchester, and in 1846 was nominated for first mayor 
of the new city, but withdrew his name after the first 
ballot, a majority then being necessary to elect, and no 
candidate receiving more than a plurality. 1846-48 he 
was chief engineer of the fire department, and again 
in 1854, was the democratic candidate for mayor, and 
in 1858, member of the board of aldermen. He was 
also a member of the Constitutional Convention of 
1850. He was city solicitor 1849-51, judge of pro- 
bate for Hillsborough County from 185 1 to 1856, when 
the political changes caused his removal ; was ofiered a 
seat on the supreme bench in 1855, which he declined; 
first treasurer and attorney of the Manchester & 
Lawrence Railroad, from 1847 ^^ 1849, when he re- 
signed, and was clerk of the company from 1854-72 ; 
an original director of the Manchester and the City 
banks, serving for the former from 1845 ^^ i849> ^-^d 
for the latter from 1853 to 1863 ; trustee for twenty 
years of the Manchester Savings Bank, and for many 


years of the Athenaeum, until it was succeeded by the 
present pubhc Hbrary, when he was elected a trustee 
and clerk of the board, also trustee of Gllmanton 
Academy, and served on the board of visitors to West 
Point in 1854. In 1863 he was appointed attorney 
general of New Hampshire for a term of five years, 
and again in 1868, and filled the office with distin- 
guished ability until his death. 

Mr. Clarke was a democrat until the civil war, when 
he became a republican. He was one of the earliest 
members of the Second Congregational or Franklin 
Street Church ; a gentleman of fine presence, Integrity 
and honor, an experienced lawyer, and a faithful public 
officer. He died suddenly at Manchester, 25 Apr. 
1872, and his funeral was attended by many eminent 
men. (See Clarke's Hist, of Manchester.) He m. 
1834, Anna Maria, b. 12 Oct. 181 1, d. 19 Apr. 1883, at 
Lake Village, N. H., dau. of Stephen Leavitt and Anna 
Norton Greeley. Her father was sixth in descent from 
Andrew Greeley of Salisbury, Mass. She was an intel- 
lectual and most estimable lady. The children were : — 

67 i. Stephen Greeley b. 20 Sept. 1834. 
a ii. Anna Norton b. 2 Aug. 1838. 

<^ iii. Julia Cogswell b. i Sept. 1844. 
iv. Edmund Greenleaf b. 20 Aug. 1846, d. 19 Aug. 


68 V. Greenleaf b. 16 Dec. 1849. 

a Anna N. m. 5 June, 1866, Robert M. Appleton of Lake 
Village, N. H. b. 20 Aug. 1834, at Leicester, England. They 
had no ch. 

b Julia C. has taught in the State Normal School at 
Framingham, Mass. and is now a teacher in Chauncy Hall 
School, Boston. 


37 Francis^ {Gree^zleaf^) of Andover, Mass. was b. 
at Atkinson, N. H. 28 Mar. 1814, and d. 10 July, 1852. 
He studied medicine with Dr. Cogswell of Andover, 
for two years, and with Drs. Channing, Lewis and War- 
ren one year. Graduated from the Harvard Medical 
School with honor in 1835, having taken the " Boylston 
Prize" for the best dissertation on a given subject 
connected with medicine. Settled at Andover as a 
physician in 1835, but was obliged to give up practice 
because of failing health. In 1845 he became con- 
nected with a manufacturing company at Ballardvale. 
He d. of consumption after a long illness, which he had 
endured with patience and fortitude. He m. 9 July, 
1839, Sarah Fisher b. 7 Mar. 1817, d. 8 June, 1849, dau. 
of Abraham Marland, who was b. in Ashton Parish, 
Lancashire, England, and came to Andover, Mass. in 
1807, where he engaged in manufacture. Later he 
founded the Marland Manufacturing Company. He 
was a prominent citizen, and zealous Churchman, and 
through his exertions the first Episcopal Church in 
that town was organized. He d. 20 Feb. 1849, ^ged 
77. The children of Francis were 

i. Sarah Francis b. 5 June, 1840. 
ii. b. d. young. 

69 iii. Amasa b. 14 Jan. 1844. 

70 iv. Francis b. 18 May, 1849. 

38 Greenleaf^ {Gree^ileaf^) of Atkinson, N. H. 
where he was b. 7 May, 1816. He was principal of the 
Lynn High School when a young man, but returned to 
Atkinson, and was justice of the peace and quorum, 
and representative to the legislature, 1842, 1843, ^^^ 


1877; selectman, 1846; was appointed on Governor 
Hubbard's staff in 1842, with the rank of colonel, and 
was of the Governor's Council in 1850 and 1851, from 
the First District. Appointed by the Governor and 
Council special commissioner of the Boston & Maine 
Railroad in 1846, and served till 1856 inclusive. He 
was again appointed in 1880 for four years. In 1876 
he was a member of the Constitutional Convention, 
and in 1878 was elected to the senate for two years 
from the 21st district, as a republican. Served on the 
senate committees on railroads, finance, corporations, 
and agriculture. He is now treasurer of the trustees 
of Atkinson Academy. He m. 15 Mar. 1855, Sarah 
Jane, dau. of Silas and Lucy Noyes b. 2 July, 1829, 
and has 

i. Sarah Noyes b. 3 Apr. 1856. 
ii. Mary Coburn b. 9 Dec. 1857. 
iii. Greenleaf b. 5 June, 1862. 

39 Moses^ {Greenleaf) b. at Atkinson, N. H. 18 
Jan. 18 18. His earlier education was acquired at the 
academy in his native village, which he left to enter, in 
1837, Pembroke Academy, at Pembroke, N. H., gradu- 
ating I August, 1838, among his classmates being Gov. 
Charles H. Bell of Exeter, N. H. The succeeding year 
he taus^ht an academy in Danvers, Mass. and, in the 
summer of 1840, he went to Meredith Bridge (now 
Laconia), N. H. where he resided four months with his 
brother, William C. Clarke, studying medicine with the 
late Dr. Josiah Crosby of Manchester, N. H. then at 
Meredith Bridge. Thence he went to Dartmouth 
Medical College, receiving his degree in November, 


1842. While at Hanover he was member of a private 
class, under the instruction of Prof. Dixi Crosby, Prof. 
Edmund R. Peaslee, and Prof. Oliver P. Hubbard. As 
a student, Dr. Clarke was not very fond of books, but 
had a practical mind and retentive memory, which 
enabled him to turn to account whatever he saw done 
or heard described ; yet he was a faithful, diligent 
student, and a great favorite with all his instructors. 

Soon after graduation he began the practice of his 
profession at Derry, N. H. where he remained until the 
fall of 1844, when he removed to Wethersfield, Conn, 
where he took the practice of the late Dr. Archibald 
Welch. He moved, early in 1845, to Cambridge, 
Mass., settling in Ward Three (East Cambridge), where 
he spent the remainder of his life. For many years he 
had been a suffer from pulmonary disease, but the 
resolute courage with which he persevered in a large 
and increasing practice rendered the extent of his 
disease unsuspected. He continued in the active 
exercise of his profession until January previous to his 
decease, when the loss of both voice and strength made 
it necessary that he should relinquish it. He died on 
the morning of Sunday, 27 March, 1864. 

While in Derry, Dr. Clarke made the acquaintance 
of Miss Laura Woolsey D wight, who had been, since 
1 84 1, principal of the Adams Female Seminary, and 
their marriage followed at Northampton, Mass. 9 Sept. 
1844. Miss Dvvight, b. 5 June, 181 7, was the daughter 
of Col. Cecil Dwight and Mary Clap, of Northampton, 
and of the seventh generation in direct descent from 
John Dwight, who came from Dedham, England, in 
1634--5, to Dedham, Mass. ; her lineage included the 
Dwights, Edwardses, Hookers, and Woolseys, who 


have connected their names inseparably with the 
religious history of Massachusetts and Connecticut and 
with the growth of Yale College.^ She was long a 
sufferer from consumption, and died In Cambridge, i6 
Jan. 1858. Their children were : — 

i. William Cogswell b. 16 Aug. 1845, d. 12 Aug. 1847. 

ii. Laura Dwight b. 10 Nov. 1847, d. i July, 1853. 

71 iii. Maurice Dwight b. 2 Nov. 185 i. 

72 iv. Charles Cecil b. 15 Apr. 1854. 

Dr. Clarke married, for his second wife, 28 Sept. 
1859, Miss Frances Lucy Elizabeth Hastings of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. She was a native of Worcester, Mass. and 
for a time a teacher. Her constitution was enfeebled 
when she married, and her death, 19 Dec. 1859, from 
hemorrhage, was not unexpected. 17 February 1864, 
Dr. Clarke married her sister, Mrs. Mary Watson Clark, 
widow of Lysander C. Clark of Worcester, Mass. who 
still survives. The two latter marriages were without 

He was admitted to the Massachusetts Medical Society in 
1845, and was one of its councillors in 1854. He was one of 
the most active members of the Middlesex South District 
Medical Society from its organization in 185 1, and was one of 
its censors from 1857 to 1863, and twice represented it at the 
meetings of the American Medical Association. He was the 
city physician of Cambridge from 185 i until his death. From 
1848 to 1862, excepting the years 1855, i860, and 1861, he 
was a member of the School Committee of Cambridge, and 
for many years was the secretary of the Board. From 1861 
until the time of his death, he was one of the vice-presidents 
of the East Cambridge Five Cents Savings Bank. 

* See Dwight Gen. 








He was chairman of the standing committee of the Evan- 
gelical Congregational Society of East Cambridge from 1852 
until his death, and, in connection with his work as city 
physician, he devoted a part of every Sunday to the religious 
instruction of the inmates of the almshouse, — a practice 
which he continued after the condition of his throat rendered 
speaking laborious and exhaustive. 

To Dr. Clarke's nobility as a man and skill as a physician, 
his associates in public and private life bear ample witness. 
Resolutions passed by the Board of Overseers of the Poor of 
Cambridge speak in the highest terms of his fidelity in the 
discharge of his duties as city physician ; and his fellows of 
the Middlesex Medical Society paid a warm tribute to his 
memory. He devoted a great deal of time to the schools, and 
was unceasing in his efforts to get good teachers, in detecting 
whom he had a rare faculty. 

40 John Badger^ {Greenleaf^) of Manchester, N. H. 
The following is quoted from a sketch by one of the 
veteran journalists of the State. 

John Badger Clarke was born at Atkinson, January 30, 
1820, and was the junior of six children — five sons and one 
daughter — of Greenleaf and Julia (CogsweH) Clarke. Julia 
Cogswell, the mother of Mr. Clarke, was a woman of great 
intellectual powers, a fine scholar, and was preceptress of 
Atkinson Academy. 

The Badger family, connected with the Clarkes and Cogs- 
wells, are descendants of Giles Badger, who settled at New- 
bury, Mass. in 1643. Gen. Joseph Badger, b. at Haverhill,^ 
Mass. Jan. 11, 1722, and who d. Apr. 4, 1803, was active in 
the Revolution, a member of the Provincial Congress, and 
of the Convention which adopted the Constitution. After 
removing to Gilmanton, N. H., he held many town offices, was 
made a brigadier general, was a member of the State Council, 


and was a staunch supporter of the institutions of learning 
and religion. 

Hon. William Badger, b. in Gilmanton, Jan. 13, 1779, was 
a representative, senator, President of the Senate, and 
Governor of the State in 1834 and 1835. He was also an 
Elector of President and Vice-President of the United States 
in 1824, 1836, and 1844; was an associate justice of the 
Court of Common Pleas from 1816 to 1821, and for ten years 
high sheriff of the County. 

Hon. Joseph Badger, Jr., son of the general, was b. in Brad- 
ford, Mass. Oct. 23, 1746; was distinguished as a military 
officer for thirty years, passing from captain to brigadier 
general. He served in the Revolutionary war, and was 
present at the capture of Burgoyne. He d. at Gilmanton, 
Jan. 15, 1809, aged sixty-two. His wife was a daughter of 
Rev. William Parsons, and their marriage was the first one 
recorded in Gilmanton. 

The marriage of John B. Clarke with Susan Greeley Moul- 
ton of Gilmanton, a descendant of John Moulton, who came 
to Hampton in 1638, more firmly united the old families 
mentioned above, the Thurstons, Gilmans, Lampreys, Towles, 
Beans, Philbricks, and others ; while Moses Clarke, by marry- 
ing a direct descendant of John Dwight, who came from 
England in 1634, and settled in Dedham, Mass. 1636, became 
connected with a family which furnished a commandant at 
Fort Dummer, during the Indian war, and whose youngest 
son, Timothy C. Dwight, born at the fort, was the first white 
child born in Vermont. 

Mr. Chirke passed the years of boyhood upon the farm of 
his father. Studying at Atkinson Academy, he was prepared 
to enter Dartmouth College at the age of nineteen, from 
which he graduated with high honors in the class of 1843, 
being only outranked in scholarship by the late Prof. J. N. 

After leaving college, Mr. Clarke was for three years prin- 
cipal of the Academy at Gilford (now Laconia). While thus 
engaged, he commenced the study of law in the office of 


Stephen C. Lyford, Esq. and continued his studies in Man- 
chester with his brother, William C. Clarke., until admitted to 
the bar of Hillsborough County in 1848. Feb. 2, 1849, he 
started for California via the Isthmus of Panama, where he 
was detained eleven weeks, and bought for the Manchester 
party of forty-three with him, in company with a gentleman of 
Maine with twenty men, the brig Copiapo, in which they left 
the isthmus. for California with one hundred and fifty-eight 
passengers, Mr. Clarke being supercargo. He remained in 
California a little more than a year, practicing law and working 
in the mines. 

He then spent about four months in Central America, 
returning home in February, 185 1. He went to Salem, 
Mass. with the intention of establishing a law office there, 
but returned to Manchester and opened an office, applying 
himself to the practice of his profession with success, until 
Feb. 1852, when, at the request of Mr, Joseph C. Emerson, he 
took charge of the editorial department of the Daily Mirror. 
Mr. Emerson becoming financially embarrassed, the property 
was sold at auction on the 20th of October, 1852, Mr. Clarke 
being the purchaser of the Daily and Weekly Mirror^ and of 
the job printing establishment connected therewith, of which 
he has ever since been the sole owner and manager. Subse- 
quently he purchased the Daily and Weekly American (in 
which the Weekly Democrat had been previously merged), and 
the New Hampshire Joiniial of Agriculture. These were all 
combined with the Mirror, and the name of the daily changed 
to Mirror and American, 2.\\^ the weekly from Dollar Weekly 
Mirror X.0 Mirror and Farmer. Since these additions to the 
Mirror, Mr. Clarke has found it needful to enlarge both the 
daily and weekly papers three times. 

At the outset he aspired to make the Mirror one of the 
leading newspapers of the country, cost what it might ; and 
his adroitness, energy, persistency, and straight-forward devo- 
tion to that idea has enabled him to realize his aspirations." 
When Mr. Clarke took possession of the Mirror, the weekly 
paper had but a few hundred subscribers, while now it has a 


larger circulation than any other paper of its class published 
in New England, out of Boston. Previous to the war the 
Mirror had been non-partisan politically ; but Mr. Clarke 
decided that there should be no neutrals in time of war, and 
his paper came out boldly on the side of the Administration, 
and has ever since advocated the principles of the repub- 
lican party. 

In connection with his daily and weekly newspapers, Mr. 
Clarke has built up a very extensive book and job printing 
business, and to this has added a bookbinding establishment. 
He has published many valuable works of his own and 
others; among his publications will be found ''The London- 
derry Celebration," ** Sanborn's History of New Hampshire," 
" Clarke's Manchester Almanac and Directory," *' Clarke's 
History of Manchester," " Successful New Hampshire Men," 
and several smaller works. 

Mr. Clarke has always refused to be a candidate for office, 
because he believed that office-holding would interfere with his 
influence as a public journalist, but was a delegate to the 
Baltimore Convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln for 
the second time to the Presidency, and was one of the National 
Committee of seven (including ex-Governor William Claflin 
of Massachusetts, ex-Governor Marcus L. Ward of New 
Jersey, and Hon. Henry T. Raymond of the New York 
Times), who managed that campaign. He has been con- 
nected with the College of Agriculture ; a trustee of the 
Merrimack River Savings Bank since its organization in 
1858 ; a master, for three years, of the Amoskeag Grange 
No. 3 ; for two years lieutenant colonel of the Amoskeag 
Veterans, and was twice elected commander, but declined 
that honor. Six times he has been elected state printer ; in 
1867, 1868, 1869, 1877,. 1878, and in 1879 ^^r two years. 

Mr. Clarke has always manifested a great interest in the 
subject of elocution, probably having learned how faulty many 
students were as orators during his senior year in college, 
when he was president of the Social Friends society, and in 
1863, after he was elected president of the Tri Kappa society. 


For two years he gave to the Manchester High School forty 
dollars a year for prizes in public speaking and reading. He 
then offered (in 1874) one hundred dollars a year for five years 
toDartmouth College for the same object. In Oct. 1879, ^^^* 
Clarke proposed to give forty dollars a year for five years for 
superiority in elocution in the High and Grammar Schools of 
Manchester. In Feb. 1882, Mr. Clarke offered to add to his 
original forty dollars, twenty dollars a year for the next two 
years. The result of this generous offer has been a great 
interest and improvement in reading and speaking in the 
public schools of Manchester, and it is probable that there 
will be a permanent fund of not less than fifteen hundred 
dollars accruing from the exhibitions at the end of the five 
years, insuring a perpetual income for the Clarke prizes. 

Mr. Clarke has always been interested in farming, and has 
done much with voice and pen to bring about an improvement 
in the breeds of horses and other stock in the- State. His 
admiration for good horses (of which he is never without 
several in his stable), and his fondness for hunting, are so 
much a part of his life that any sketch of him without allusion 
to them would be incomplete. He has served as president of 
the New Hampshire Game and Fish League from the first, 
and was the prime mover in its organization. 

In 1872, being obliged by the advice of physicians to abstain 
from all business for several months, he visited Great Britain, 
France, and Germany, to regain the health too close attention 
to business had temporarily destroyed. 

He has always been a liberal supporter of the Franklin 
Street Congregational Church, Manchester, a constant attend- 
ant upon its worship, and has been elected to various of^ces 
in that society. 

He m. 29 July, 1852, Susan Greeley Moulton of 
Gilmanton. They have two sons: — 

73 i. Arthur Eastman b. 13 May, 1854. 

74 ii. William Cogswell b. 17 Mar. 1856. 



4 I James" {Levi^) of Stratham, N. H. where he was 
b. 4 Dec. 1790. He d. 1838. He m. Clarissa, b. 12 
Apr. 1796, d. 1824, dau. of Nicholas and Ann (Fifield) 
Rollins of Stratham, N. H. and had : — 

a i. Maria, 

ii. Mary Ann. 

iii. Martha Jane, 

iv. Son d. young. 

a Maria m. Woodbury. Another dau. also m. a 


42 Benjamin" {Levi^) of Union, Me. was born at 
Stratham, N. H. 6 Aug. 1792, and d. Aug. 1858, at 
Union? Hem. .Dec. 1847, Eliza, bap. 16 Aug. 1805, d. 
19 Aug. 1850, dau. of James and Elizabeth (McCarter) 
Standish, and widow of Penta Walcott of Union, Me. 
He had no children. 

43 Walter W.^ {Levi^) of North Union and Somer- 
ville. Me. born at Stratham 17 Nov. 1796, d. 23 Nov. 
1863. Settled in Whitefield, Me. about 1823, and in 
May, 1843, nioved to North Union, and was school 
agent there in 1844. In Mar. 1858, he moved to 
Somerville, where he died. He m. 15 June, 1828, 
Joann b. 29 Sept. 1806, dau. of Eben Moore of White- 
field, Me. and had 

a i. Ellen A. b. 27 July, 1829. 

75 ii. Henry D. b. 18 May, 1832. 

76 iii. Ezra B. b. 30 Mar. 1834, d. Sept. 1865. 


77 iv. Isaac M. b. 8 Aug. 1837. 

V. Anthony b. 15 Apr. 1839, ^' 20 Feb. 1840. 

78 vi. James A. b. 14 Jan. 1842. 

a Ellen A. m. 16 Apr. 1857, John E. Payson of W. Union, 
Me. b. Aug. 1826, son of John and Lois (Daniels) Payson, and 
had I Ella Z. b. 13 June, 1858. 11 Amy E.h, 18 Sept. i860. 

III Eda Lois b. 29 July, 1862. 

44 Thomas J.^ {Levi^) of Stratham, N. H. About 
1842 he moved to Exeter, N. H. He was born 31 
Oct. 1800, at Stratham, N. H. and d. 8 Apr. 1847. He 
m. 1823, Priscilla C. b. 15 Mar. 1800, dau. of Thomas 
and Olive Lang of Portsmouth, N. H. and had : — 

79 i. John b. 31 Mar. 1824. 

a ii. Hannah O. b. 4 Apr. 1826. 

80 lii. George W. b. Jan. 1831, d. Nov. 1864. S.P. 
b iv. Clara M. b. 10 May, 1833. 

a Hannah O. m. 24 Nov. 1849, at Providence^ R. I., William 
Currier of Salisbury, Mass. b. 20 Sept. 181 1, now lives at 
Exeter, N. H. Ch. : i Zetta b. 27 Nov. 1852, m. 12 Aug. 
1875, Albert H. Clough of Boston, now of Sandown, N. H. 
and has Geo. H. b. 28 May, 1876. 11 Belle b. 22 June, 1858, 
d. 12 Aug. 1859. Ill Estella b. 30 June, 1865, d. 10 Jan. 

b Clara M. m. 15 Sept. 1854, John B. Beardsley of Haver- 
hill, Mass. b. 8 June, 1830, and had i Warren b. 17 Sept. 
1856, m. 2 July, 1879, Mary A. Wood, b. 27 Aug. 1859. ^^ 
Winfield S. b. 20 Oct. i860, in Mary E. b. 6 Feb. 1866. 

IV Albion E. b. 24 Nov. 1868. 

45 Josiah Bartlett^ [Levi^) of Ludlow, Vt. was born 
at Stratham, N. H. 11 Jan. 1808. Graduated at Middle- 
bury in 1834, studied one year at Andover Theological 


Seminary, and was two years at Lane Seminary, from 
which he graduated in 1837. Preached at Rising Sun, 
Ind. 1838-40, at Sharon, Vt. 1840-42, at ElHot, 
Me. 1842-45, and since at Pittsfield, Vt., Clarendon, 
Vt., and at Ludlow. He m. first, in 1839, Mary M. 
Linsley b. 1808 in Middlebury, Vt., d. Apr. 1840. He 
m. 2d, II May, 1841, in Hanover, N. H., Louisa E. b. 
21 June, 1820, at Middlebury, Conn. d. 19 Jan. 1852, 
at Clarendon, Vt., dau. of Mark and Mary Stone. He 
m. 3d, 19 Oct. 1852, at W. Bloomfield, N. J., Sarah 
Stone, sister of his second wife, who was b. 1830, d. 
10 May, 1870, in Pittsfield, Vt. He m. 4th, Nov. 1870, 
at Rupert, Vt., Mrs. Julia Delight (Gookin) Haye. His 
children were : — 

81 i. Waldo Josiah b. 10 Oct. 1843, at Elliot, Me. 

ii. Charles Bennet b. 1845, at Elliot, Me. d. 1846 

at W. Randolph, Vt. 
a iii. Mary Louisa b. 8 June, 1849, ^^ Pittsfield, Vt. 
iv. Harriet b. 1853, in Clarendon, Vt. d. 

19 June, 1855, at W. Bloomfield, N. J. 

82 V. Charles Bartlett, b. 18 June, 1859, at Rupert, Vt. 
vi. Sarah Martha b. 5 Oct. i86.:i, at Rupert, Vt. 

a Mary L. m. 27 Oct. 1869, Dr. Henry Guild Burton, b. 27 
Oct. 1846, at Rupert, Vt. He is assistant surgeon U. S. A. 
with the rank of captain. They have no ch. 

46 Ezra Barker"^ {Levi^) of Amesbury, Mass. A 
carriage trimmer ; he sometimes officiated as a minister 
in the Universalist denomination. He was born at 
Stratham, N. H. 15 May, 18 10, and d. at Amesbury 
19 Apr. i860. He m. Ann b. 1816, d. 29 Dec. 1880, 
dau. of Benjamin and Rhoda Rowell, and had 


a i. Caroline A. b. i Dec. 1840. 

ii. Elizabeth Marion b. 16 Sept. 1853, d. 7 Apr. i860. 

a Caroline A. m. 6 Feb. 1869, Benjamin Kimball Moore, b. 
13 Mar. 1842, at Sudbury, Mass. d. 13 Feb. 1876, and had no ch. 

47 Robert^ {Moses^) of Boston, Mass. grocer. He 
was born at Exeter, N. H. 9 Feb. 1799, d. 23 May, 
1840. He m. 2 Mar. 1826, Rebecca b. 25 June, 1805, 
in Boston, d. there 30 Oct. 1878, dau. of Frederic Wil- 
liam and Rebecca (Gooden) Major. The former was 
born in England. Robert's children were 

Rebecca M. b. 5 Dec. 1826. 
Eliza Ann b. 3 Sept. 1828, d. 19 Aug. 1830. 
Caroline P. b. 5 Dec. 1830. 
Robert b. 23 Jan. 1833. 

Mary Ann b. 17 Dec. 1834, d. 15 Dec. 1835. 
Joseph B. b. 11 Oct. 1836. 

Sarah Jane b. 29 Oct. 1838, d. 29 May, 1840. All 
b. in Boston. 

a Rebecca M. m. first, 27 July, 1846, in Thompson, Conn., 
Abner P. Emerson of Boston, b. 26 June, 1825, and had 
I Fannie R. b. 1847, in Boston, d. there 28 Sept. 1865. 11 
Hairy P. b. 24 Nov. 1849, in Winchester, Mass. of the firm of 
H. P. Emerson & Co., commission merchants, Boston, in 
Frederic IV. b. 16 May, 1852, in Boston, d. in Roxbury, 8 
Aug. 1853. Mrs. E. m. 2d, Mr. Drodie, and Uves at Lynn, 

d Caroline P. m. James M. Nickles of Chelsea, Mass. 

48 William Henry^ {Afoses') of Exeter, N. H. b. 
there 4 Dec. 1800, and d. 17 Apr. 1863; a merchant. 
He m. 16 Feb. 1825, at Exeter, Sarah, b. 18 Aug. 
1801 at Newmarket, dau. of Col. Richard and Martha 





• • • 









(Leavitt) Hilton. Col. Richard was great great grand- 
son of Col. Edward Hilton of Exeter, and of Ann 
Dudley, dau. of Rev. Samuel and Mary (Winthrop) 
Dudley, and grand dau. of both Gov. John Winthrop 
and Gov. Thomas Dudley. Edward Hilton, the father 
of Col. Edward, came from London in 1623, and was 
the first permanent settler in N. H. The children 
were : — 

Charles Edward b. 12 Nov. 1825. 
William Augustus b. 30 Sept. 1827. 
John Moses b. 4 Jan. 1830. 
George Washington b. 27 Jan. 1832. 
Edward Hilton b. 31 Mar. 1834. 
Martha Jane b. 27 Jan. 1837. 
Sarah Elizabeth b. 28 Mar. 1840. 
James Albert b. 23 May, 1843. 

a Martha J. m. 25 June, 1862, Charles Pomeroy Wright of 
Turner's Falls, Mass. b. 11 Dec. 1830, at Goshen, Mass. son 
of Dr. George and Julia (Billings) Wright. The latter was 
a niece of Gen. Seth Pomeroy, of Revolutionary fame. They 
had I George Henry b. 15 Apr. 1863. 11 William Clarke 
b. 31 Mar. 1865. iii Julia Maria b. I Apr. 1873. All born 
at Montague, Mass. 

b Sarah Elizabeth m. 17 Mar. 1868, Richard N. Oakman of 
Turner's Falls, Mass. b. 23 Sept. 1843 at Hawley, Mass. son of 
Richard Nickerson and Julia P. (Hawkes) Oakman. He was 
for a time at Williams Coll. in the class of 1865. Bank clerk 
in Wisconsin and Missouri, 1865-6; treas. Cahaba Coal Co. 
at Selma, Ala., 1867-9; deputy collector of customs, Charles- 
ton, S. C, 1869-72; cashier of the Crocker Nat. Bank at 
Turner's Falls ; treas. of the Savings Institution, and of the 
Montague Paper Co., 1872-74. In 1874 he became treas. 
and gen'l manager of the John Russell Cutlery Co. ; Private 
Co. C, 23d N. Y. Inf. in the civil war, and Past Eminent 


















Commander of Conn. Valley Commandery, K. T. They had 
Afijia Cadle b. 4 Jan. 1869, at Selma, Ala. 

49 Greenleaf" [Samuel^) of Boston, was born in 
Newburyport 29 Dec. 18 13. Graduated at Newbury- 
port High School, entered the office of the Newbury- 
port Herald at 14, and remained until of age. Was 
editor and proprietor of the ''Courier" during whig 
times, a paper widely read in eastern Mass. and noted 
for its correct t}^pography. Caleb Cushing, George 
Lunt and others contributed to its columns, and the 
" Courier" played an active part in the controversies of 
those stirring times. He has been connected with the 
Boston Transcript for the past twenty years. 

He m. 13 Oct. 1835, Sarah P. b. 1818? d. 21 Apr. 
1865, dau. of Major John Ladd of Haverhill, Mass. He 
m. 2d, 21 May, 1871, Mrs. Sarah M. Smart of Boston, 
dau. of Capt. Thompson Murch of Hampden, Me. and 
sister of Thompson H. Murch, M. C. Children : — 

91 i. Judson G. b. 18 Jan. 1837. 

ii. Isabella Thompson b. Sept. 1839, d. ^J Dec. 1842. 

92 iii. Irving b. 11 Mar. 1841. 

93 iv. Leverett C. b. 22 May, 1844. 
a V. Emily b. 3 June, 1847. 

b vi. Annie L. b. 10 Sept. 1848. 
vii. Warren b. 31 Dec. 1854. 
viii. Son b. 14 Feb. 1857, d. 14 Aug. 1857. 

a Emily m. 30 June, 1870, Capt. William H. Clark of 
Charlestown, Mass. b. 1840, at Cooper, Me., son of Moses N. 
and Harriet L. Clark, but has no ch. 

b Annie L. m. 5 Dec. 1876, her cousin, Charles Marsh 
Crofoot of Boston, and has Charles Evely?i b. 10 Aug. 1878, 
at Newburyport, Mass. (See p. 50.) 


50 George Pickering^ {John^) of Auburn, N. H. 
He was born in Chester, N. H. 25 Aug. 1813 ; farmer 
amd proprietor of several mills, and an extensive dealer 
in lumber ; selectman 1848, representative i860 and 
1 86 1. He m. 4 Nov. 1839, Jane Graham, d. 14 Feb. 
1841, and he m. 2d, 2 Mar. 1847, Susan J. Croinbie. 
His children are: — 

i. James Edward b. 7 Feb. 1841, d. 21 Oct. 1858. 

a ii. Jane Graham b. 27 Feb. 1848. 

iii. Kate Tenney b. 9 Mar. 185 i. 

iv. Maribel b. 18 Jan. 1862. 

V. Jessie Bryson b. 28 Aug. 1865. 

a Jane G. m. 14 Apr. 1875, Geo. Robert Drake of Pitts- 
field, N. H. b. 9 May 1848, a practical and experimental 
farmer, who has been an editor and extensive contributor to 
agricultural papers ; also sup't of schools, and member of 
the Board of Education. They have i Hugh Clark b. 15 Apr. 
1880, d. 12 June, 1880. II Ralph Allan b. 15 May, 1882. 

51 John Currier^ {Johff) of St. Clair, Mich., was born 
3 March, 1822, in Chester (now Auburn), N. H., and 
graduated in 1848 from the Wesleyan University at 
Middletown, Conn. 1848-50 he was a teacher in the 
New Hampshire Conference Seminary at Northfield, 
and 1850-52 principal of the same. In 1852 he en- 
gaged in the lumber business in Cleveland, Ohio, and 
1854-57 was in the same business at Detroit, Mich., 
wath Reuben Moore of St. Clair. In 1858 he removed 
to vSt. Clair to administer the estate of his deceased 
partner, and still continued in the lumber business. 
1867-71 he was sup't of schools for St. Clair County, 
and in 187 1 was chosen vice-president of the First 
National Bank of St. Clair, and in 1874 its cashier, 


which position he still holds. Trustee of Albion Col- 
lege 1877-79, also member of the common council 
and school board, and trustee and treasurer of the 
Somerville School at St. Clair. He m. 23 Nov. 1854, 
Cassandra Perkins Edson of Yarmouth Port, Mass. 
Children : — 

94 i. Willis Gaylord b. 28 May, 1856. 

ii. Edward Edson b. 7 Sept. i860, d. 20 Aug. 1863. 

52 Abner"^ (Nathaniel^) of Sandown, N. H. was born 
there 2 Jan. 18 14. Chosen superintendent and a 
member of the school committee in 1856, 1857 and 
1859, and town treasurer 1879, 1880, 1881 and 1882 ;^ 
in 1883 he was representative, but was unseated on a 
contest. He m. 23 Jan. 1842, Abigail Sanborn, and 
had : — 

a i. Mary Ann b. 22 June, 1844, d. 22 Aug. 1875. 
b ii. Susan Frances b. 14 Sept. 1847. 

ill. Eleanor French b. 24 July, 1850, d. 15 Oct. 1871. 

a Mary A. m. 7 May, 1874, Joshua N. Lake of Haverhill, 

b Susan F. m. i May, 1871, Frank W. Eaton of Duluth, 

53 Amos S."^ {Nathaniel^) of Sandown, N. H. was b. 
there 30 Oct. 1837. Chosen superintendent and a mem- 
ber of the school committee in i860 and 1861, and 
selectman in 1864 and 1865. In 1876 and 1877 was 
representative to the legislature. Elected town clerk 

* No record has been received since 1882. 


In 1867, and has held that office continually ever 
since, with the exception of the years 1869, 1870, and 

54 DanieF [Daniel^) of Farmington, Me. born 29 
Sept. 18 19. U. S. mail contractor, and one of the 
veteran stage and livery proprietors of the State, under 
the firm name of D. Clark & Soli; m. 4 Jan. 1843, 
Sophia S. b. 14 Apr. 1822, d. 12 Aug. 1873, dau. of 
Samuel and Betsey B. Church of Farmington. His 
children are: — 

95 i. Daniel Edward Church b. 10 Oct. 1844. 

a ii. Sophia Elizabeth Church b. 30 Jan. 1847. 

^ iii. Mary Emma Eastman b. 29 Aug. 1850. 

iv. Samuel Everett Church b. 20 Nov. 1855. 

a Sophia E. C. m. 11 Oct. 1881, Lyman M. Button of New- 
Sharon, Me. A machinist by trade, now engaged in farming. 

b Mary Emma Eastman is teacher of the art department 
in the Conference Seminary at Bucksport, Me. 

55 David ^ {David^), born 29 Feb. 1828, d. at 
Lowell, Mass. 2 May, 1859. Educated in the public 
schools of Lowell, and of Nashua, N. H. Learned 
the printer's trade of Hon. Albin Beard, editor of the 
Nashua Telegi^aph, and later he studied the manage- 
ment of steam machinery, and took charge of a large 
sugar plantation in Cuba for several years, where he 
contracted consumption. In the spring of 1859 he 
returned to Lowell and died. Judge Smith speaks of 
him as " a young man of much promise, and many 
noble qualities." 


56 Nathaniel Haven^ (AY^//2^;2^V/^) of Plalstow, N.H. 
born there Feb. 1826, Hves on the old homestead. In 
1876 he was a member of the constitutional conven- 
tion and a representative to the legislature, 1878 ; m. 
16 Dec. 1 85 1, Elizabeth b. 25 Sept. 1824, daughter of 
Joseph B. and Judith (Peaslee) Cogswell, and had 

a i. Elizabeth Cogswell b. 18 (? 12) Mar. 1853. 

ii. Susan Moody b. 18 Aug. 1858. 

iii. Fanny Kemble b. 12 Apr. i860, d. 18 Oct. 1861. 

iv. Harriet Frances b. 14 (.'^4) Feb. 1864. 

a Elizabeth C. m. 24 Dec. 1873, Albert C. Barrows of 
Haverhill, Mass. druggist, and has one child. 

57 Greenleaf' {Nathaniel^) of St. Paul, Minn, born 
at Plaistow, N. H. 23 Aug. 1835, graduated at Dart- 
mouth College in 1855. Read law with A. R. Hatch 
and Horace Webster at Portsmouth, 1855 ^^^ 1856. 
Took the degree of LL.B. at Harvard Law School in 
1857. Practiced at Roxbury, Mass. for a time, and 
then removed to St. Paul. Appointed an associate 
justice of the supreme court in 1881. 

58 Jerome"^ (^David^^ of Kasson, Dodge County, 
Minn, born at Atkinson, N. H. 17 Jan. 1833. He m. 
3 Dec. 1 86 1, Philetta, b. 7 Sept. 1840, dau. of Joseph 
and Eliza (Martin) Thayer of Napierville, 111. (Thayer 
Gen.), and had : — 

i. Harry Canfield b. 26 May, 1863. 

ii. Mercy Ehza b. 28 Jan. 1866. 

iii. David Greenleaf b. 16 June, 1868. 

iv. Mary Corneha b. 28 May, 1871. 

v. John Thayer b. 27 Apr. 1875. 

vi. Philetta Belle b. 6 Apr. 1878. 


59 David Oliphant^ {David^) of Atkinson, N. H. 
born there 15 April, 1841, is of the firm of Clark & 
Dow, manufacturers of iron, brass, zinc, steel and 
copper shoe-nails and tacks, Haverhill, Mass. He was 
a sergeant in Co. K, Fifth Reg. New Hampshire Vols, 
and was wounded at the battle of Antietam, and dis- 
charged from the service the following March because 
of his wounds. He m. 29 Oct. 1874, Sarah M. b. 1846 
at Andover, Mass. dau. of Eben and Mary Tyler, but 
has no ch. 

60 Nathaniel Sibley"^ {Nathaniel^) of Boston, was 
born at Union, Me. 16 Sept. 1847, "^- 28 Sept. 1874, 
Cora Matilda, b. 12 Mar. 1851, dau. of Eben S. and 
Nancy Messer, and has : — 

i. Frank H. b. 4 Mar. 1877. 

6 1 Frank Algeroy^ (Nathaniel^) of Springvale, 
Me. born 31 Dec. 1855 at Union, Me., m. i July, 1880, 
Fannie Albertina, b. 26 Aug. i860, dau. of Albert F. 
and Mary E. Warren, but has no children. 

62 Samuel Greeley"^ [John^) was born at Pittsfield, 
N. H. 17 June, 1827. He attended the district school 
there until he entered the store of Stephen Greeley at 
Gilmanton. Prepared for college at Phillips (Exeter) 
Academy, and was president of the Golden Branch 
society in 1848. Entered Harvard College as a 
sophomore in 1848, and graduated first in the class of 
1 85 1. While at Exeter and Cambridge he taught in 
various places, and was afterwards an usher in the 


Boston Latin School. Read law in the office of Hon. 
Daniel Webster and John P. Healey, and was admitted 
to the bar of Suffolk County. In 1853 he went to 
Europe as tutor to Mr. Thomas Winchester of Water- 
town, Mass. He has practiced law in Boston, Lynn, 
and Harvard, Mass. Was a whig until the dissolution 
of the party, when he became a democrat, and has held 
various local offices. 

At the time when he moved his residence from Har- 
vard, the local paper spoke highly of the services he 
had rendered the town, especially of his long service 
as a member of the school committee, during which 
time the schools had greatly improved, and had become 
among the best in the county. When a young man 
he was adjutant of the i8th New Hampshire Regt. of 
militia ; made a Mason in the Lodge Mary's Chapel, 
Edinburgh, Scotland, of which he is a member, and also 
a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity. In 1873 he 
visited California, going around Cape Horn in a sail- 
ing vessel ; in 1875, South Africa, and in 1876 went to 
Europe for the fourth time. He is a proficient linguist 
and a constant student. 

He m. 24 Sept. 1857, Martha A. b. 6 Feb. 1827, only 
dau. of the Hon. Qeorge H. Kuhn of Boston, one of 
the most prominent business men of that city, who 
filled many positions of trust, and served in both 
branches of the legislature. Mr. Kuhn was fourth in 
descent from Jacob Kuhn, who was from the Duchy 
of Wurtemburg. 

Mrs. Kuhn was Martha, dau. of Walter and Martha 
(Tufts) Frost of Cambridge, Mass., and granddau. of 
Deacon Gideon and Sarah (Ireland) Frost. Elder 
Edmund Frost, who settled in Cambridge in 1635, 


was their ancestor. (See History of Cambridge.) 
Children : — 

96 i. George Kuhn b. 7 July, 1858, at Cambridge, 
ii. Martha Anna b. 4 Mar. 1862, at Boston. 

63 Benjamin Wells'^ {Johi^) a farmer of North wood, 
N. H. was born at Pittsfield, 2 Nov. 1828; town clerk 
1868-71. He enlisted 29 Aug. 1862, in Company F, 
Capt. John F. Langley, 12th Regiment N. H. Vols. 
Col. Joseph H. Potter, and served three years in the 
army of the Potomac. He was In the first battle of 
Fredericksburg, at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Port 
Royal, Bermuda Hundreds, Drury's Bluff, Cold Harbor, 
and the capture of Richmond, besides numerous 
skirmishes. Served under Generals McClellan, Burn- 
side, Hooker, Meade and Grant ; was wounded in the 
thigh at Cold Harbor about 5 A. M. 3 June, 1864, and 
remained on the field till 9 P. M. He says '' it was a 
hard place." Sent to Washington, and was In a 
hospital four months, when he rejoined his regiment to 
be discharged, but his comrades persuaded him to 
remain and go home with them. Col. Potter then 
commanded a brigade, and detailed him to carry the 
mail, furnishing him with horses and doing all in his 
power to make him comfortable, and he entered Rich- 
mond with his regiment, although he had been sick and 
lame for many months. He has never recovered from 
his sufferings during the war. He m. 7 Nov. 1849, 
Mary A. dau. of Elliot Brown of Northwood, and has 

a i. Mary Ellen b. 9 July, 185 1. 

ii. Abigail Augusta b. i May, 1853. 

iii. Annie Hill b. 21 Aug. 1868. 

iv. John Wendell b. 15 Mar. 1871. 


a Mary Ellen m. 25 Dec. 1869, Winfield Scott Knowlton 
of Northwood, N. H. but has no ch. 

64 John Theodore^ {JoJm^) of Walpole, N. H. 
was b. at Pittsfield, N. H. 20 Oct. 1833. Graduated 
at Phillips (Exeter) Academy in 1854, and at Dart- 
mouth College in 1858, from which he has the degree 
of A. M. He taught in Hopkinton and Walpole, Mass. 
1858-61, and then became principal of Nichols 
Academy at Dudley, Mass. and, after leaving Dudley, 
he was for several years principal of a private school at 
Orange, N. J. About 1880, he went to Chicopee, 
Mass. and was superintendent of schools there for four 
or five years. He m. 16 Mar. 1863, Ellen A. b. 1836, 
dau. of John and Esther C. (Bates) Jewett of Dudley, 
Mass. but has no ch. 

65 Stephen Wells' {John^) of Manchester, N. H. 
was b. at Pittsfield, N. H. 30 June, 1837. Entered 
Phillips (Exeter) Academy in 1854, and graduated at 
Dartmouth College in 1862, and has the degree of 
A. M. He taught Greek and mathematics at Nichols 
Academy 1862-65, and afterwards taught in other 
places. For a number of years he was principal of 
the Portsmouth (N. H.) High School, and is now in 
business as a jeweller and optician at Manchester. He 
is prominent in connection with various societies and 
organizations. He m. 5 May, 1868, at Portsmouth, 
N. H., Jane Annie, b. i Nov. 1842, at Elliot, Me. dau. 
of Daniel and Elizabeth (Libby"^) Hill, and has 

♦ She was dau. of Gideon Libby of Elliot, Me. See Libby Gen. p. 160, 


i. Marion Hill b. 25 Feb. 1869. 
ii. Gertrude Wells b. 26 Jan. 1875. 
iii. Ruth Libby b. 15 Jan. 1884. 

The two elder were b. in Portsmouth, and Ruth at 

66 Herbert M.^ {Nathaniel'') of Deerfield, N. H. 
was b. 21 Sept. 1851. He is an extensive farmer and 
cattle dealer. He m. 11 Nov. 1873, Hannah B. b. 21 
Apr. 1852, dau. of Samuel Dame of Nottingham, and 

i. Alfred Dame b. 14 Sept. 1877. 

ii. Morris Herbert b. 30 Mar. 1879. 

iii. Ethel b. 9 Apr. 1881. 

iv. George Warren b. i Apr. 1883. 

67 Stephen Greeley^ {William Cogswell^) of New 
York City and Tenafly, N. J. was b. 20 Sept. 1834. 
He was educated at the Manchester High School, 
Gilmanton Academy, and the McGaw Institute in Merri- 
mac, and also attended the Harvard Law School. 
Engaged in the practice of his profession as attorney 
and counsellor at law in the firm of Stanley, Brown & 
Clarke, now Stanley, Clarke & Smith, 160 Broadway, 
New York City. He m. 17 Nov. 1857, Lydia Mason, 
b. 14 Mar. 1838, dau. of Dr. Nahum and Mary A. 
(Straw) Wight of Gilmanton (Wight Gen.) and had 

i. Edith b. 5 Oct. 1858, d. i Sept. 1861. 
ii. Edward Wight b. 20 Oct. 1862. 
iii. William Cogswell b. 2 July, 1872. 

68 Greenleaf" {William Cogswell^) of New York 
City, b. 16 Dec. 1849, ^'^^ educated at the Manchester 


High School, and fitted to enter college as a sopho- 
more. Is now on the staff of the New York Evening 

69 Amasa' {Fra7icis^) of Brookline and Boston, 
Mass. was b. 14 Jan. 1844. He is of the firm of 
Brown, Steese & Clarke, Wool Merchants, Federal 
Street, Boston. Enlisted in Company G, 44th Mass. 
Regiment; mustered 12 Sept. 1862, and discharged 18 
June, 1863, at the expiration of his term of service. 
He appears on the roll as '' student, aged 18." He m. 
24 Sept. 1873, Frances A. dau. of John D. and Adeline 
(Bradley) Sturtevant of Brookline, Mass. but has no 

70 Francis"^ {Francis^) of Brooklyn, N. Y. was b. 
18 May, 1849, "^- ^9 Sept. 1876, Nannie, b. 28 Oct. 
1852, dau. of William M. and Louisa (Powell) Holly- 
day of Easton, Maryland. The latter was b. in Loudon 
County, Va. The ch. of Francis were : — 

i, Francis Marland b. 28 June, 1877, d. 31 Jan. 1879. 
ii. Louisa Powell b. 19 Sept. 1878, d. 9 Nov. 1880. 
iii. William Hollyday b. 24 Oct. 1881, d. i Dec. 1882. 

7 I Maurice Dwight^ {Moses^'), b. in Cambridge, 
Mass. 2 Nov. 1 85 1. He obtained his earlier educa- 
tion in the public schools of his native city, and was 
graduated from Amherst College, with honors in 
classics, in 1871. After teaching school in Walpole, 
Mass. for six months, he went to Manchester, N. H. 
where, from 1872 to 1876, he was a journalist on the 
staff of the Mirror and American. While there he 
wrote a history of Manchester, published in 1875. -^^ 


the fall of 1878, he entered the Medical School of 
Harvard University, and obtained from it in 1882 the 
degree of M. D. In 1881 and 1882 he was one of the 
house physicians of the Boston City Hospital. He m. 
24 June, 1880, at Bellows Falls, Vt., Mary Jane, dau. of 
Joseph and Elizabeth Otis (Weed) Willson of Bellows 
Falls, and has one child. 

i. Laura Dwight. 

72 Charles Cecil ^ {Moses^), b. in Cambridge, Mass. 
15 Apr. 1854. Fitted at the Cambridge High School 
for Harvard College, from which he graduated in 1874. 
Was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa society. He 
went to China, immediately after graduation, in the 
employ of the Chinese Government, as an assistant in 
the customs service, and has been stationed at the 
ports of Shanghai, Hankow, Wuhu and Tientsin. 

73 Arthur Eastman"^ (John Badger^) of Manches- 
ter, N. H. was b. 13 May, 1854, and is a journalist on 
the staff of the Mirror. He was educated at the 
Manchester High School, Phillips (Andover) Acad- 
emy, and the Chandler Scientific School, graduating 
from the last mentioned in 1875. He was a member 
of the common council in 1879-80, and of the legis- 
lature in 1 88 1 and 1882, and is United States sta- 
tistician of the department of agriculture for New 
Hampshire. He has also been an officer of the First 
Regiment New Hampshire militia. 

74 William CogswelF {jfohn Badger^) of Manches- 
ter, N. H. was b. 17 Mar. 1856, and is at the head 


of one of the departments of the Mirror. He was 
educated at the Manchester High School, PhilHps 
(Andover) Academy, and the Chandler Scientific 
School, graduating from the last in 1876. He m. 24 
Nov. 1879, Mamie O., dau. of E. Greene Tewksbury 
of Manchester. 


75 Henry D.^ {Walter W.'^) of Somervllle, Me. was 
born 18 May, 1832. Enlisted from Whitefield, and 
served two years and three months in Company F, nth 
Regt. Me. Vols, and with his brothers Ezra and James 
was at Lee's surrender. Selectman 1872-80 and 1882 
(ten years). He m. i Jan. 1859, Sarah Ellen, b. 9 
July, 1836, dau. of Church and Elmira Fish of South 
Hope, Me. and has : — 

97 i. Frank M. b. 6 Jan. i860. 

ii. Adelbert A. b. 9 Nov. 1862. 

iii. Elmer K. b. 19 Sept. 1866. 

iv. Jennie L. b. 4 Feb. 1869. 

V. Perle V. b. i June, 1874. 

76 Ezra B.^ {Walter W.'^), b. 30 Mar. 1834, enlisted 
from Whitefield, and served two years and three months 
in Company F, nth Regt. Maine Vols, and d. in Hamp- 
ton hospital, Va., Sept. 1865. 

77 Isaac M.^ {Walter W.') of Somerville, Me. born 
8 Aug. 1837. Selectman 1865. He m. 31 Aug. 1880, 
Ida M. b. 10 Mar. 1859, dau. of Charles and Mary 
Bradstreet of Montville, Me. and has : — 


i. Bernice H. b. 26 June, 1881. 
ii. Jessie I. b. 14 Aug. 1885. 

78 James A.^ {Walter W?) of Camden, Me. born 
14 Jan. 1842. Served in 11 Regt. Me. Vols. He m. 
5 Oct. 1864, Eliza J. b. 22 Oct. 1845, dau. of Elliot and 
Eveline Orbeton of West Camden, Me. and has: — 

i. Walter G. b. 5 July, 1865. 
ii. Ezra B. b. 3 Aug. 1867. 
ill. Arthur A. b. 2 June, 1871. 

79 John^ [Thomas J."') of North Andover, Mass. 
was born 31 Mar. 1824; a carpenter. He m. 3 Nov. 
1853, Mary S. b. 30 May, 1831, dau. of George and 
Nancy M. Greene, of Melrose, Mass. He had : — 

i i. John J. b. 1854, d. 15 Aug. 1854. 

1 ii. George W. b. 1854, d. 30 Aug. 1854. 

a iii. Mary A. b. 25 June, 1858. 

,iv. Herbert W. b. 3 Nov. 1866, d. 16 July, 1867. 

v. Edith M. b. 10 Apr. 1869. 

a Mary A. m. 24 Dec. 1878, Calvin M. Sanborn, b. 1855, 
machinist, of Lynn, and had i Fred Clark. 11 Fannie AT. b. 
23 Aug. 1 88 1. Ill Blanche A. b. 23 Nov. 1883. 

80 George W.^ {Thomas 7^) born Jan. 1831. 
Enlisted from West Amesbury, Mass. June, 1861, and 
was sergeant in Company E, 14th Mass. Heavy Artil- 
lery. He was taken a prisoner in front of Petersburg, 
Va. 22 June, 1864, a few days before his three years' 
term of service would have expired, and died in Ander- 
sonville prison sometime in the November following, 
it is supposed. 


81 Waldo Josiah^ (jfosiah Bartletf') of Butte City, 
Montana Ter. was born 10 Oct. 1843, ^^ Elliot, Me. 
He enlisted 27 Sept. 1861, and was sergeant in Com- 
pany G, 1st Vt. Cavalry. Promoted to be 2d lieuten- 
ant, 28 Apr. 1863. He was taken prisoner in a charge 
ordered by Gen. Hatch on his retreat in the Shenandoah 
Valley, and kept at Belle Isle about eight months, and 
then exchanged. He was again taken prisoner while 
stoutly defending himself in a skirmish, but escaped, 
and was seven days in Wilson's Raid, south of Peters- 
burg. He was wounded during the war, and was sick 
when discharged. He m. 4 Apr. 1867, at Troy, N. Y. 
Mary Thompson German, his cousin, b. i Dec. 1839, 
d. 21 Apr. 1875, at Troy, dau. of James Wheelock and 
Martha (Stone) Wheeler. She had m. i Oct. 1861, 
Charles R. German, who fell in the battle of the Wil- 
derness. Waldo's children are: — 

i. George Wheeler b. 17 Jan. 1868. 
ii. James Wheelock b. 27 Oct. 1869. 

82 Charles Bartlett^ {jfosiah Bartletf) of New 
Britain, Conn. ; a druggist. He was born 18 June, 1859, 
at Rupert, Vt. 

83 Robert® {Roberf) of Boston ; a painter. He was 
born 23 Jan. 1833, in Boston. He m. i Aug. 1857, 
Adelaide Maria, b. In Boston, 1841, dau. of James W. 
Gardner, and had, b. in Boston : — 

i. Frederick Gardner b. 20 Sept. i860, 
ii. Francis Gardner b. 20 June, 1862. 
iii. Jacob Pfaff b. 4 Nov. 1866, and perhaps others.* 

* This list of ch. was obtained from the Boston records, and there may 
be mistakes as to identity. 


84 Joseph B.« {Robert) of Cleveland, Ohio. Firm 
of J. B. Clark & Co. music printers. He was born in 
Boston, II Oct. 1836. Served eighteen months in loth 
Iowa Infantry during the civil war, and was honorably 
discharged: returned to Boston, and in 1867 went to 
Chicago, and two years later to Cleveland. He m. 
Apr. 1868, Mrs. Emily Tarr, b. 16 Nov. 1843, i^ ^o^- 
ton, dau. of John and Sarah (Parker) Pierce, and had : — 

i. Louise Rebecca b. 10 Sept. 1871. 

85 Charles Edward^ {Wm. Henry'^) of Springfield, 
Ohio, was born at Exeter, N. H. 12 Nov. 1825. He 
has been publisher of a paper at Great Falls, N. H. 
and of the Quincy Patriot at Quincy, Mass. En- 
listed in the navy in 1861, and served as ensign on 
the monitor Nahant. He m. 25 Aug. 1849, Arianna S. 
b. 8 Apr. 1829, d. i Nov. 1872, at Chelsea, Mass. dau. 
of Benjamin P. and Mary (Neal) Batchelder. Stephen 
Batchelder, the father of Benjamin, was one of the 
first settlers of Deerfield, N. H. Charles Edward m. 
2d, 8 Apr. 1873, Sarah Elizabeth Tufts. He had : — 

William Henry b. 22 Mar. 185 1, at Exeter, N. H. 
Charles Oilman b. 21 Aug. 1854, at Exeter. 
Mary Jennie b. i July, 1856, at Boston. 
Ariana b. 4 Dec. 1858, d. young. 
Frank Holden b. 13 Jan. 1868, at Chelsea, Mass. 

86 William Augustus^ {Wm. He7iry^) of North 
Weymouth, Mass. b. 30 Sept. 1827. He enlisted 19 
Apr. 1 86 1, and was corporal in Co. K, 12th Regt. 
Mass. Vols., Col. Fletcher Webster, and was taken 
prisoner at Bull Run, but escaped. He was at South 









Mountain, and at Antletam, from which battle the Regi- 
ment came out with only thirty-five men; He m. 1 1 Apr. 
1854, Mary Jane, d. 17 June, 1857, dau. of Col. Joseph 
Galley of Effingham, N. H. He m. 2d, 8 Dec. 1864, 
at North Weymouth, Eliza Ann, b. 7 Dec. 1843, ^^u- 
of John and Anna Bates (Lincoln) Binney. His chil- 
dren were : ; — 

i. George b. 11 June, 1857, d. 21 Sept. 1857. 
ii. Mary Jane b. 1865, at N. Weymouth, 

iii. Richard Hilton b. 10 May, 1868, at Upton, Mass. d. 

12 Dec. 1882. 
iv. Anna Bates b. 16 Sept. 1871, at Upton. 

87 John Moses^ {Wm. Henry"') of Exeter, N. H. 
was b. there 4 Jan. 1830. He is one of the owners of 
the Exeter machine works. He m. 23 Sept. 1863, 
Sarah Angelina, b. 16 Apr. 1834, at Southboro, Mass. 
daughter of Isaac and Mary (Richardson) Smith. He 
has : — 

i. Fred Leslie b. 20 June, 1866, d. 17 Mar. 1876, at 

ii. Walter Smith b. 5 Apr. 1868. 
iii. Mabel Augusta b. 6 July, 1872. 

Fred was b. at Southboro, Mass., Walter at Chelsea, 
Mass. and Mabel at Exeter, N. H. 

88 George Washington^ {Wm. He7iry') of Exeter, 
N. H. was b. there 27 Jan. 1832. He fitted for col- 
lege at Phillips (Exeter) Academy ; was book-keeper 
for Ralph Smith & Co. of Boston, 1851-53; was 
then at Memphis, Tenn. 1853-55, and afterwards in 
business in Boston, 1855-63. He carried a cargo of 


goods to Port Royal, S. C. was post trader on Morris 
Island, and opened the first store in Charleston, S. C. 
after the war. Mayor 1867 and 1868, and collector 
of the port four years under Grant. He returned to 
Exeter in 1878, and was with the Exeter Coal Co. 
bringing the first sea-going ships up the river to that 
point that had been there for many years. He m. 1 7 
June, 1863, Sarah Maria, b. 6 Aug. 1844, dau. of Hart- 
ford and Sarah (Taft) Stoddard of Upton, Mass. Mr. 
S. was, for many years before the war, a prominent 
merchant of Charleston, S. C. Children : — 

i. Ella Maria b. 9 Apr. 1864. 

ii. George William b. 27 Oct. 1866. 

iii. John Hampden b. 23 Oct. 1867. 

iv. Hartford Geddings b. i Feb. 1869. 

V. Annie Louise b. 9 Mar. 1877. 

vi. Richard Hilton b. 4 Feb. 1880. 

Ella and George were b. at Upton, Mass., Richard at 
Exeter, N. H. and the others at Charleston, S. C. 

89 Edward Hilton^ {Wm. Henry'^) of South New- 
market, N. H. b. 31 Mar. 1834. He m. 27 Jan. 1854, 
in Lawrence, Mass., Harriet Eliza, b. 6 Feb. 1832, at 
Westmoreland, N. H. dau. of Uzziah and Orpha (Brit- 
ton) Wyman, and had : — 

i. Susan Bunker b. 17 Dec. 1858. 
ii. Harriet Elizabeth b. 16 Sept. i860, 
iii. Martha Jane b. 15 Aug. 1863, d. 22 Dec. 1871. 

Susan and Harriet were b. at Haverhill, Mass. and 
Martha at Exeter, N. H. 

90 James Albert^ [Wm. Henry"') of Exeter, N. H. 
was b. 23 May, 1843 5 book-keeper in Boston 1863-67. 


Together with his brother John M. and WilUam Bur- 
lingame he organized the Exeter machine works, and 
was one of the firm from 1867-76, when it was 
incorporated. They make boilers, engines, blowers, 
etc. and are widely and favorably known. 

91 Judson G.^ [G^^eenleap) of Springfield, Mass. b. 
18 Jan. 1837 ; manager of the Union Mutual Life Ins. 
Co. for Western Mass., Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 
He m. 10 Apr. 1859, Sarah E. b. 1838, d. 1862 at 
Charlestown, dau. of Benjamin and Mary Coffin of 
Newburyport. He m. 2d, 4 Sept. 1865, at Bowdoin- 
ham. Me. Alice Mary, b. 1843 ^^ Bowdoinham, d. 29 
Apr. 1879, at Charlestown, Mass. dau. of Thaddeus 
and Charlotte McFarland. Children: — 

a i. Caroline Judson b. 13 Aug. i860, at Newburyport. 

ii. Howard Irving b. 1866. 

iii. Gertrude A. b. 17 Jan. 1868, d. 5 Sept. 1868. 

iv. Waldo E. b. 28 Sept. 1869. 

V. Gertrude Alice b. 4 Apr. 1871. 

vi. Isabel Noyes b. 18 Jan. 1874. 

The younger ch. were b. at Charlestown. 

a Caroline J. m. 5 Jan. 1881 Geo. R. Armstrong of Spring- 
field, Mass. b. at Fletcher, Vt. and has two children. 

92 Irving^ {Greenleaf^) of Boston, b. 11 Mar. 1841. 
In the civil war he was a non-commissioned officer of 
Co. H, 27th M^ss. Vols, and while attached to Hick- 
man's Brigade, under Gen. Butler, he was taken 
prisoner at Drury^'s Bluff, 16 May, 1864, and removed 
to Belle Isle, thence to Salisbury, N. C. and from there 
to Charlotte, S. C. and later to Andersonville, from 


which he made his escape after suffering the horrors of 
that prison for eleven months. At the same battle In 
which he was taken prisoner, he had a ring shot from 
his left hand without his receiving Injury. Has been 
m. twice, but has no children. He m. 2d, 10 Feb. 
1877, in Boston, Catharine A. b 1846, at St. John, 
N. B. dau. of Christopher and Sarah Johnson. 

93 Leverett C.^ {Greenleaf^) of Boston, was b. 22 
May, 1844. He is with the New York Life Ins. Co. 
He enlisted Sept. 1862, and was a non-commissioned 
officer of Co. H, 27th Mass. Vols, and was attached to 
the 1 8th Corps of the army of the Potomac. On the 
first day of the battle of the Wilderness, May, 1864, he 
was wounded In the right arm, and the bullet has never 
been removed. Was in the hospitals at David's 
Island, N. Y., Readvllle, Mass. and Gallop's Island, 
Boston Harbor. Rejoined his regiment at Newbern, 
N. C. and was slightly wounded and taken a prisoner 
March, 1865, at Southwest Creek, N. C, removed to 
Goldsboro' by rail, and thence on foot to Richmond, 
Va. being conducted for one hundred miles on the ties 
of the Richmond and Danville R.R. under a guard of 
Georgia militia, and was at Libby prison ten weeks. 
Once when hard pressed the colors came Into his 
charge, and In order to preserve them from the enemy 
he burled them in the sand together with the colors of 
a Connecticut Regiment. This flag is now at the State 
House. He was in some of the most* severe battles 
of the war. He m. 19 Aug, 1870, Rose G. Seavey of 
Bangor, Me. His children are: — 

i. Wallace Roland b. 25 Dec. 1871. 

ii. Frank Leverett b. 14 Oct. 1877. Both b. in Charles- 
town, Mass. 


94 Willis Gaylord^ {John Currier^') was born at 
Detroit, Mich. 28 May, 1856. He graduated at Wes- 
leyan University at Middletown, Conn, in 1877. Soon 
after entering college he took the first place in his 
class, and kept it till he graduated, having taken more 
prizes than any student had ever taken in that college. 
In 1878 and 1879 he was at the Yale Law School, and 
in 1 88 1 was admitted to the bar at Detroit, and has 
since practiced law there. 

95 Daniel Edward Church^ {DanieP) of Farming- 
ton, Me. was born 10 Oct. 1844, and is in business 
with his father. He m. i May, 1875, Ella M. b. 7 Aug. 
1855, dau. of C. B. and Margaret Harrington of Bath, 
Me. Mr. H. is a well-known yacht builder. The chil- 
dren are : — 

i. Edward Harrington b. 17 June, 1876. 
ii. Anna Woodman b. 3 May, 1878. 
ill. Charles Francis b. 13 Apr. 1881. 

96 George Kuhn^ {Samuel Greeley^) of Needham, 
Mass. was born in the historic Lee mansion on Brattle 
St. Cambridge, 7 July, 1858, and was baptized by the 
Rev. Dr. Bartol of the West Church, Boston. From 
his seventh to his twelfth year his parents lived in 
Harvard, a pleasant farming town in Worcester County, 
and in April, 1870, removed to Needham, and occupied 
the ancient parsonage house built for the first minister 
of the town in 1720, and here the family have since 
resided. The subject of this sketch was educated in 
the public schools of Harvard, and at Chauncy Hall 
School, Boston, in which latter he was a pupil for five 


years, and after g-raduatlon studied the classics with a 
tutor. In 1878 and 1879 he travelled in Maryland, 
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, 
visiting the principal cities and historic places, and 
gaining a valuable acquaintance. He began the study 
of law in 1880, and in October, 1881, entered the 
middle class of the Boston University School of Law, 
where he took the degree of LL.B. in June, 1883, and 
a few months later was admitted to the bar of Norfolk 

During the winter of 1883-84, he attended lectures 
at the law school as a resident graduate, and In May, 
1884, began to practice. While at the law school he 
took no active part in politics, although much inter- 
ested in public affairs, but previously had served as a 
member of the democratic county and senatorial com- 
mittee, chairman of the town committee, delegate to 
the State convention, etc. In 1883 he was moderator, 
and in 1884 and again In 1885* was elected assessor 
without opposition, and is said to have been the young- 
est officer the town ever had. He is much Interested 
in historical matters, and is the compiler of this gene- 
alogy. He m. 16 Mar. 1881, Ellen M. Dudley, b. 
at Richmond, Me. dau. of Harrison and Elizabeth 
(Prentiss) Dudley of Cambridge. Harrison was fourth 
In descent from James Dudley, an officer in the French 
war, and Mercy Folsom, dau. of Deacon John Folsom 
of Exeter, N. H. The parents of James were S.tephen 
and Sarah (Gilman) Dudley, dau. of Hon. John Oilman. 
Stephen was son of the Rev. Samuel of Exeter, and 
nephew of Joseph Dudley, who was governor of Massa- 

* Resigned soon after election. 


chusetts from 1702 to 171 5, under the Second Charter^ 
and father of Chief Justice Paul Dudley. Rev. Samuel, 
of Exeter, was the eldest son of Thomas, second 
governor of Massachusetts, who was b. in England in 
1576, d. at Roxbury, 1653, and was governor of 
Massachusetts five years, and deputy governor thirteen. 
Among the descendants of Governor Thomas Dudley 
have been men noted for their ability, and the family is 
connected by marriage with many of the most illus- 
trious in New England, including Winthrop, Tyng, 
Woodbridge, Dummer, Dennison, Bradstreet, Leverett, 
and Gilman. Mrs. Clarke's mother is descended from 
Valentine Prentiss, who came to America in 1633. 


97 Frank M.^ {Henry D}) of Somerville, Me. ? 
b. 6 Jan. i860. He m. 12 Feb. 1883, Annie H. b. i 
Jan. 1862, dau. of Alvin and Arethusa Howard of West 
Camden, Me. 

98 William Henry ^ {Charles Edzvard^) of Boston, 
was b. at Exeter, N. H. 22 Mar. 1851. He is assistant 
superintendent of the Highland Street Railway. He 
m. 21 Apr. 1875, Mary Ella b. 6 June, 185 1, dau. of 
Geo. W. and Susan Whitmore (Stinson) Ham of Pitts- 
field, Me. He has: — 

i. Joseph Henry b. 21 Nov. 1877, in Boston. 

99 Charles Gilman^ (^Charles Edward^) of Boston, 
was b. at Exeter, N. H. 21 Aug. 1854. He m. 1875, 



Lucy Caroline, b. 14 Apr. 1856, dau. of Nicholas H. 
and Lucy (Sawyer) Habig of Boothbay, Me. His 
children are : — 




Joseph T. b. 15 Dec. 1875, at Chelsea. 
Ariana Batchelder b. 20 Oct. 1877, at Boston. 
Ethel May b. 16 Nov. 1879. 





HOMAS CLARKE, third son of Nathaniel, 
was born at Newbury, 9 Feb. 1667-8, and d. 
there 25 Apr. 1722.''^ There are a number 
of deeds on record at Salem, in w^iich Thomas of 
Newbury, who is called Sergeant in the records, 
appears as grantor or grantee, and the following is a 
brief outline of a few : — 

8 Apr. 1691, Capt. Thomas Noyes, ''gentleman," conveyed 
to Thomas Clarke, ''who hath married with my daughter," 
six acres of salt marsh near Great Pine Island, as part of the 
marriage portion. 

23 July, 1709, he bought of Rob't Hale and wife of 
Beverley, for ^JO, all rights in the real estate of her father, 
Nathaniel Clark, and also "y^ lands meadows which oure 
brother Daniel Clark at y^. time of his deceiss had." 

See page 21. 


3 Aug. 1709, Thomas, Henry and Judith Clarke, Elizabeth 
Hale, and Nicholas Gilman conveyed to Josiah Clarke of 
Boston three acres of marsh on Pine Island. Sarah, wife of 
Gilman, released dower. The same day Judith sold Thomas 
for ^7 15^-. all her interest "in any of y^ land, meadows, or 
meadow ground, or freehold " which came to her from her 
father, reserving her right in the warehouse and land 

Another deed was recorded 4 Oct. 17 10, in which Thomas, 
Henry, and Judith Clarke sell for ^£9 the marsh in Salisbury, 
which their father Nathaniel bought of Henry Sewall, to 
Nicholas Gilman of Exeter. Lydia, wife of Thomas, releases 
dower, and his mother, Elizabeth Hale, is a witness. 

Josiah and Sarah Clarke of Boston executed a deed 17 
Sept. 1 712, conveying to Thomas for ^18, marsh on Little 
Pine Island. 

7 Apr. 1 71 3, he exchanged with Samuel Morse 28 acres in 
the '' Rate Lott," which were laid out to his father, for 9 
acres of upland, 5 of pasture and £,60 in money. 

In a deed put on record 29 July, 171 5, Thomas and Henry 
Clarke sold to ''Jeames" Smith for £,\6 the woodlot No. 72, 
three rods, eight feet in width by two and one half miles long, 
which they inherited from their father. 

27 Apr. 1 72 1, Matthew Pettingell sold him a "Tenement 
House " in Newbury for ^100. He is called a "cordwainer " 
in these deeds. 

In 1 72 I, Thomas Clarke was a proprietor of Notting- 
ham. He mentions in his will wife Lydia, sons Thomas 
and Daniel, daughters Sarah Noyes, Martha Noyes, 
and Anne, aged fourteen, who chose Samuel Moody 
for her guardian. The inventory was taken 29 May, 
1722, and the total was ^670. He m. Sarah Noyes, b. 
14 Sept. 1670, d. Feb. 1703, dau. of Col. Thomas and 
Martha (Pierce) Noyes, and granddau. of the Rev. 




• • 








• • 





James, b. in Choulderton, Wiltshire, in i6o8, and Sarah 
Noyes. He m. 2d, 17 Oct. 1705, Lydia Moody, b. 5 
Aug. 1667, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Cutting) Moody, 
and granddau. of William Moody, who was from Wales, 
and one of the first settlers of Newbury. All his 
children were b. in Newbur}\ They were : — 

Sarah b. 25 Dec. 1690, d. 30 May, 1725. 

Thomas b. 2 Sept. 1692, d. 11 Aug. 1729. 

Nathaniel b. 23 Oct. 1694, d. young. 

Martha b. 12 Apr. 1696. 

Mary b. 16 Aug. 1698, d. 8 July, 1707. 

Daniel b. 21 Jan. 1 700-1, d. 13 Apr. 1723. 5. P. 

Lydia b. 27 Oct. 1706, d. 8 Nov. 1706. 

Anne b. 30 May, 1709. 

a Sarah m. 3 June, 1714, Nathan Noyes of Newbury, b. 5 
Feb. 1 69 1 -2, grandson of Nicholas Noyes, and had i Daniel 
b. 3 Mar. 17 18. 

b Martha m. 10 Nov. 17 15, Joseph Noyes of Newbury, b. 
1686, d. 1770 .^ brother of Nathan. About 1740 he moved to 
Newbury (Brag) Hill in Atkinson, N. H. They had seven 
ch. (See Poore's Researches of Merrimac Valley, p. 168.) 

c Anne m. 10 Nov. 1726, Edmund Cottle of Newbury b. 
15 Feb. 1 699- 1 700, son of Ezra and Mary (Woodbridge) 
Cottle, and had i HaJiiiah b. 16 Aug. 1729. 11 Katharine b. 
2 Mar. 1743. HI Clark b. 30 Oct. 1748, and probably others. 


2 Thomas^ {Thomas') of Newbury, was born there 
2 Sept. 1692, and d. 11 Aug. 1729. He was a cord- 
wainer, and sold, 27 Aug. 1723, land near " Merrimack 
river," with dwelling house thereon, to Benjamin Lunt 
for ^80; I June, 1724, he sold Thomas Williams 5^ 
acres on ''Artechoak river" for ^54. 


In his will, dated 6 Aug. 1729, he gave his son 
Parker his dwelling house, barn, and about six acres of 
land. To son Oliver six or seven acres near the home- 
stead. To son Thomas one half the salt marsh near 
" Plumb Bushes," and to son Daniel the other half. 
To his dau. vSarah ^30 to be paid her by Parker when 
she came of age, and to dau. Elizabeth a like sum to 
be paid her when she came of age by Oliver, who was 
also to pay Thomas and Daniel £\o each when they 
came of age. To his wife Elizabeth all his personal 
property, his pasture near "Anvil Rock" in fee simple, 
and the use of all the real estate till the eldest son was 
of age. The value of real and personal estate was 
;^636 Qi". His wife Elizabeth was executrix. He m. 
1 7 15, Elizabeth Perkins of the Isle of Shoals. The 
intention was published 12 July, 171 5. She m. 2d 30 
Dec. 1 73 1, Edward Richardson of Newbur}^ The 
children, all b. in Newbury, were : — 

Parker b. 22 July, 1718, d. 19 Sept. 1798. 
Oliver b. 6 Mar. 1720, d. 27 May, 1765. 
Thomas b. 17 Nov. 1721, d. 25 Mar. 1738. 
Sarah b. 30 Nov. 1723. 
Elizabeth b. 22 June, 1725. 
Daniel b. 24 Mar. 1727. 

a Sarah m. 29 Dec. 1747, William Lunt of Newbury, and 
had I Thomas b. 8 Dec. 1748. 11 TimotJiy b. 21 Oct. 1750. 
Ill StcpJien b. 29 Nov. 1754. iv Sarah b. 9 Oct. 1757. v 
Oliver Clark b. 1 7 Apr. 1 760. 

b Elizabeth m. i Nov. 1743, Timothy Worcester of New- 

3 Daniel^ (Tho7nas'^) of Newbury d. intestate aged 
22. Brother Thomas, Nathan Noyes and wife, Joseph 
Noyes and wife, heirs. 

Inventory taken to 10 Jan. 1723-4. Total ^^425 \6s. 






• a • 










4 Parker* (Thomas'^) of Newbury, Andover, and 
Ipswich, Mass. was b. at Newbury 22 July 1718. He 
was a physician at Andover, Mass., from 1 741- 1750, 
when he returned to Newbury. He sold land 24 Aug. 
1739, for ^150, to "My Hon'^ Father in Law Mr. 
Edward Richardson of Newbury afsd, weaver." 19 
Jan. 1775, he sold land to John Hall, and no wife 
released dower. 12 Aug. 1790, Dr. Parker Clarke 
and wife Elizabeth sold part of the estate formerly 
belonging to Samuel Walnwright to Grover Dodge of 
Ipswich for £ 14. 

He m. first, 18 May, 1742, Lydia b. 21 June, 171 7, 
d. 15 Nov. 1749, dau. of Rev. Samuel and Hannah 
Phillips of Andover, Mass. The Rev. Samuel was fifth 
in descent from Christopher Phillips of Rainham Saint 
Martin, Norfolk, England, and his eldest son, the Hon. 
Samuel, who graduated at Harvard College in 1734, 
was the founder of Phillips Andover Academy, and the 
father of Lieutenant Governor Samuel Phillips. The 
second son of Rev. Samuel was the Hon. John, who 
graduated from Harvard College in 1735, and founded 
Phillips Exeter Academy. The third son of Rev. 
Samuel was the Hon. William, who w^as a member of 
the National Constitutional Convention, a member of 
both branches of the legislature, and father of Lieu- 
tenant Governor William Phillips. Of this family also 
was the Hon. John Phillips, who graduated from Har- 
vard College in 1788, and w^as president of the Massa- 
chusetts senate, and first mayor of Boston, and father 
of the well-known orator Wendell Phillips. (See 
Bond's History of Watertown.) 


Dr. Clark m. second, 12 Apr. 1789, Elizabeth Wain- 
wright of Ipswich, b. 1725, d. i Mar. 1798. Edward 
Richardson, step-father of Dr. Clark, mentioned him 
and his brothers and sisters in his will. The Doctor d. 
19 Sept. 1 798, in Ipswich, Mass. His children were : — 

a i; Hannah b. 2 Apr. 1743, d. 28 Sept. 1832. 

b ii. Lydia b. 16 Aug. 1744, d. 18 14. 6". P. 

iii. Elizabeth b. 11 Aug. 1746, d. 5. P. 

7 iv. Parker b. 3 Apr. 1748, d. 25 Mar. 1823. 

All by his first wife. 

a Hannah m. 23 July, 1767, at Andover, Mass. Dr. Edward 
Russell of North Yarmouth, Me. (Harv. Coll. 1759). D^- R* 
was justice of the peace and quorum, colonel of militia, and 
led an active and useful life. He d. 19 Apr. 1785. They had 
four sons and two daus. The sons were educated at Harv. 
Coll. and of them Col. Samuel Phillips, and Gen. Edwardy 
secretary of state (Me.) 1 830-1, were prominent men. (See 
Apr. No., 1879, ''Old Times in N. Yarmouth, Me.") 

b Lydia m. Nehemiah Abbott of Andover, Mass., b. 4 
Sept. 1 73 1, d. 13 Oct. 1808, a trustee of Phillips Academy, 
but had no ch. 

5 Oliver^ {Thomas^) an innholder in Newburyport, 
was born in Newbury, 6 Mar. 1720, d. there 27 May 
1765, m. 12 Jan. 1743, Lydia Knight. 26 May, 1783, 
John and Lydia Morse acknowledged receipt of ^3 
from Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, adm. of estate of '* our 
parents," Oliver and Lydia Clark. The total value of 
the estate was ;^995 i8Jj. 13 Feb. 1771, Mrs. Clark 
sold land to William Davenport for ;^38, Parker Clark 
being a witness. Olivers children, all born in New- 
bury, were : — 



a i. Elizabeth b. 5 Nov. 1743, d. 

ii. Sarah b. 5 Nov. 1745, d. 5. P. 

b iii. Lydia b. 3 Nov. 1754. 

a Elizabeth m. Stephen Pettingell, Jr. of Newbury (inten- 
tion 29 June, 1765). She m. 2d (int. 8 Apr. 1772), Michael 

b Lydia m. 4 Dec. 1780, John Morse, Jr. of Newbury, b. 3 
June, 175 1, d. 2 Dec. 181 5. } He was descended from 
Anthony Morse, who settled in Newbury in 1635. They 
had I Paul b. 16 Sept. 1781. 11 Clark b. 24 Feb. 1784, m. 
Susanna Brown. 111 Paul b. 15 Sept. 1785, of Alexander, 
Me. w John Oliver h. i Aug. 1797, d. 18 1.8. S. P. v Lydia 
b. 26 Sept. 1799. 

6 DanieH {Thomas^) of Newbury, was born there 
24 Mar. 1727. He m. 28 Jan. 1752, Mehitable Hale. 
Inherited six acres of land, called Brown's Garden, of 
Edward Richardson of Newbury, 1753, which land the 
latter had bought of one Greenleaf. His children, all 
b. in Newbury, were : — 

i. Susannah b. 1752, d. 3 Oct. 1753. 

ii. Anne b. 3 Feb. 1755. 

iii. Phebe b. 23 July, 1757. 

iv. Thomas b. 4 Mar. 1759. 

V. Paul b. 23 May, 1762; 

vi. Elizabeth b. 9 Aug. 1765, d. 29 May, 1837 } 

Nothing further is known of this family. 


7 Parker^ {Parker^) was born at Ipswich, Mass. 3 
Apr. 1748, and died at Machias, Me. 25 Mar. 1823. 
Graduated at Byfield academy and studied medicine at 
Harvard University. He was appointed surgeon at 


Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia, and was practicing there 
when the Revolutionary war began. He took arms on 
the side of the colonies, his property was confiscated, 
and he became a refugee. Entering the American 
army as surgeon he served until the close of the war. 
There is a tradition that he was actually Imprisoned at 
Halifax, but made his escape. After the war he resided 
at Machias, Me., and for many years was the only phy- 
sician there, and very successful. 

The following Is from the Memoir of Jonathan Eddy 
of Eddington, Me., by J. W. Porter : — 

Resolve 2g June, 1775. Land granted to "Parker Clarke, 
500 Acres." "A return of the Refugees of Nova Scotia who 
left that Province in the year 1776, with their former places 
of residence in the United States or elsewhere, June, 1785." 
No. 20. Dr. Parker Clarke former and present residence, 
Mass. '*A Rate Bill for the Plantation called Eddinton on 
Penobscot river for the year 1791." Parker Clarke, a non 
resident, tax 3^-. 'jd. 

He m. 1769, Judith Lunt of Newbury, Mass. Chil- 
dren : — 

8 i. Phillips b. i Dec. 1769, d. 22 Mar. 1835. 

9 ii. John Phillips b. 20 Jan. 1772, d. 14 Mar. 1837. 

10 iii. Samuel Phillips b. 30 June, 1773, d. 15 Feb. 1853. 


8 Phillips^ {Parker^) was born in Newbury, Mass. 
I Dec. 1769, and d. 22 Mar. 1835. 

He resided at Machias, Me., and m. 1798, Sophia b. 
26 Sept. 1 78 1 In Boston, d. 14 Mar. 1868, dau. of Capt. 
Gustavus Fellowes of Boston. Capt. F. was noted for 


his hospitality and benevolence. The children of 
Phillips were : — 

11 i. William Frederic b. 10 May, 1801, d. Jan. 1874. 

12 ii. George Albert b. 20 Sept. 1803, d. 
a iii. Sophia Fellowes b. 4 June, 1806. 

b iv. Harriet Davis b. 10 (or 5) May, 1809, d. 23 Dec. 


13 V. John Davis b. 24 Sept. i8i2,d. 10 July, 1882. S.P. 

William was b. at Jonesboro, Me., George, Harriet 
and John at iMachias, Me., and Sophia at Boston. 

a Sophia F. m. David Needham of Lynn, Mass. who d. 
25 Mar. 1827, and had Caroline Augusta, b. 14 Dec. 1827, 
m. 25 June, 1863, Jerome W. Tyler of Boston. Mrs. N. m. 
2d, Jan. 183 1, Thomas Flint, who was b. in South Danvers, 
Mass. II Oct. 1802, and was a hardware importer and dealer 
in Boston. Their children were i Charlotte Maria b. 3 1 Dec. 
1832, d. 2 June, 185 1. II Pierpont Putnam b. in Lowell, 
Mass. 30 July, 1834, m. 23 Jan. 1862, Martha Elizabeth, dau. 
of William R. Carnes of Roxbury, and has three children. 
He is a merchant in Boston, iii Sophia Emily b. 10 Sept. 
1836, d. 27 Oct. 1837. IV George Albert b. 25 Jan. 1839, m. 
29 May, 1 86 1, Annie Winslow March, of Roxbury. v 
Edward Thomas b. 20 June, 1841. vi Horace Phillips b. 12 
July, 1844, m. Anna Frances Carnes, a sister of his brother's 
wife, and has two sons. 

b Harriet D. m. Dec. 1829, Joseph Hart of Lynnfield, 
Mass. b. there 3 Dec. 1798, d. 20 Feb. 1882, and had 
I Frederick b. 14 Oct. 1831, d. 23 Oct. 1844. 11 Henry Jack- 
son b. 13 Oct. 1833, m. 13 Oct. 1858, Lois Augusta Shute of 
Lynnfield, and has three children, iii Charles Nelson b. 10 
Aug. 1835, "^- 14 Nov. 1859, Sara K. Estes, b. in Ipswich, 
Mass. and has one son. iv Harriet Ann b. 15 Oct. 1837, d. 
4 Nov. 1844. V Emeline Augusta b. ii July, 1840. vi 
George Albert b. 10 Oct. 1843, d. 3 Dec. 1864. vii and viii 


(twins) Frederic and Franklin b. 8 Aug. 1847; Franklin m. 
2Z Nov. 1876, Julia Adelaide Cowdrey, b. in Wakefield, Mass. 
They were all b. in Lynnfield, unless Charles and Harriet 
were b. at Danvers. 

9 John Phillips^ {Parker^) of Newburyport was born 
in East Machias, Me., 20 Jan. 1772, and d. 14 Mar. 
1837. He was a sea captain. He m. 1795, Lydia b. 5 
Apr. 1776, d. May, 1835, dau. of James and Elizabeth 
(Noyes) Clarkson of Newburyport, Mass. James 
Clarkson was b. 27 Aug. 1754, d. 26 Mar. 1807, and 
his wife was b. 27 Mar. 1755, d. 10 Jan. 1844. They 
were m. 6 July, 1775, and had eight ch. The children 
of John Phillips were : — 

14 i. Phillips b. 5 Mar. 1796, d. 1837. 5. P. 

ii. Greenleaf b. 21 May, 1797, d. 18 16? in St. 
Domingo. 5. P. 

iii. John James b. d. 19 Sept. 1805. 

a iv. Lydia Phillips b. 21 Aug. 1809. 
16 V. John Phillips b. 17 Jan. 1817. 

Greenleaf was b. in Machias, Me. and the others at 
Newburyport, Mass. 

a Lydia Phillips m. May, 1837, Joshua Lane of Hampton, 
N. H. who d. 27 July, i860, aged 50. Ch. : Albert G. h. 21 
Aug. 1839, d. Jan. 1870, m. 8 Oct. i860, Ellen L. Rice of 
Winchester, Mass. and had four ch. 

10 Samuel Phillips^ [Parker^) of Machias, Me., was 
born 30 June, 1773, d. in Machias, 15 Feb. 1853. 
He m. 8 Apr. 1800, Lydia b. 18 Jan. 1777, d. 12 Feb. 
1839, dau. of Capt. Stephen and Deborah Smith. His 
children, all of whom were b. in Machias, were : — 


i. Parker b. 5 Mar. 1803, d. 10 Feb. 1856. 5. P, 

a ii. Judith Lunt b. 13 Aug. 1805, d. 7 Apr. 1882. 
b iii. Deborah Smith b. 7 Dec. 1807, 

iv. Hannah Russell b. 5 Sept. 18 10, d. 22 Feb. 
1850. S.P. 

V. Sarah Farnsworth b. 5 Apr. 18 13, d. 4 Jan. 1829. 
16 vi. Nelson b. 6 Mar. 18 16. 

vii. Harrison Stillman, b. 22 June, 1820, d. 5 Jan. 
c viii. Lydia Jane b. 2 July, 1822, d. 6 Sept. 1881. 

a Judith L. m. 19 Oct. 1828, Harrison Thatcher Smith of 
Machias, b. 20 Oct. 1804, d. 25 May, 1881, and had i Sarah 
Farnsiuorth b. 26 Apr. 1830, d. 5 Apr. 1833. ^^ Horatio 
Nelson b. 5 Mar. 1832, d. 15 Mar. 1852. iii Henry Clay, b. 
13 Mar. 1834, d. 19 Mar. 1834. iv William Henry b. 13 
June, 1835, d. 13 June, 1842. v Miranda Lowell b. 14 Feb. 
1837, d. 29 May, 1842. vi Lydia Clark b. 11 Feb. 1839. ^'^^ 
Sarah Helen b. 11 Mar. 1841, d. 2 June, 1842. viii Edivard 
Melius b. I July, 1843, m 16 June, 1870, Ida P. Smith, b. 10 
July, 1844, and has five ch. ix Ca^vline Maria b. 7 July, 
1845, d. 3 Jan. 1852. X Henry Lyon b. 22 Mar. 1848, d. 24 
Mar. 1849. xr Henry Hale b. 4 Mar. 1850, d. 3 Oct. 185 i. 

b Deborah S. m. 31 Aug. 1834, Wm. Frederic Smith of 
Machias, b. 21 Jan. 1808, d. 24 Apr. 1870, and had i Wm. 
Ellis b. 12 Nov. 1836, d. 19 Mar. 1837. 11 Wm. Ellis b. 26 
Dec. 1837, d. 31 Oct. 1838. Ill Franklin Ellis b. 22 Sept. 
1839, d. 17 July, 1842. IV Helen JaJie b. 4 Aug. 1841, d. 14 
July, 1842. V Hattie Helen b. 4 Sept. 1843, ^- i Feb. 1864. 
VI Franklin Ellis b. 24 Mar. 1845. vii Ernestine Stevens b. 
I Jan. 1850. 

c Lydia J. m. Enoch H. Dorman of Whitney vii le. Me. who 
removed to California, where he died, and had i Henrietta 

Malvina b. Dec. 1844. 11 Samnel Phillips d. . iii Maria 

Louisa. She m. 2d, Capt. Stephen Longfellow of Machias, and 
had Stephen Edgar h. 24 Aug. 1862, d. 8 Feb. 1870. 



I I William Frederick"^ {Phillips^) of Boston, was 
born in Jonesboro, Me. lo May, 1801, and d. Jan. 1874, 
in Boston. He was a sea captain for many years. 
He m. Hannah C. Nowell (Newell ?) of Newburyport. 
The intention was recorded in Boston, 4 Sept. 1823. 
Children : — 

i. Charles William b. d. young. 

ii. William Frederick b. d. 19 Oct. 1864. S.P. 

He was a young man of much promise, and was 
major of the 30th Regt. Mass. Vols., and fell at the 
battle of Cedar Creek. He was commissioned 
second lieutenant 20 Feb. 1862, first lieutenant 19 
Oct. 1862, and major 27 May, 1864. His remains 
were interred in the family lot at Mount Auburn. 

iii. Ann Matilda b. d. 5 Nov. 1883. 

I 2 George Albert"^ {Phillips^) was born in Machias, 
Me., 20 Sept. 1803. He went when a young man 
to the British Provinces and married, but nothing has 
been heard from him for many years. 

I 3 John Davis^ {Phillips^) was born 24 Sept. 18 12, 
in Machias, Me., and d. in Boston, 10 July, 1882. He 
was a physician. 

I 4 Phillips^ {John Phillips^) of Newburyport, was 
born there 5 Mar. 1796, and d. 1837? He was a 
mariner, and was lost at sea. He m. 2 1 Jan. 182 1, Eliza- 
beth Brown of Newbury, but had no ch. 


I 5 John Phillips^ (John Phillips'^) of Wobiirn, Mass. 
was born 17 Jan. 18 17, in Newburyport, Mass. He m. 
24 Apr. 1842, Catharine S. b. 6 Oct. 1818, at Middleboro, 
Mass. dau. of Cassander D. H. and Mary Keith of 
Stoughton, Mass. Children : — 

a i. Lucretia Keith b, 8 Apr. 1844, in Boston, 

i ii. Florence b. 7 Jan. 1848, d. 29 Aug. 184S. 

( iii. Agnes b. 7 Jan. 1848, d. 30 Aug. 1848. 

Yl iv. Francis Henry b. 16, June, 1852. 

Florence and Agnes were b. In Brooklyn, N. Y. and 
Francis H. in Winchester, Mass. 

a Lucretia K. m. 17 Dec. 1871, Samuel H. Tidd of North 
Woburn, Mass., who d. 27 Aug. 1873. He was son of Jona- 
than and Harriet Tidd. Ch. Arthur Warren b. 9 Dec. 1872, 
in Woburn. 

I 6 Nelson"^ (Samuel Phillips^) of Machias, Me., was 
b. there 6 Mar. 18 16. He m. 24 Nov. 1840, Nancy Wait, 
b. 31 Aug. 1 82 1, dau. of Capt. Louis J. and Lucy L. 
Wallace. His children were all b. in Machias. They 
were : — 

John Albert b. i Apr. 1842. 

Lydia Jane b. 23 Mar. 1844, d. 2 May, 1862. 

Lucy Maria b. i Apr. 1846, d. 18 June, 1853. 

Lewis Havier b. 20 Dec. 1849. 

Samuel Phillips b. 27 Dec. 1852. 

Annah Maria b. 7 June, 1856. 

George Washington b. 26 Jan. i860, d. 2 Mar. 1878. 

Addie Longfellow b. 10 Feb. 1863, d. 10 Mar. 1864. 

a Annah M. m. Oct. 1876, Forester L. Fenderson, and has 
Ever (Eva ?) Jane b. 12 Aug. 1879. 



• • 


• ■ • 







• • 





17 Francis Henry^ {Johi Phillips') was b. in Win- 
chester, Mass. 1 6 June, 1852, and is a bank clerk. He 
m. II May, 1876, Delia A. dau. of Horatio H. and 
Betsey Ann Stearns of Acton, Mass. and had : — 

i. Lawrence Fletcher b. 26 Nov. 1877, in Winchester, 
Mass. d. 8 May, 1879. 

18 John Albert^ {AWson'^) of Machias, Me., was born 
at Machias, i Apr. 1842. He m. 7 Nov. 1867, Susan 
Augusta, b. 16 June, 1845, <^3.u. of Geo. R. and Martha 
P. Davis. The ch. are : — 

i. Arthur Franklin b. 8 Mar. 1869. 

ii. Frederic Ainsley b. 4 Sept. 1871. 

iii. George Nelson b. 2 Sept. 1873, d. 16 July, 1875. 

iv. Lydia Jane b. 5 Dec. 1875. 

\ V. Martha P. b. 12 Oct. 1878. 

I vi. Annah Maria b. 12 *Oct. 1878. 

19 Samuel Phillips^ {Nelson"') of Machias, M-e. was 
b. at Machias, Me. 27 Dec. 1852. He m. 9^May, 1874, 
Almira Amanda, b. 21 Jan. 1854, dau. of Daniel and 
Almira Amanda Grant. They had : — 

i. Harrison Thacher b. 5 Jan. 1875. 

ii. Daniel Seldon b. 15 Dec. 1876, d. 24 Aug. 1879. 

iii. Malcolm Wallace b. 2 Feb. 1880. 

iv. Lucy Bernice b. 15 Mar. 1882. 





EV. JOHN CLARKE, of Exeter, N. H. was 
the fourth son of Nathaniel,* and was born at 
Newbur}% 24 Jan. 1670, died at Exeter, 25 
July, 1705. He graduated at Harvard College in 1690, 
among his classmates being Paul Dudley, afterwards 
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Province, 
Peter Burr, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the Con- 
necticut Colony, Benjamin Wadsworth, President of 
Harvard College, and the Rev. Samuel Mather. The 
following is from the Newbury Records : — 

12 May, 1693. "Towne voted that Mr. John Clark 
be called to assist Mr. Richardson in the work of the 
ministry at the West end of the towne to preach to 

See p. 21 


them one year in order to farther settlement and also 
to keep a grammar school." 

5 July, 1693. "The towne In theyr votes for the 
choyce of a minister for the West end of the towne in 
order to a full settlement in the work of the ministry 
and Mr. John Clarke was the chosen and not one vote 
aofainst him." 

16 Oct. 1693, Capt. John Gilman, Capt. Peter Coffin, 
and Capt. Robert Wadleigh were empowered to agree 
with Mr. Clarke to come to Exeter, and to fix his salary 
for the first half year. 

In Feb. 1694, Mr. Clark received a call at New^bury, 
which he declined. A salary of " twenty pounds in 
money and fifty pounds in gralne was voted to y^ 
reverend Mr. John Clark so long as he carry on the 
work of the ministry." 

In January, 1695, the people of Exeter voted to build 
a new meeting house. 

In the Hampton Church Records is the following 
entry : — 

" 1698 Sept. II, Dismissed, in order to their being incor- 
porated into a church state, in Exter. Mr Moses Leavitt, 
Mr Henry Wadley, Jno Scribner, Mrs Elizabeth Clark, Mrs 
Elizabeth Gilman, wife of Cap. Gilman, Mrs Tipping, Mrs 
Deborah Coffin, Goodwife Bean, Mrs Mary Gilman, Mrs 
Elizabeth Wadley, Mrs Sarah Dudley, Sarah Sewal, Deborah 
Sinclar. And Mr Wear and Cap Dow were chosen, messen- 
gers of the church, to assist in the ordination of Mr. Jno. 
Clark, at Exeter." 

Most of the above lived in Exeter, and constituted 
nearly half of those who entered into a *' Church state " 
at that place. 


The most ancient volume extant of the records of the 
present " First Church of Christ in Exeter" commences 
thus: "The order of proceeding in gathering a par- 
ticular church in Exeter. After conferring together, 
and being mutually satisfied in each other, we drew up 
a confession of faith, and the terms of the covenant, 
which we all signed, the Sabbath before ordination. 
And* having sent for the Rev. Mr. J. Hale, (who 
preached the ordination sermon), Mr. Woodbridge, 
Mr. Pike, ]\Ir. Rolfe, Mr. Cotton and Mr. Toppan, who 
accordingly came ; and on the twenty-first of Septem- 
ber, 1698, Mr. Hale, Woodbridge, Pike and Cotton, 
laid on hands, Mr. Pike praying before the imposition 
of hands ; Mr. Woodbridge gave the charge ; Mr. 
Cotton gave the right hand of fellowship ; and we 
were, by the elders, and messengers of the several 
churches, owned as a church of Christ, and John Clark 
declared to be a minister of Christ Jesus." Mr. Clarke 
was to have £60 the first half year with use of the 
parsonage lot, and a certain meadow; ^10 was after- 
wards added for firewood and for fencing the land. 

The people also agreed to furnish a parsonage, which 
Mr. Clarke released them from for ^100. 

He was a man of high character and ability, and 
although he died at the early age of thirty-five was 
prominent among the preachers of New England. 
Pike's Journal, noticing his death, speaks of him as a 
" good man, much wanted and much lamented." 

The town voted to pay his widow the full amount of 
his salary, and to erect a tomb, which twenty years later 
they repaired. 

The following lines are on his tombstone at Exeter : 


"A Prophet lies under this stone. 
His words shall live though he be gone, 
When Preachers die what rules the Pulpit gave 
Of Living are still preached from ihe grave, 
The Faith and life which your dead Pastor taught. 
Now in one grave with him Sirs bury not." 

The Rev. Richard Brown, who was b. at Newbury^ in 
1675, referring in his diary to those who fitted him for 
college, says: "Then came Mr John Clark of Exeter, 
a worthy man under w"" I studied one year." The 
author of the History of New Hampshire Churches, 
speaking of him, says: '* His family connections were 
highly respectable." '' He died in the strength of 
manhood." His name appears in connection with the 
ordination of the Rev. John Emerson at Newcastle, 
N. H. in 1704. He owned land at Charlestown, Mass. 
and had other property. Judge Sewell knew him well, 
and several times referred to him in his famous diary. 

Mr. Clarke m. 19 June, 1694, Elizabeth Woodbridge, 
b. at Windsor, Conn., 30 Apr. 1673, dau. of Rev. 
Benjamin and Mary. Her father was the son of Rev. 
John of Newbury, and Mercy, dau. of Gov. Thomas 
Dudley. Her mother was dau. of Rev. John Ward of 
Haverhill, whose w^fe was Alice, dau. of Nicholas 
Edmunds of Alkham, Kent, and whose father was the 
Rev. Nathaniel Ward, b. at Haverhill, Eng. 1570; came 
to N. England from Standon in 1634, and was first min- 
ister at Ipswich ; in 1645 ^^G returned to England and 
was settled at vShenfield, where he d. 1653. He w^as 
the author of the " Simple Cobbler of Agawam," and 
other works, and drew^ up the "Body of Liberties" 


adopted by the colony in 1641, and which is the basis 
of the State Constitution. His lather was another Rev. 
John Ward. Mrs. Clarke's great uncle, Rev. Benjamin 
\\\)odbridg-e, was an eminent and learned man, who 
was A.M. in 1648, and S.T.D. later, at Oxford, Eng- 
land, and his name heads the first class (1642) of 
Harvard Collecre in New Eno^land, which fact would 
show the prominence of his father's famih' at that time. 
The Rev. John and Rev. Benjamin were sons of Rev. 
John Woodbridge, rector of Stanton, Wiltshire, Eng- 
land, an eminent divine, and Sarah, his wife, dau. of 
Rev. Robert Parker, a learned minister. (See Wood- 
bridge Record.) 

The sermon preached at Rev. John Clarke's marriage 
w^as in the possession of the late Joshua Green, M. D. 
Its title is "A Meet Help, or a wedding sermon, 
preached at New Castle, in New^ England, June 19, 
1694, At the Marriage of Mr. John Clark and Mrs. 
Elizabeth Woodbridge. By Mr. John Cotton, Pastor of 
the church at Hampton." Text, Heb. 13:4. The 
children were b. at Exeter. They were : — 

2 i. Benjamin b. June, 1695, d. before 1729. 

ii. Nathaniel b. 10 Dec. 1697, d. before I'Jl'J. S. P. 
a iii. Deborah b. 3 Nov. 1699, d. 

3 iv. Rev. Ward b. 12 Dec. 1703, d. 6 May, 1737. 5. P. 

a Deborah ni. 2 Oct. 1718, Dr. Thomas Deane, b. in Bos- 
ton 28 Nov. 1694, d. 176S, and had eleven ch. (see Deane 
Gen. by John Ward Dean). 4 Mar. 1729-30, the Rev. John 
Odlin deeded 2-14 of all his right in lands in Haverhill to 
Ward Clark and "Dr. Thomas Deane of Exeter, Practitioner 
in Physick, and Deborah, his wife, formerly Deborah Clark," 
for "Love, Good Will and Affection." 


Mrs. Clarke m. 2d, 21 Oct. 1709, Rev. John Odlln 
of Exeter, and had four sons. Mr. Odhn was the suc- 
cessor of Rev. John Clarke in the rrtuilstry at Exeter. 

'' Mrs. Elizabeth Odlin, y*" Pious consort of y"" Rev. 
John Odlin, d. Dec. 6, 1729." 


2 Benjamin'^ [Johii^) of Newcastle, N. H. was b. at 
Exeter, June, 1695, ^^"^^ d- prior to 1729. He was a 
taxpayer at Newxastle in 1728, and was also a pro- 
prietor of Gilmanton. He was a captain and owned 
one-half a brigantine valued at ^450. He m. 30 Nov. 
1720, Jane, b. 1701, d. 6 Feb. 1765, dau. of William 
and Margery (Bray) Pepperell, and sister of Sir William 
Pepperell, Bart, and had: — 

i. William b. 10 Sept. 1721, d. 5. P. 

ii. Benjamin b. 18 Sept. 1727, d. young. 

Mrs. Clarke m. 2d, 1729, William Tyler, merchant, of 
Boston, who d. i July, 1758, by whom she had no 
children. She rn. 3d, 21 Aug. 1760, Rev. Ebenezer 
Turell of Medford, Mass. b. 5 Feb. 1701, in Boston, 
Harv. Coll. 1721, ordained at Medford, 25 Nov. 1724, 
d. 8 Dec. 1778. 

3 Rev. Ward'^ [John''), b. at Exeter, N. H. 12 Dec. 
1703, and d. there 6 May, 1737. Graduated at Harvard 
College in 1723; ordained first minister at Kingston, 
N. H. 29 Sept. 1725. The church was gathered 17 
Sept. 1725, with eighty-one families in the parish. The 


list of heads of families made by him begins with the 
"Squire's" name, and the names of mihtary officers 
follow his. Amonof the names is that of Ebenezer 
Webster, ancestor of Daniel Webster. The church 
records give " a list of communicants at the first gather- 
ino- of the church at Kincrston at the Fast before the 
ordination of the Rev. Mr. Ward Clark." These were 
twenty-three in number, twelve males and eleven 
females. The author of the '' Historv of the New 
Hampshire Churches," from which the preceding is 
taken, says : " Mr. Clark was evidently a man of much 
business tact, and a very influential and active man in 
the affairs of the town and church. His policy was to 
encourage additions to the church, and during the 
first year of his ministry, it was voted that ' members 
be admitted without being obliged to make relations.' 
For several years the additions to his original salary of 
^80, amounted to ^20, and he had liberal grants of 

He took the oath of allegiance to George II in 1727, 
and the same year was a proprietor of Gilmanton, and 
in 1728 a tax payer at Newcastle, N. H. (Provincial 
Papers, N. H. Vol. IV). Rev. Jacob Chapman of 
Kingston, says of him : " He had a strong Calvinistic 
creed, but was liberal in the use of it. An able and 
useful man." In the records it is said : '' He lived 
beloved, and died respected by his people." 

In 1735 Kingston was ravaged by a terrible disease 
which carried off nearly all the young children. 
Thirteen died in June, twenty in July, and twenty-six 
in August. 

"This mortality was by a Kanker Oulnsey which 
mostly seized upon young people, and has proven 


exceeding- mortal In several other towns. It Is sup- 
posed there never was the like before in this country." 
Rev. Ward Clark d. after a long illness at Exeter, 
aged thirty-four, and was buried there lo May, 1737; 
at the funeral the senior deacon, Moses Alkins, fell 
dead. Mr. Clark left bequests for the support of the 
gospel, and for the poor, and mentions in his will 
nephew William, son of deceased brother Benjamin, 
sisters Deborah, wife of Dr. Thomas Deane, and Jane 
of Newcastle, wife of his brother Benjamin. Cousin 
Jane Deane and Sarah, Abigail and Elizabeth Peirce. 
Capt. Thomas Deane and sister Jane Clark, executors. 
Rev. Ward Clark was one of '' Prince's subscribers." 

lA/S^d Qi^k 

He m. 20 Nov. 1727, Mary, b. 13 Sept. 1702, d. 27 
July, 1735, daughter of Charles, Jr., and Sarah Frost of 
KIttery, Me. Her father was son of Major Charles 
Frost of Kittery, who was killed by the Indians 4 July, 
1697, ^^d his younger brother, Hon. John Frost, was a 
very prominent man, and m. Mary, sister of Sir William 
Pepperell. Major Frost's father was Nicholas, b. at 
Tiverton, Eng. 1595, and settled at Sturgeon Creek In 
Elliot, Me. 1636. He d. 1663. 

Mrs. Clark's mother was daughter of Capt. Simeon 
Wainwright of Haverhill, Mass. Rev. Ward Clark's 
children were : — 

i. John b. d. young. S. P. 

ii Tyler b. d. young. 5. P. 

iii. Infant b. d. 27 July, 1735. 


The following Is from the historical address on the 
one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the gathering 
of the Congregational Church, Kingston, N. H. 

" The ordination sermon was preached by Rev. John OdHn 
of Exeter, step-father of the candidate. The text was from 
I Timothy, 6: 11, 12. The subject was 'Christian courage 
necessary for a Gospel Minister.' It was afterwards printed 
at Boston, and ' Prefaced by two of the Reverend Presbyters 
who assisted at the Ordination.' The two members of the 
Council referred to, were Rev. Caleb Cushing of SaHsbury, 
Mass., and Rev. Nathaniel Gookin of Hampton. In this 
preface it is observed that the sermon was preached ' not by 
the youn^ gentleman who was then ordained, but by one of 
his fathers in the ministry.' Mr. Clark was an active, public- 
spirited man, beloved as a pastor by his parishioners, and 
much attached to the people of his charge. Some of the noble 
elms that beautify the spacious green here are said to have 
been planted by his hand. 

During his ministry the town erected in 1732 its second 
meeting house. A tower, one hundred feet in height, was 
built for it some years later, and a bell is said to have been 
presented by the King of England, of which tradition avers 
it came no further than Boston, from which place an inferior 
one was sent here as a substitute. The first meeting-house 
stood for many years after the erection of the new one, and 
was used for holding town meetings as late as 1764. The bell 
was used not only during Mr. Clark's ministry, but that of his 
successor. In 1768, the town voted ' to buy a larger bell for 
the meeting-house.' 

In June, 1735, a terrible disease called 'the throat dis- 
temper,' first made its appearance in Kingston. Of the first 
forty seized with it not one recovered, and in about fourteen 
months one hundred and thirteen died, ninety-six of whom 
were under ten years of age ; this included nearly all the young 
children in the town. The wife of Rev. Ward Clark and his 
two children were among the victims of this scourge. Prof. 


William Franklin Webster once told me, that when he was in 
Germany, he found in a German medical work the statement 
that the first recorded instance of the appearance of this 
specific disease in the whole world, was in this town. 

In his will he left a bequest, the same being a considerable 
portion of his estate, *to the beloved people of his charge,' 
the income of which was to be applied to the support of the 
gospel. After the number of churches increased, a law-suit 
was entered upon, and the Court decided that the legacy of 
the first minister. Rev. Ward Clark, left *to the beloved people 
of his charge,' belonged to the whole town. Since then the 
income of the whole parsonage property has been divided 
among the different denominations, according to the will ex- 
pressed, annually, by the several tax payers. During Mr. 
Clark's pastorate one hundred and thirty persons were 
received to the church, and four hundred and seventy-one 






ENRY CLARKE, the fifth son of Nathaniel, 
was born 5 July, 1673, in Newbury, Mass.*^ 
removed to Greenland, N. H. about 1727, 
and d. there 9 June, 1749. He appears to have been 
a prominent citizen, for he was styled Mr. in the 
records, — a title which meant something in those days. 
There are not less than twenty-five deeds on record at 
Salem in which his name appears as grantor or grantee. 

I Dec. 1698, he sold Edward Woodman for ;£^27, 4 acres 
of meadow at Plum Island, which his father bought of Robert 

23 Dec. 1 701, he sold Nathaniel Coffin, for ^80, 8^ acres 
by the '' highway next Merrimack river." 

21 Nov. 1707, Nicholas Oilman, Henry and Judith Clark 
sold Joseph Brown 20 acres freehold for ;£^40. Elizabeth 
Hale a witness. 

* See page 21. 


5 Jan. 1708-9, Nicholas Gilman sold him, for ^14, "my 
whole rights in the wood lot, Rate Lot and Commonage in 

29 June, 1 7 10, he sold Thomas Crease of Boston, for ^20, 
part of a "River Lott " laid out to his father, and also other 

25 Jan. 1713-14, he exchanged with his nephew Nathaniel 
4 acres of salt marsh, for 4 acres of marsh or meadow. 

16 Aug. 1728, he sold Henry Rolfe, Esq. 11 acres of 
marsh on Woodbridge Island for ;£i54. Henry is here 
described as a "gentle'"" Son Enoch a witness. 

6 July, 1 73 1, he sold to John Toppan, "three acres arable 
land in Newbury." 

In this deed he is described as "of Hampton in the 
Province of New Hampshire." Wife Mar)^ 

'* Province Bills," then greatly depreciated, were prob- 
ably given in payment, and hence the seemingly high 
prices from 1 720-1 730. 

He appears to have sold most of his lands in New- 
bury about the time he removed into New Hampshire, 
and in the deeds he Is variously designated as gentle- 
man, lieutenant, and cooper. 

Together with his sons Enoch and Henry he signed 
the petition to annex Greenland to Massachusetts In 
1739. He m. 7 Nov. 1695, Elizabeth, b. 2 Jan. 1678, 
d. 20 April, 1723, 'dau. of Capt. Stephen and Elizabeth 
(Gerrish) Greenleaf. Capt. vStephen was a prominent 
citizen of Newbury, and representative to the general 
court. He commanded a company at the Indian fight 
at Wells, Me. His parents were Capt. Stephen and 
Elizabeth (Coffin) Greenleaf; the former was second 
son of Capt. Edmund Greenleaf, and was drowned off 
Cape Breton, 31 Oct. 1690, on the return of the expe- 


dition to Canada. Elizabeth Coffin was daughter of 
Tristram and Dionis (Stevens) Coffin, of Brixton, near 
Plymouth, England. The grandparents were Peter 
and Joan (Thember) Coffin, and Robert Stevens of 
Brixton. (See Coffin and Greenleaf Genealogies.) He 
m. 2d, 24 Jan. 1723-4, Mary Peirce, Rev. Christopher 
Toppan officiating. His children, all of whom were b. 
in Newbur}% were : — 

i. Stephen b. .21 Feb. 1696-7, d. 18 Apr. 1723. 5. P.I 

a ii. Elizabeth b. 21 Nov. 1698, d. 

iii. Judith b. 15 Aug. 1700, d, 14 Apr. 1723. 

iv. Sarah b. 7 Aug. 1702, d. 25 Apr. 1723. 

v. Eunice b. 15 Oct. 1704, d. 

vi. John b. 20 July, 1706, d. 25 July, 1706. 

vii. Mary b. 15 Aug. 1707, d. 

2 viii. Enoch b. i Sept. 1709, d. 16 Feb. 1759. 

ix. Anna b. 20 Feb. 171 1, d. 24 Apr. 1723.V 
b X. Mercy b. 26 Dec. 1714, d. 

3 xi. Henry b. 23 Apr. 171 7, d. 27 Feb. 1804. 

a Elizabeth m. 3 Mar. 17 17-18, Daniel Thing of Exeter, 
N. H. and had five ch. 

b Mercy m. 28 Oct. 1731, Jonathan Longfellow of Notting- 
ham, b. 23 May, 1714, and had seven^sons and five daus. of 
whom Sarah, b. 17 Nov. 1739, d. 23 May, 181 r, m. 4 Nov. 
1756, Gen. Joseph Cilley, who was colonel of the First N. H. 
Reg't in the Revolution, and noted for bravery and patriotism. 
He was also councillor, senator, and major general of militia. 
Their grandson. Col. Joseph Cilley, was elected U. S. senator 
in 1846 (see Hist, of Nottingham by Cogswell). 

In 1723 Henry lost his wife, eldest son, and three 
daughters, of throat distemper, all within a few days of 
each other. This sad event was chronicled by a native 


poet, Mr. John Calef of Newbury, aged nineteen, in 
eighteen verses, as follows : — 


Of a great Mortality in the Family of Mr. Henry Clark, of Newbury, viz. 
the Death of his much lamented Wife, his eldest Son, and three Daughters, 
who all departed this Life in April, anno Domini 1723. 

1. We mortals are but lumps of clay, 

When God doth take our breath away, 
All born to die, none can here stay, 
The fairest flower may soon decay. 

2. Awake and see this warning be 

To none of you in vain ; 
Unstop your ears that you may hear 
What I shall now explain. 

3. For in April God show'd his will, 

O ! what is earthly wealth ! 
The seventh day alive were they. 
And all in usual health. 

4. The fourteenth day God call'd away 

His daughter from the stage ; 
Her years we see were twenty three, 
The flower of her age. 

5. The eighteenth day God call'd away 

Stephen his eldest son ; 
None can deny, but must comply, 
God's will it must be done. 

6. So it must be, 'twas God's decree, 

His years were twenty seven ; 
And when he died was glorified. 
We hope, by God in Heaven. 


7. Then did display the twentieth day, 

Affording hina new grief, 
Adding double to his trouble, 
But yielding no relief. 

8. Then did his wife depart this life, 

A virtuous wife was she ; 
There's none can stay God's hand one day, 
Nor hinder his decree. 

9. Her forty sixth year God did fix 

To be her dying one ; 
But happy she whose change may be, 
To live with God alone. 

10. The twenty fourth did die one more, 

And she was twelve years old ; 
The hardest heart must tears impart. 
When thev shall hear it told. 

11. On twenty fifth God did deprive 

Him of his other daughter, 
Lord give him grace to seek thy face, 
And live with thee hereafter. 

12. She died in youth, but lov'd the truth. 

Her years were twenty one ; 
And happy she, whose change may be. 
To live with God alone. 

13. God grant that he may patient be. 

Troubles do not arise, 
Out of the dust, but God is just, 
And sees man's vanities. 

14. God doth him meet with troubles great. 

We hope it's for the best ; 
The sores did cover Job, all over, 
Yet now he is at rest. 


15. What man could go and see it so, 

What man would not have cry'd ; 
Two in one day were borne away, 
Each coffin side by side. 

16. Death spareth none, not even one, 

It takes away the mother ; 
And sisters three, we likewise see, 
Also their loving brother. 

17. Thus they forsake, and farewel take. 

Of this their house of clay ; 
With blessings great we hope they meet, 
To live with God for aye. 

18. Let all the living often call to mind, 

That they in short must leave the world behind, 
That so they may, whilst they're alive on earth. 
Remember there will be a day of death ; 
And judgment too ; at which all must appear. 
To be rewarded as their works were here.* 


2 Enoch^ {Henry^) of Greenland, N. H., was b. In 
Newbury, i Sept., 1709, d. in Greenland 16 Feb. 1759. 
Admitted to the church there in 1732. He signed the 
petition to the Governor and General Court for a bridge 
between Newmarket and Stratham, 2 i Nov. i 746. The 
church records contain the baptisms of all his children ; 
they also mention in November, 1748, the death of a 
negro child, and 9 June, 1750, that of a negro, both 

* One of the original printed copies of this poem is in the possession of 
Mrs. John S. Hanaford of Campion, N. H. 


owned by a Mr. Clark. In 1748 he was one of a com- 
mittee to manage the affairs of the parish, and in 1756 
to build a meeting house and. to settle a minister. He 
was selectman in 1744, 1750, 1751, 1752 and 1753; 
moderator 1756, auditor 1748, 1755-57. 

There is a gap in the records prior to 1750, and it is 
probable he was a town officer several years not men- 
tioned above. 

He m. first Hannah , b. 20 Jan. 1 7 1 1 , d. 9 Apr. 

1746; he m. second Mary , b. 28 Apr. 17 10. His 

will was dated 23 Jan. 1759, and proved 28 Feb. 1759. 
His children were 

4 i. Joseph b. i Jan. 173 1-2, d. 4 Dec. 1761. 

6 ii. Enoch b. 26 June, 1735, d. 4 Nov. 1774. 

6 iii. Greenleaf b. 26 Feb. \'ji6-'j, d. 11 Jan. 1776. 

7 iv. Ebenezer b. 2 (.' 21) Feb. 1738-9 d. 

V. Hannah b. 6 June, 1741, d. 24 Apr. 1749. 
vi. John b. 28 Feb. 1742-3, d. 16 Nov. 1753. 

8 vii. Daniel b. 19 Dec. 1744, d. 23 May, 1835. 

All these children were b. in Greenland. 

3 Henry '^ (^Henry'^) of Greenland, N. H., was born 
in Newbury, Mass. 23 Apr. 1717, and d. 27 Feb. 1804. 
He was admitted to the church at Greenland in 1 740. 
Removed to Candia, 1763, and bought the farm of 
Mary Batchelder, on which his descendant Gilman 
Clark was living a few years since. He signed the 
Association Test with Stephen and John Clark, in 1776. 
The test circular was issued by the Committee of Safety 
of New Hampshire to the selectmen of Candia, -12 Apr. 
1776. He m. 13 Dec. 1738, Kezia Bracket b. i Nov. 
171 7, d. 2 Sep. 1765; m. 2d, 10 July, 1766, Katharine 


Bean b. 7 Apr. 1725, d. 19 Aug. 1769; m. 3d, 10 May, 
1770, Abigail Francis b. 6 Oct. 1738. His children 
were : — 

9 i. Stephen b. 28 Apr. 1740. 

ii. Joshua b. i Jan. 1742, d. i Oct. 1758. 

10 iii. Nathaniel b. 19 Mar. 1744. 

11 iv. Samuel b. 18 May, 1746, d. 15 Apr. 1821. 

V. Mary b. 4 Aug. 1750, d. 30 Sept. 1750. 

12 vi. Henry b. 4 Aug. 1755, d. 28 Nov. 1823. 
vii. Enoch b. 27 Apr. 1757, d. 10 Feb. 1765. 

viii. Joshua b. 14 Apr. 1759, *^- 10 June, 1759. 

13 ix. John b. 20 May, 1760, d. 21 Dec. 1831. 

X. Ebenezer b. 29 July, 1769. 
xi. Abigail b. 25 Aug. 1771. 
a xii. Kezia b. 15 Sept. 1775. 

The baptisms of his older children are recorded at 
Greenland, N. H. 

a Keziah m. 1797, William Robie of Candia who d. 1850. 


4 Joseph^ {Enoch^) of Greenland, N. H., was born 
there i Jan. 173 1-2 and d. 4 Dec. 1761 ; was appointed 
guardian of his brother Daniel 26 Apr. 1759. His 
brother Ebenezer was his administrator 4 Feb. 1762. 
He m. Eleanor , who m. 2d a Mr. Mason. Chil- 
dren: — 

a i. Hannah. 

b ii. Mary. 

14 iii. John b. 1756, d. 14 Oct. 181 1 at Haverhill, N. H. 

c iv. Comfort. 

V. Eleanor. 


a Hannah m. Lunt of Newbury, Mass. 

b Mary m. Langdon. 

c Comfort m. 25 Nov. 1783, John Weeks of Greenland, N. H. 

5 Enoch * [E7ioch ^) of Greenland, N. H., was an inn- 
holder. He was born at Greenland, 26 June, 1735, 
and d. there 4 Nov. 1774. He bought the homestead 
of Samuel Haines, 19 Feb. 1766, for^5oo. Signed the 
petition, dated at Newmarket, 1760, to have the New- 
market bridge built at a place called New Fields. He 
was town clerk 1762, 1771-74; selectman 1762, 1763, 
1767, 1768, 1769, 1770; auditor 1765, moderator 1760, 
poundkeeper six years, and in 1768 was on a committee 
to defend the town in a law suit. He m. 23 Aug. 1759, 
Mary March,"^ b. 25 Mar. 1732, d. 18 Feb. 18 16, and 
had: — 

a i. Mary b. 19 July, 1760, d. 7 May, 1846. 
h ii. Hannah b. 23 Mar. 1762, d. i May, 1846. 

15 iii. Enoch b. 9 Nov. 1763, d. 6 Mar. 1844. 

c iv. Eleanor b. 18 Mar. 1765, d. 29 Jan. 1830. 

16 V. Thomas March b. 24 Mar. 1771, d. 30 Mar. 1850. 

a Mary m. Capt. Nichols, and had i Robert. 11 Margaret 
d. young. She m. 2d, 9 Jan. 1793, Enoch Colman Toppan 
of Newburyport, and had i Sai-a/i. 11 Mary, iii Eliza Ann 
b. 18 June, 1797, m. i Oct 18 18, at Portsmouth, N. H., Jesse 
Foster, b. 29 Oct. 1792, son of Daniel of Newburyport, and 
lived at Pottsville, Pa. and had eleven ch, iv Henrietta m. 
her cousin Edwin, son of her/ uncle, Thomas M. Clark, v 
Hannah, vi EnocJi Clark b. 27 Sept. 1802, d. 30 Nov. 1873, 
m. 5 July, 1829, Rebecca Hoyt Pillsbury, and had four ch. 

* The March family was long prominent at Portsmouth and Greenland, 
N. H. 


b Hannah m. Mr. Smith. She m. 2d, Ebenezer Pearson of 
Newburyport, a hotel keeper, and had one child. 

c Eleanor m. Capt. Edmund Wingate, and had two daus. 
and one son, all now dead. 

6 Greenleaf^ {Enoch^) of Greenland, N. H. was b. 
there 26 Feb. 1736-7, and d. 11 Jan. 1776. He signed 
the petition in 1760 to have Newmarket bridge built at 
the New Fields landing. 9 Jan. 1775, the town voted 
to approve " of the measure agreed upon by the Con- 
tinental Congress," and also voted '' that John Haven, 
William Weeks, James Brackett, Clement March, and 
Greenleaf Clark be a committee to carry such measures 
in execution." The same year he was chosen ist lieut. 
of the military company. He was a captain in the 
Revolution, and one of those selected by the committee 
of safety, 2 Dec. 1775, and ''commissioned to enlist 
sixty-one able-bodied men, including three sergeants 
and three corporals, well provided with Arms and 
Blankets, to serve in the Continental army, under com- 
mand of General W^ashington, until Jan. 15 next, unless 
sooner discharged, and as soon as enlisted to march 
thence immediately to join General Sullivan's Brigade." 
His estate was valued at ^452. He m. Mary Moody, 
b. 6 Dec. 1738, d. 21 Dec. 1817, and had: — 

Mary b. 19 Feb. 1762. 

Enoch Moody b. 4 Dec. 1763, d. 181 5. 

Greenleaf b. 2 Nov. 1765, d. 30 Jan. 1850. S. P. 

Joseph b. 20 Apr. 1767, d. 21 May, 185 i. 

Joshua b. 6 June, 1769, probably d. young. 

Sarah b. 26 Dec. 1771. 

Elizabeth b. 12 Sept. 1774. 



• • 











a Sarah m. 13 June, 1792, Josiah Brown of Greenland, and 
had children. 

7 Ebenezer* {Enoch^^ of Greenland, N. H., was 
b. there 2 (?2i) Feb. 1738-9. Signed with his brother 
Enoch a petition for a lottery 23 Feb. 1768. It begins 
thus; "Sundry Inhabitants of New Market & other 
Places in said Province," etc. He was a cooper. He 
m. Judith Langdon, (?) and had: — 

i. Martha b. 26 Feb. 1762. 

ii. Hannah b. 25 Sept. 1764. 

iii. Mark Langdon b. 2 Nov. 1767. 

iv. Judith b. 18 May, 1770. 

The births of these children are recorded at Greenland. 
Nothing further is known of this family. 

8 Daniel* {Enoch^) of Piermont, N. H., was b. at 
Greenland, N. H. 19 Dec. 1744, and d. at Piermont, 23 
May, 1835. He went to Piermont in the spring of 
1774, and began clearing what he supposed to be a 
settler's lot. He built a small house consisting of a 
good-sized kitchen and two bedrooms, and this with the 
additions since made is still standing, and is about 
half a mile from Warren as the division lines now run. 
Late in the fall he returned to Greenland, and was 
married, and in the spring of 1775 again went to 
Piermont, his young wife riding on horseback w4th the 
few household goods they possessed, and he walking. 
He was one of the voters of Warren in 1780, and in 
1 78 1 he owned there two acres of arable land, eight of 
mowing, and ninety unimproved. There is an interest- 
ing history of Warren by William Little, which gives an 


excellent account of the settlement of this mountain 
village and of its people. In Piermont he owned 
about six hundred acres of land, and settled his three 
eldest sons there, giving them each a farm.^ Enoch 
remained on the homestead till his father's death, when 
he moved to Wentworth village. The memory of 
Daniel and Alethea Clark is held in much respect by 
their descendants. He m. 8 Dec. 1774, Alethea Smith, 
b. 28 Sep. 1754, (perhaps at Hingham, Mass.,) d. 17 
Oct. 1840, in Wentworth, N. H. Their ch. were: — 

Hannah b. 17 Mar. 1777. 
Isaac b. 11 Jan. 1779, d. 12 Jan. 1779. 
Sarah b. 15 Feb. 1780, d. 13 Sept. 1803, 5. P. 
Ruth b. 23 Sept. 1782, d. 24 Nov. 1838, 5. P. 
Daniel b. 23 Mar. 1785, d. 8 July, 1849. 
Smith b. 8 Aug. 1787, d. 10 Oct. 1846, at Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
John b. 31 May, 1790, d. 11 Aug. 1865. 
Lucy b. 5 July, 1793, d. 11 Nov. 1823, S.P. 
Alethea b. 11 Dec. 1795, d. 25 Dec. 1844. 
Enoch b. 5 Dec. 1798, d. 22 Apr. 1868, at Piermont. 

a Hannah m. Joseph Hutchins of Haverhill, N. H. and had 
I Joseph. II Sarah, iii Amos, and perhaps others. They re- 
moved to New York State more than sixty years ago, and 
all trace of them is lost. 

b Alethea m. Daniel C. Ramsey of Wentworth, N. H. b. 
1800, d. 2 Apr. 1866, and had b. at Piermont, i Dan A. h. 14 
Nov. 1827, m. 1854, at Manchester, N. H., Elvira M. Wood- 
ward, who d. 28 June, 1855, at Piermont. He m. 2d, Oct. 
1856, Mary A. Griggs, b. 22 Jan. 1830, at Sutton, P. Q. d. 25 
Sept. 1879, ^t Piermont, and had Nettie J. b. 11 Aug. 1857, at 












• • • 






♦ In January, 1787, his estate with others was set off to the town of 
Wentworth, but was restored to Piermont in July, 1819. 


Manchester, d. 7 June, 1863, at Piermont ; Ulric A.h. 22, Apr. 
1864, at Piermont. 11 A/da d. young, iii Jonathan b. 4 F'eb. 
1832, d. 3 Dec. 1863, m. 13 Feb. 1858, Augusta H. Piper, b. 
2 May, 1838, at Sanbornton, N. H. d. 18 Mar. 1874, at 
Littleton, N. H. and had Edivard Clarke b. 15 Apr. 1861, at 
Piermont, d. 21 Feb. 1865. iv Anstin C. b. 7 Dec. 1834, d. 
16 Aug. 1863, S. P. at Concord, N. H. while in the U. S. 
service, v Esther F! b. 18 Aug. 1837, m. first, 3 Sept. i860, 
Augustus Stetson of Lyme, N. H. who d. 17 Oct. 1875, ^^<^ 
has I Miranda D. b. 2 May, 1865, at Lyme. 11 Linnie 
Angusta b. 13 Dec. 1875, at Orford, N. H. She m. 2d, i 
Mar. 1877, John Goodwin of Warren, N. H. 

9 Stephen* {Henry^) of Candia, N. H. was born at 
Greenland, N. H. 28 Apr. 1740. He signed the Asso- 
ciation Test, and was one of the Revolutionary soldiers 
from Candia. Nothing further is known of him by the 

I Nathaniel* {Henry"^) of Candia, N. H. was born 
at Greenland, N. H. 19 Mar. 1744. His wife is said to 
have been of Irish descent, and, if so, was probably of 
the race of Scotch-Irish Protestants from the North of 
Ireland, many of whom settled in New Hampshire. 
Nathaniel had five sons : — 

i. Joseph d. unmarried. 

ii. Nathaniel d. 1845. He m. Sally Miller, 

and had an only child, Martha, who d. 1823, 
aged 18. 
24 iii. Stephen b. 5 July, 1780, d. 7 May, 1861. 

* The author has spared no pains to learn more of this Stephen, but 
without avail. Descendants of his brothers assert that he had no family, 
and this seems probable. 


25 iv. Joshua b. 8 Nov. 1784, d. 7 Oct. 1877. 

V, Theophilus, who had a son Nathaniel, now of 
Laconia or Meredith, N. H., but from whom no 
data or facts have been obtained. 

I I Samuel* {Henry^) of Gilmanton, N. H. was b. at 
Greenland, 18 May, 1746, and d. in Gilmanton, 15 Apr. 
1 82 1. In 1789, together with Enoch and Joseph, he 
signed a petition of the inhabitants of Gilmanton that 
court might be held at " Norway Plains." He was m. 
4 July, 1764, in Kensington, by Rev. Jeremiah Fogg, 
to Mary, b. 31 Aug. 1744, d. 4 Jan. 18 14, dau. of 
Peter and Mary Folsom. Peter was son of Peter and 
Catharine, the dau. of Hon. John Gilman, and fourth 
in descent from John and Mary Folsom of Exeter, 
N. H., who came from Hingham, England. John Fol- 
som was bapt. 161 5, m. 4 Oct. 1636, Mary, dau. of 
Edward and Mary (Clark) Gilman, and d. 27 Dec. 1681. 
Mrs. Clark's mother was dau. of Jonathan and Anna 
(Ladd) Folsom, who was granddau. of Hon. John 
Gilman. Jonathan Folsom was father of Maj. Gen. 
Nathaniel Folsom, M. C, and grandson of John and 
Mary, the emigrants."^* The children of Samuel 


Mary b. 1765, d. 16 Apr. 1817. 

Enoch b. June, 1765, d. Mar. 1834. 


Catharine d. young. 


Kezia b. 30 May, 1774, d. 22 Dec. 1832. 

Samuel b. 23 Feb. 1776, d. 4 May, 1822. 

See Folsom Genealogy, by Rev. Jacob Chapman. 




• • 












e viii. Catharine b. 17 June, 1778, d. 7 Jan. 1846, at 
Lisbon, N. H. 

28 ix. Peter b. 8 Oct. 1781, d. 25 Nov. 1865. 
f X. Lydia. 

xi. Sarah. 5. P. 

29 xii. Joseph b. 17 Jan. 1789, d. 2 July, 1855. 

a Mary m. 18 Sept. 1788, Joseph Fellows of Vassalborough, 
Me., b. 1762, d. 27 Feb. 18 17. 

b Anna m. 17 June, 1790, Daniel Fitzgerald of Bethlehem 
or Littleton, N. H. and had five children. 

c Elizabeth m. Nathan Sweatt of Canaan and Hanover, 
N. H. Both d. in Hopkinton, N. Y. 

d Kezia m. 23 Dec. 1793, Stephen Swett of Gilmanton, b. 
20 May, 1770, d. 14 May, 1864. 

e Catharine m. Benjamin Daly of Lisbon, N. H. but had no 

/ Lydia m. 27 Nov. 1806, Timothy F. Bunker, of Gilmanton. 

1 2 Henry ^ {Henry^) of Candia, N. H. was born at 
Greenland, 4 Aug. 1755, d. 28 Nov. 1823. He was at 
Bunker Hill, and served in the Continental army in 
Rhode Island. His name appears on the pay roll of 
Capt. Joseph Dearborn's company, 5 Aug. 1777. This 
company was in Col. Moses Nichol's regiment. The 
following letter to him from a friend is printed in the 
history of Candia by Eaton. 

" Mr. Henery Clark Juner in Candia 

"Forte Washington, June 27 day, 1777. 

" Sir I rite to you to let you now how we all do. We ar well and 
in good helth at Present, a short note concerning Love. John Clark 
remembers his love to Mrs. Martha paton. Isaac Worthen remem- 
bers his love to Mrs dorothy bagler. Theophylus Clough remembers 


his Love to Mrs mary rowell. Wiginge Evens remembers his ex- 
pressive Love to Mrs. Albina Langue. Sir I hear ver}' bad news 
about you and if the news be so I am afraid it will never do for I 
hear that the chief you do is gallanting the garl* and if this be the 
case I am shewer its very bad and if you would but leive of your bad 
tricks I shud be glad So no more at Present. 

(signed) "John Morrison." 

The girls mentioned were all young ladles, although 
John styles them " Mrs." Henry m. 29 Jan. 1781, Han- 
nah, who d. 7 Oct. 18 1 2, dau. of Gilman and Sarah 
(Connor) Dudley of Candia. Gilman was fourth in 
descent from Governor Thomas Dudley. Henry's 
children were : — 

William b. 11 Jan. 1782, d. June, 1867. 5. P. 

Hannah b. 27 Jan. 1784, d. Dec. 1859. 
Sarah b. 27 Mar. 1786, d. young. 
Dudley b. 9 Nov. 1788, d. 7 Aug. 1867. 
Samuel b. 27 Sept. 1791, d. 27 Dec. 18 16. 5. P. 
Nancy b. 27 Aug. 1794, d. 5 Sept. 18 14. 
John Henry b. 27 July, 1797, d. 7 Aug. 1875. 
Gilman b. 20 May, 1802, d. Sept. 1876. 

a Hannah m. Noah S. Rollins of Sanbornton, N. H., b. 4 
Feb. 1783, and had i Nancy. 11 Noah S. of New Hampton, 
N. H. He served in the 8th Regt. N. H. Vols, in the late 
war. Mr. R. the father, m. 2d, Mrs. Mary Cass, who d. 2^ 
Nov. 1869, aet. 85. 

13 John^ {Henry^) of Campton, N. H. b. at Green- 
land, N. H. 20 May, 1760, d. in Campton, 21 Dec. 
1 83 1. He served nine months in the Continental 
army, and was corporal in Capt. Samuel McConnel's 
company of Col. David Gilman's reg't. His name is 
on the pay roll of Dec. 1776, as a soldier from Candia. 




• • 


• • • 







• • 



• • • 



He was paid in Continental money, which became 
worthless, and he gave it to his grandchildren who 
still preserve it. Until 1821, he lived in the west part 
of the town in what is called Campton Bog, when he 
bouo^ht three hundred acres in the centre of the town 
and on the Pemigewasset River. This land he divided 
between his sons John and Leavitt, and lived with the 
former the remainder of his life. He was one of the 
first members of the Baptist church. He m. 22 Dec. 
1785, Lydia, b. at Exeter, N. H., 3 Dec. 1759, d. 6 Dec 
1830, dau. of Joseph and Love Leavitt. The ch. all 
b. at Campton, were: — 

34 ' i. Dudley b. 18 Apr. 1787, d. 14 Nov. i860, at 

Wheelock, Vt. 
a ii. Kezia b. 13 Sept. 1789, d. 7 Apr. 1865, in 

36 iii. John b. 3 Dec. 1793, d. 2^^ July, 1868. 

36 iv. Leavitt b. 7 Apr. 1796, d. 6 Mar. 1855. 


a Kezia m. 25 Feb. 1844, Abel Hunt, b. 26 Jan. 1787, in 
Guilford, N. H. d. there 17 July, 1855. 


14 John^ [Joseph'') of Haverhill, N. H. was born at 
Greenland, N. H., 1756, and d. at Haverhill, 14 Oct. 
181 1. He was a soldier in the Revolution and at 
the battle of Bennington. He m. 1791, Mehitable 
b. 29 May, 1766, at Haverhill, Mass. d. 29 June, 
1856, dau. of Col. Joseph and Martha (Corliss) Hut- 
chins, of Haverhill, N. H. 


The following account of her ancestry was furnished 
by the Rev. John Clark, her son, and a few additional 
dates were obtained from the Corliss Genealogy, and 
inserted by the author : — 

John and Frances Hutchins were at Newbury, Mass. in 
1640, and about 1650 removed to Haverhill, Mass. John d. 
about 1684, aged 80, and his wife in 1692. During the witch- 
craft delusion in 1690, she was arrested, but never brought to 
trial. Their son William was imprisoned by Governor Andros, 
and while in prison he contracted a disease, on account of 
which he petitioned Massachusetts and New Hampshire for 
assistance to go to England, '' to be touched of the king." 
(See Belknap's History of New Hampshire.) Another son, 
Joseph, b. 15 Nov. 1640, d. 19 Apr. 1689, m. Joanna Corliss, 
and had Joseph, b. 29 May, 1689, d. 1759, who m. Zerviah 
Page, at Haverhill in 1731, where she d. about 1753. Joseph 
and Zerviah had Jeremiah, b. at Haverhill, Mass., 1736, 
removed to Bath, where his descendants remained. Col. 
Joseph, brother of Jeremiah, was b. 31 May, 1743, removed to. 
Haverhill, N. H. 1770, and thence to Middlesex, Vt. about 1800, 
where he d. 12 Nov. 18 14. He was a man of fine presence, 
and of importance in his day. By his first wife, Martha 
Corliss, b. 28 June, 1745, m. 9 Jan. 1763, who was a sister 
of his brother Jeremiah's wife, he had five sons and five 
daughters, one of whom was Mehitable, who m. John Clark. 
His second wife, a widow Perley, lived to be about 104. 
Most of Col. Joseph's descendants may be found in the 
vicinity of Montpelier, Vt. He had a brother Timothy, 
and a sister Ruth, who m. Ezekiel Ladd of Haverhill, 
N. H. (See Corliss Gen.) 

In 1653, the wife of John Hutchins was presented 
for violating the law of 1651, by wearing a silk scarf or 
hood, but was discharged *' upon testimony of her being 
brought up above the ordinary ranke." The children 
of John Clark were : — 







• • • 









• • • 



Joseph b. 31 Jan. 1792, d. 18 Jan. 1865. 
Amos b. 6 Feb. 1794, d. 28 Dec. 1876. 
Hannah b. 10 Apr. 1796, d. 15 Jan. 1876. 
Abigail b. 6 Mar. 1798, d. 17 Sept. 1856. 5. P, 
John b. 25 June, 1800. 

Moody b. 31 Oct. 1802, d. 3 Nov. 1824. S. P. 

Phebe T. b. 21 Apr. 1806, d. 16 July, 1871. 
Harriet b. 26 Nov. 1808. 

Phebe and Harriet were b. at Piermont, the others 
at Haverhill, N. H. 

a Hannah m. 19 May, 18 19, Capt. John Cook of Campton, 
N. H., and had Franklin, who had a son Frank, who was m. 

10 Sept. 1884, at Minneapolis, Minn. 

b Phebe T. m. 29 Nov. 1827, David Webster, who d. 28 
Feb. 1861. Their ch. all b. in Campton, were: i Olive Jane 
b. 19 Oct. 1828, m. 15 May, 1856, in Campton, N. H. Joseph 
R. Emerson, b. in Thornton, N. H. 26 Jan. 1830, d. 27 Aug. 
1864. He was a carpenter. The children of Joseph R. and 
Olive J. (Webster) Emerson were : i John T. b. 30 Jan. 1857, 
now of Biddeford, Me. 11 Mary H. h. 11 Jan. 1859, ^- ^ 
June, 1880, in Peacham, Vt. Fred. Sprague Harriman, b. in 
Peacham, 19 Oct. 1855 ; a farmer, iii Harry W. b. i Oct. 
i860, d. in Campton, 6 Jan. 1862. iv George C. h. 21 May, 
1864, d. 24 Jan. 1865. These four children were all b. in 
Peacham, Vt. Mrs. Emerson m. 2d, 7 P^eb. 1866, in Danville, 
Vt., Edward D. Palmer, b. in Cambridge, Mass. 9 Feb. 1821. 
He enlisted from Peacham, Aug. 1861, in Company H, 4th 
Vt. Regt., was wounded 5 May, 1864, and discharged 30 Sept. 
1864; now resides at Peacham as a farmer. 11 Charles G. 
second ch. of David and Phebe T. (Clark). Webster, was b. 16 
Aug. 1830, m. ,2 Dec. 1856, in Campton, N. H., Mary B. 
Cawley. He is a farmer at Campton. The ch. of Charles G. 
Webster are : i Clarendon P. b. at Three Rivers, Province of 
Quebec, 14 Oct. 1857, now a dentist at Franklin Falls, N. H. 

11 Mary E. b. in Campton, N. H. 18 June, 1875. iii Jason, 


third ch. of David and Phcbe T. (Clark) Webster, was b. lo 
Jan. 1833. Enlisted in the army 1861, and d. at Covington, 
Ky. 19 Aug. 1863. IV David, fourth ch. of David and Phebe 
T. (Clark) Webster, was b. 14 Apr. 1835, m. 8 May, 1864, 
Sarah E. Emerson, who d. 29 June, 1874. Ch. of David 
Webster, Jr. : i Fra7tk Alfred b. 4 Apr. 1865. 11 Cora Nettie 
b. 16 Aug. 1866, d. 14 Sept. 1867. iii Lulu b. 16 May, 1871, 
d. 17 May, 1871. David m. 2d, 7 July, 1875, Maria Ward 
Dearborn. He served in the Civil War. v Alfi-ed, fifth ch, 
of David and Phebe T. (Clark) Webster, was b. 24 Nov. 1837, 
m. 24 Sept. 1866, Susan E. Kendall, who d. 11 Oct. ^868, and 
had Nettie E. b. 29 June, 1867, in Campton, N. H. Alfred 
m. 2d, 14 June, 1870, Lydia Wallace, and had \ Julia Maria 
b. 18 Apr. 1872. II Jason b. 21 July, 1874. iii George W. 
b. 7 Oct. 1875. IV Phebe Lois b. 6 Sept. 1880; all b. in 
Campton. In 1862 Alfred enlisted in Company A, 13th 
N. H. Regt. and served to the close of the war ; now a 
farmer at Campton. vi Emily A. sixth ch. of David and 
Phebe T. (Clark) Webster, was b. 26 Nov. 1839, n^- 25 Nov. 
1866, in Laconia, N. H. David C. Pales, and had i Willie 
H. b. 23 May, 1870. 11 Hattie B. b. 7 June, 1872. in David 
W. b. 22 Mar. 1874. iv Frank C. b. 9 May, 1879, ^- ^3 
Apr. 1880. All b. in Lyme, N. H. Mr. Fales is a farmer at 

c Harriet m. Mark Chase of Plymouth, N. H. and had 
I Fred. 11 Laura. in Clara J. iv Jo/in C. who d. at 
Plymouth, N. H. 3 Oct. 1883. He m. and had Hattie, who 
m. 18 June, 1884, Philip Gordon. 

15 Enoch^ {Enoch'^) of Greenland, N. H. where he 
was b. 9 Nov. 1763, and d. 6 Mar. 1844. He was 
town clerk 1787-94 (eight years); selectman 1793, 
'5, 1804, '8, '10; moderator 1798, 1800, 'i, '2, '3, '5, '6, 
'8, '10, 'i2-'i6, '20, and '22 (sixteen years); auditor 
1797, 1802, '7, '13, '16, '22; collector and constable 


1789; assessor 1824; school committee 1820 and '22 ; 
representative 1800 and 1801. In 1824, he was on a 
committee to examine and lay out the road from 
Simpson's Hill to James Wedgewood's, and over the 
river, and In 1828 to arrange for the dismissal of Rev. 
Ephraim Abbot. Besides these he held many minor 
offices. 25 Dec. 1783, he signed the petition that the 
town might have a representative each year, and 24 
Dec. 1789, that money might be raised by a lottery to 
build a bridge over " little Harbour River." Enoch 
M. and Joseph Clark also signed the latter petition. 
He m. first, Mary Robinson, b. 18 Aug. 1771, d. 7 
June, 1798, and second, 1801, Betsey Huse. His ch. 
were : — 

40 i. Charles Augustus b. 25 Nov. 1789, d. 4 Dec. 

a ii. Mary L. b. 5 Sept. 1794, d. Sept. 1877. 

ill. Thomas b. 18 Mar. 1802, d. 12 Nov. 1839, in 

Florida. 5 P. 

iv. Elizabeth b. 2 Feb. 1804, d. 28 Apr. 1844. ^- P- 
V. Emily b. 10 Feb. 1808, d. 22 Dec. 183 1. 5. P. 

vi. Stephen b. 11 Mar. 181 5, d. 24 Apr. 1825, 

41 vii. Enoch Henry b. 6 Feb. 18 17. 

a Mary L. m. Dr. Abraham Bradley of Utica N. Y. and 

had I Lotcisa who m. and went West. 11 Virginia d. 

ni Leonidas d. Mrs. B. m. 2d, Mr. White, 3d, 

I 6 Thomas March^ (E^ioch^) of Newburyport, Mass. 
merchant, b. in Greenland, N. H. Sunday, 24 Mar. 
1 77 1, and baptized that day. He d. at Newburyport, 
30 Mar. 1850. Graduated at Phillips (Exeter) Academy 
in 1786, and w^ent to Newburyport two years later. 
Converted in the revival of 1800, he became a prom- 


inent member of the Presbyterian church, and was 
ruHng elder forty years, and also deacon. He was 
much interested in foreign missions, and was president 
of the Howard Benevolent Society from 1816 till his 
death. His wife was president of the Orphan Asylum 
for more than thirty years. Served on the committee 
to collect contributions after the great fire at Newbury- 
port, 31 May, 181 1 ; and in 18 14 " Captain Thomas M. 
Clark " was one of the committee to take measures for 
defence against the British. He w^as one of the com- 
mittee appointed to receive President Monroe, 16 June, 
18 1 7, and also Gen. Lafayette, 31 Aug. 1824. In 1829, 
together with Benjamin W. Hale, he directed the con- 
struction of the breal^yater from Plum Island to 
Woodbridge Island, and^Hknce to Plum Island Sound. 
He was a man of the high^f character and a prominent 
citizen. He m. Mary, d. 15 June, 18 10, daughter of 
Alexander and Mary Caldwell. He m. 2d, 28 May, 
181 1, Rebecca Wheelwright of Newbury, b. 1782, d. 
31 July, 1863. She was descended from Rev. John 
Wheelwright, b. 1594, who received degrees at Sydney 
College, Cambridge, England, 16 14 and 1618 ; was 
Vicar at Bilsby, Lincolnshire, 1623-32, and d. at Salis- 
bury, Mass. 15 Nov. 1679; he was son of Robert of 
Saleby, Lincolnshire. The children of Thomas March 
Clark were : — 

42 i. Edwin Augustus b. 15 Mar. 1800, d. 31 July, 

1863. S.P. 

ii. Harriet d 

43 iii. Thomas March b. 4 July, 18 12. 

44 iv. Rufus Wheelwright b. 17 Dec. 18 13. 

V. Edward Warren b. 30 Oct. 1815, d. 12 Aug. 1837. 


vi. Abraham Wheelwright b. 13 Sept. 18 17, d. 14 
Dec. 1818. 

45 vii. George Henry b. 7 Nov. 18 19. 

46 viii. Samuel Adams b. 27 Jan. 1822, d. 28 Jan. 1875. 

ix. Mary Rebecca b. i Aug. 1825, d. 29 Apr. 1843. 

They were all b. in Newburyport. 

17 Enoch Moody^ {Greenleaf^) of Portsmouth, 
N. H. was born 4 Dec. 1763, d. 18 15. He was a 
teacher for many years, and had often as many as one. 
hundred scholars. He was living in the old Packer 
house when it was burned in 18 13. This house was 
one of the finest in town, and it was here that General 
Washington stayed during his four days' visit to Ports- 
mouth in 1789. He had a pew in the old North 
Church in 1812, where he was a deacon. He m. Mary 
Greenleaf, only dau. of John, who was fifth in descent 
from Capt. Edmund Greenleaf .of Newbury. It is 
probable that he had no children. 

18 Greenleaf^ {Greenleaf^) of Greenland, N. H. 
was b. there 2 Nov. 1765, and d. there 30 Jan. 1850. 
He m. 23 Apr. 1801, Abigail French, who d. 26 Jan. 
1863, aged 90 years. They had no children. 

19 Joseph^ {Greenleaf^) of Greenland, N. H. was 
born there 20 Apr. 1767, d. 21 May, 1851. He m. 
Comfort Weeks, b. 26 Nov. 1773, d. 8 Aug. 1861, and 
had : — 

47 i. Ichabod b. 8 Aug. 1793, d. 3 Apr. 1825. 
a ii. Mary Moody b. 25 Aug. 1795, d. 6 Mar. 1876. 
b ill. Comfort b. 17 Aug. 1797. 


c iv. Sarah b. 8 (?23) Mar. 1800, d. 12 May, 1883. 

48 V. Enoch Moody b. 12 Apr. 1802, d. 7 Aug. 1865. 

49 vi. Greenleaf b. 22 Mar. 1808, or 5 Mar. 1806, d. 2 

Mar. 1874. 

50 vii. Brackett Weeks b. 2 Nov. 1809, d. i Jan. 1885. 
61 viii. Alfred Metcalf b. 17 Oct. 1812, d. 18 Aug. 1855. 

a Mary M. m. 13 Jan. 18 14, Samuel Avery of Wolfboro, 
N. H. b. 9 May, 1785, in Stratham, N. H. d. 5 Oct. 1858, son 
of Joshua and Hannah (Clark) Avery, and had i Augustine 
Decatur b. 16 Oct. 18 14, m. 26 Dec. 1854, Sarah Elizabeth 
Libby, b. 14 Mar. 1830, and had five ch. (" Libby Family," 
p. 234.) II JosepJi Lorenzo b. 12 Jan. 1817, m. 8 Jan. 1857, 
Helen Maria Libb}^ b. 3 Apr. 1835, sister of his brother's 
wife, and had two ch. in A7tne Eliza b. 25 Nov. 18 19, m. 6 
Nov. 1839, Rev. Leander Thompson of Woburn, Mass. and 
had six ch. Rev. Mr. T. is son of Deacon Charles and Mary 
(Wyman) Thompson, and has travelled much, his eldest son 
being b. in Jerusalem, and his second son in Syria. 

b Comfort m. Hubbard Weeks of Greenland, and lived in 

Concord, N. H. where both died. They had i Ichabod d. 

II Elizabeth d. 20 Feb. 1884, aged 65, m. Oliver Towle of 
Hampton, N. H. and lived in Westfield, Mass. iii Ellen m. 
John Lane of Concord, N. H. 

c Sarah m. 1820, Lewis Hayes of Milton, N. H., b. there 
Dec. 1794, d. in Kittery, Me. 31 Mar. 1862, and had i Albert 
Alonzo b. Dec. 1820, m. Hannah Pennell of Kittery. 11 
Charles Edzvin b. June, 1823, m. Lucinda Ann Adams of 
Kittery. in Comfort Weeks b. 11 Mar. 1827, m. Woodbury 
Oilman of Parsonsfield, Me. who d. 1853, and she m. Geo. 
Ayer, 1854. iv Alfred Clark b. Apr. 183 1, d. at Hong Kong, 
China } His fate is uncertain, v George Henry m. Mary 
Frances Mclntire of Portsmouth, N. H. vi Calvin Lewis b. 
Mar. 1842 1 m. Angelina Perry of Wolfboro, N. H. 

The four elder were b. in Milton, George in South Ber- 
wick, and Calvin in Kittery. 


20 Daniel^ {Daniel^) of Plermont, N. H. was born 
there 23 Apr. 1785, and d. there 8 July, 1849. He was 
selectman. He m. 5 May, 1814, Mary A. b. 18 Mar. 
1795, at Brookline, Mass., d. 5 May, 1878, at Cam- 
bridge, Mass. dau. of John Dana of Oxford, Mass. His 
ch. all of whom were b. at Piermont, were : — 

Harriet Newell b. 10 Mar. 181 5, d. 2 Mar. 1853. 
Almira Lorain b. 27 Apr. 1816, d. 10 June, 1879, 

at West Somerville, Mass. 
Sarah Ann b. 6 Oct. 18 17. 
Isaac Moody b. 9 Jan. 18 19. 
George Smith b. 13 Nov. 1820, d. 23 Oct. 1844, 

at Boston. 5. P. 

John Dana b. 20 Apr. 1823, d. 21 June, 1874. 
Alethea Smith b. 20 Mar. 1825, d. Jan. 1848. 
Daniel Gove b. 24 Nov. 1827. 
Nancy Niles b. 3 Nov. 1829, d. 25 May, 185 1, at 

Port Jervis, N. Y. 
Amos Hurd b. 15 June, 1831. 
Ezra Bennett b. 27 Nov. 1833, d. 19 June, 1858. 

66 xii. Winthrop George b. 3 Aug. 1839. 

a Almira Lorain m. 14 Feb. 1847, in Boston, Bernard 
Joseph Garagan, b. 23 June, 1822, in New York city, d. 29 
Apr. 1 86 1, at Charlestown, Mass. and had i Emma Matilda b. 
29 July, 1852, m. 15 Sept. 1875, at East Cambridge, Mass. 
Charles Merwin Cheney, b. 12 Aug. 1846, at Bradford, N. H. 
and had Maud Achsa b. 26 Nov. 1876, at East Cambridge, 
and Bernard Eben b. 27 Apr. 1881, at Reading, Mass. 11 
Charles b. 19 Sept. 1855, d. young, 11 Sarah Loi-ain Homer 
b. 9 Jan. 1857, m. 14 Nov. 1877, at East Cambridge, James 
Green Miner b. 28 July, 1856, at Olean, N. Y. and has Viola 
Almira b. 16 May, 1879, ^^ Davenport, Iowa, and Bernard b. 
16 Aug. 1882, d. 8 Nov. 1882, at Davenport. 

Emma was born in Boston and the others in Charlestown. 





« • • 















b Sarah Ann m. 13 Nov. 1845, in Roxbury, Mass., Samuel 
Reed Homer of Olean, N. Y. b. at Billerica, now Lowell, 
Mass. I Feb. 1817. Ch. : i Eugene Augustus b. 26 Sept. 
1846, in Boston, m. 23 Jan. 1873, Anna Charles, b, 12 Dec. 
1844, in Angelica, N. Y. but has no ch. 11 George Daniel b. 
27 July, 1849, at Piermont, N. H. ui James Madison b. 3 
.Apr. 1852, at Olean, m. 20 Sept. 1883, at Bolivar, N. Y. 
Hattie Root of Bolivar. 

2 I Smith^ {Daniel^) of Fort Ann, N. Y. and Pal- 
myra, Wis. was born at Piermont, N. H. 8 Aug. 1787, 
and d. at Milwaukee, Wis. 10 Oct. 1846. After leav- 
ing his native place, and prior to his removal to Fort 
Ann, he lived at Bradford, Burlington, and Irasburg, 
Vt. He m. 1st, Dolly Clement* of Warren, N. H. ; he 
m. 2d, Aug. 1 8 16, at Fort Ann, N. Y. Permelia Plue, 
b. 10 Mar. 1779. (?) His ch. were: — 


i. Sarah b. 9 Feb. 18 12, d. 7 Nov. 1862, at Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 
ii. Edward b. 1814, d. 30 Oct. 1841, at 

Piermont. S. P. 

John b. 16 Aug. 1817. 

Lucy b. 22 July, 1820. 

Albert G. b. 9 July, 1822. 

Dolly b. 27 Apr. 1824. 

Enos b. 16 June, 1829. 

Sarah A. b. 5 Oct. 183 1. 

Vandon B. b. 27 Nov. 1836. 

Sarah, Edward, Albert and Dolly were b. at Piermont, 
Enos and Sarah A. at Berlin, Vt. and the others at Fort 
Ann, N. Y. 


• • • 














* Jonathan and Hannah (Page) Clement of Warren, N. H. had a dau. 
Dolly, b. 25 July, 1792 (Hist, of Warren, p. 225). 


a Sarah m. 23 Oct. 1836, Daniel Kelley of East Cam- 
bridge, Mass. b. 28 Aug. 1804, in Warren, N. H. d. 23 Oct, 
1864, at Cambridge, and had i Daniel George b. 23 Dec. 1837, 
at East Cambridge, d. 14 May, 1868, at Cambridge. 5. P. 
He served in the civil war, was twice wounded, and died four 
years, almost to an hour, after the date of the last wound. 

II Martha WasJiington b. 16 June, 1843, at Somerville, Mass. 
d. 19 June, 1866, at Cambridge, m. Aug. 1865, in Cambridge, 
Edmund A. Eaton of Bowdoinham, Me. 

b Lucy m. 17 Jan. 1842, at Orwell, Vt. Francis W. Perkins, 
who was b. there 13 Sept. 18 19, and was a carpenter. Ch. : 
I James IV. b. 16 Dec. 1842, at Orwell, Vt. m. Feb. 1865, 
Eliza Kerns of East Canada. He was a farmer. Thev had 
three ch. : i Francis W. b. 15 Sept. 1867, i\ John b. 1874. 

III Lncy M. b. Nov. 1877. All b. in Canada. 11 Adin M. b. 
14 Sept. 1844, at Benson, Vt. ; a farmer; m. 30 Jan. 1874, 
Priscilla N. Nodian of Benson. She was b. in Ticonderoga, 
N. Y. Ill George E. b. 21 Apr. 1848, at Benson, Vt., m. i 
Jan. 1872, Ella M. Farmer of Addison, Vt. and had Ashley F. 
b. 7 Aug. 1874, at Orwell, Vt. iv Fred 7?. b. 15 May, 1866, 
at Sherburne, Vt. 

c Dolly m. Josiah Dutton, and lives near Minneapolis, Minn. 

d Sarah A. m. Joshua Winslow, of Arapahoe, Neb. 

22 John^ {Daniel'^) of Warren, N. H. was born at 
Piermont, 31 May, 1790, d. 11 Aug. 1865 ; was one of 
the vice-presidents at the centennial celebration in 
1863, of the settlement of the town. He m. Mary 
Knight, b. 21 Oct. 1792, d. 13 July, 1862, and has 
had : — 

a i. Ruth K. b. 5 Jan. 1818, d. 13 Mar. 1870. 

61 ii. Joseph H. b. 4 Apr. 1821. 

iii. Mary E. b. 24 Apr. 1823, d. May, 1837. 

62 iv. Stevens K. b. 27 Nov. 1825. 

63 V. John L. b. 7 Mar. 1829. 


a Ruth K. m. 6 Dec. 1848, Moses H. Clement, now of 
Weaverville, Cal. b. 14 Dec. 181 1, son of Col. Moses H. 
Clement of Warren, N. H. and had George Byron b. 5 Nov. 
1849, n^- 10 May, 1874, Susie E. b. 28 Mar. 1859, dau. of 
Albin Nash, and has two ch. 

23 Enoch^ {Daniel^) of Wentworth, N. H. was b. 
at Piermont, 5 Dec. 1798, and d. there 22 Apr. 1868. 
He was of an amiable and kindly disposition, an indul- 
gent father and a good neighbor, careful in forming an 
opinion, but resolute and determined. In his religious 
views he was liberal, but had strong faith, and his word 
was as good as his bond. Politically, he was a demo- 
crat, and was selectman for several years. He m. 
Ruth, b. 20 Feb. 1805, d. at Wentworth, N. H., May, 
1884, dau. of James and Abigail Harrlman, and had: — 

a i. Mary J. b. 10 Apr. 1825, d. 9 Aug. 1873. 

64 ii. Oscar B. b. 27 Dec. 1827. 

66 iii. Enoch b. 27 July, 183 1. 

b iv. Chastina b. 14 Dec. 1833. 

66 V. James H. b. 18 Oct. 1836, d. 29 Apr. 1882. 

c vi. Abbie H. b. 28 Sept. 1842. 

The four eldest were b. in Piermont, and the others in 

a Mary J. m. 15 Nov. i860, Alfred Kelley of Medford, 
Mass. and had Fred, b. 6 Sept. 1862, in Rumney, N. H. 

b Chastina m. 26 Oct. 1859, Henry F. Simpson, b. 2 Jan. 
1834, at Haverhill, N. H., d. 30 Jan. 1867, at Nashville, Tenn. 
and had William W. b. 24 Oct. 1863, at Wentworth, N.* H, 
He is now of Manchester, N. J. She m. 2d, 28 July, 1879, 
Rufus Blodgett, b. 9 Oct. 1834, at Dorchester, N. H. He went 
to Manchester, N. J. in 1866, and was assistant general super- 
intendent of the New Jersey Southern R. R. until 1884, when 


he became superintendent of the New York and Long Branch 
R. R. Mr. Blodgett was elected to the New Jersey Legis- 
lature, from Ocean County, in 1877, ^^7"^^ ^i^d 1879. ^^ 1880, 
he was candidate for State Senator, and ran ahead of his 
ticket, but was defeated. He has been much in politics, and 
in the campaign of 1884, was chairman of the Democratic 
State Central Committee. 

c Abbie H. m. Nov. 1862, Henry Cleasby of Wentworth. 
N. H., b. 28 July, 1840, in Warren, N. H., d. 10 July, 1869, at 
Fairlee, Vermont, and had i Harlcy B. b. 1863. 11 Adele b. 
3 Nov. 1866. 

24 Stephen^ {^Nathaniel^) of Meredith, N. H. was 
b. 5 July, 1780, d. 7 May, 1861. He was a farmer. He 
m. 24 Jan. 1800, Ezza Miller, b. 11 June, 1783, d. 20 
Jan. 1823. She was sister to Nathaniel Clark's wife.* 
He had : — 

Polly b. II Dec. 1804, d. 17 Aug. 1848. 

Betsey b. 25 Oct. 1806, d. 6 July, 1863. 

Sally b. 13 Sept. 1808. 

Ruth b. 6 Oct. 1 8 10. 

John b. 21 Nov. 18 12, d. 7 Mar. i860. 

Hannah b. 18 July, 18 14, d. 29 May, 1872. 

David b. 30 Jan. 18 16. 

Nancy b. 2 Mar. 181 8, d. 30 Aug. 1882. 

Oilman b 5 Mar. 1821. 

a Sally m. 20 Nov. 1833, Stephen Boardman of Meredith, 
N. H., b. 31 Aug. 1803, and had i Louisa, b. 20 Aug. 1834, m. 
Jan. 1853, Smith Dow, who d. 30 Jan. 1865, leaving one dau. 
Mrs. Dow m. 2d, 12 May, 1883, B. F. Wentworth of Centre 
Harbor. 11 Lavina b. Feb. 1837, m. 1861, Noah L. Davis of 
Gilford, N. H. and has three sons. 

♦ Seepage 135. 10, ii- 


« • 



• • • 














b Ruth m. 1835, Eben Bickford of Laconia, N. H. and had 
a son and a dau. 

c Hannah m. Nov. 1838, Herbert Lovejoy, and had two 
sons and one dau. who are m. and live in Meredith. 

25 Joshua^ {Nathaniel^) of Thornton, N. H. was 
b. 8 Nov. 1784, and d. 7 Oct. 1877. He m. 28 Feb. 
1809, Mary, b. 24 Aug. 1784, d. 23 June, 1844, dau. of 
Thomas and Sarah (Patten) Calden, and had : — 

Mary b. 11 Jan. 18 10, d. 7 Feb. i860. 
Sarah Ann b. 8 Jan. 18 13, d. 31 Mar. 1876. 
Nathaniel b. 8 Feb. 1815, d. i Apr. 1875. 
Jane B. b. 24 Nov. 18 16. 
Betsey B. b. 4 June, 18 19. 
Delia D. b. 3 Sept. 1821, d. 6 Aug. 1871. 
Hannah D. b. 26 Nov. 1823. 
Martha C. b. 29 Jan. 1826. 
Lovina B. b. 30 Oct. 1829. 
X. Oliver b. 15 Nov. 1831, d. 25 Aug. 1834. 

a Mary m. Francis Polyguin, and had i Delia C. 11 Sarah 
A. Ill Mary F. 

b Sarah A. m. Sylvestus Sawyer, and had i Mary J. 11 
CJiarles S. She m. 2d, Thomas Wyatt, and had i Nathaniel. 
II George, in Nellie, iv Mattie L. v Sarah E. vi Horace. 

c Jane B. m. Jeremiah Hoyt, b. Dec. 18 10, d. and had i 
Frances P. 11 Mary J. Mrs. H. m. 2d, Daniel Knapp, but 
had no ch. 

d Betsey B. m. Herod Fifield, and had i George. 11 

e Delia D. m. Nathaniel Boynton, and had i Charles. 11 
Herbert, ill Eddie, iv Moses, v Grace. 

f Hannah D. m. 13 Sept. 1842, Andrew M. Springer, b. 21 
June, 1816, d. 18 May, 1854, and had i George W.\i. 10 Mar. 




• • 

















1844. II Charles A. b. 22 June, 1847, d. 22 Apr. t866. hi 
Natha7iiel B. b. 22 Oct. 1849. She m. .2d, 8 Feb. 1857, 
Horace K. Hill, b. 27 Oct. 1826, but had no ch. They live 
in Westchester, N. Y. 

£■ Martha C. m. Alamarsa Poor, and had Acidic. She m. 
2d, Geo. Grant, and had Ida, b. 25 Apr, 1859. She m. 3d, 
Fred Harden, and had i Lczuis b. 23 Jan. 1861. 11 Evnna b. 
26 Nov. 1862. Ill Eibridge b. 7 Oct. 1864. iv Fraiikiiii b. 
19 June, 1867, d. 14 Oct. 1869. 

Ji Lovina B. m. 25 Sept. 1859, George Knowles, b. 4 Mar. 
1 83 1, d. 21 June, 1862, and had Wiliard N. b. 7 July, i860. 
She m. 2d, Charles Shute of Campton, N. H. b. 2 Aug. 1833, 
and had Lucy F. b. 20 Sept. 1866. 

26 Enoch^ {Samicel"^) of Littleton, N. H. was b. in 
Gilmanton, N. H., June, 1765, d. Mar. 1834. He m. 
I Apr. 1795, Joanna Dudley of Gilmanton, b. Nov. 
1774, d. Nov. 1850. His children were: — 

i. Kezia b. i June, 1798, d. 13 Oct. 1825. S.P. 

ii. Mary F. b. 21 Aug. 1800, d. 19 July, 1856. S. P. 

a iii. Martha G. b. 29 Jan. 1803, d. 19 Oct. 1848. 

iv. Enoch b. 21 June, 1805, d. 28 Nov. 1862. 5. P. 

V. Catharine b. 13 Jan. 1808. 

71 vi. John D. b. 21 July, 1810, d. 28 Mar. 1855. 

vii. Joanna Jane b. 17 Aug. 181 5, d. 3 Dec. 1874. 
5. P. 

a Martha G. m. 1825, John Dudley of Littleton, N. H. but 
had no children. 

Catharine is the only survivor of this family, and 
resides with her nephew. Enoch and four of his sisters 
never married. 

27 SamueP [Samuel^) of Gilmanton, N. H. was b. 
there 23 Feb. 1776, and d. there 4 May, 1822. He m. 


Sally, b. 1776, d. 17 Feb. 1853, dau. of Thomas and 
Hannah Sweatt of Loudon, N. H. and his ch. were: — 

72 i. Thomas b. 14 Aug. 1798, d. 3 June, 1879. 
ii. Hannah b. d. 24 Sept. 1826. 

iii. Polly b. 1802, d. 15 May, 181 7. 

73 iv. Nathan b. 6 May, 1804. 

V. Joseph b. 1808, d. Aug. 181 5. 

74 vi. Samuel b. 5 May, 1809. 

75 vii. Joseph H. b. 10 Feb. 18 19, d. 23 Sept. 1879. 

28 Peter^ [Samuel^) of Gilmanton, N. H. was born 
there 8 Oct. 1781, and d. there 25 Nov. 1865. Dr. 
Peter Clark was ordained by the Council of the Third 
Freewill Baptist Church to the ministry in Gilmanton, 
8 Jan. 1810; he was a noted revivalist, and is said to 
have attended more funerals than any other minister in 
town. He was representative to the legislature In 
1826, '7, '8, and '9. He m. 28 Nov. 1805, Mar)^ b. 23 
July, 1785, d. 25 Sept. 1841, dau. of William Morrison. 
Their only child was : — 

76 i. William M. b. 10 Dec. 1809. 

29 Joseph^ {Samuel'^) of Gilmanton, N. H. was b. 
there 17 Jan. 1789, d. there 2 July, 1855. He was 
made a deacon of the Freewill Baptist Church in 1839, 
He m. 30 Aug. 181 2, Mary French of Gilmanton, b. 
I 79 1, d. 15 Dec. 1879, and has had: — 

i. , d. young. 

a ii. Eliza M. b. 1816, d. i May, 1878. 

a Eliza M. m. ist John C. Roberts, b. 14 May, 18 16, d. 22 
May, 1840; she m. 2d, 21 Dec. 1848, Elkanah F. Bean. 


30 William^ [Henry^) of Candia, N. H. was b. there 
II Jan. 1782, d. there June, 1867. He m. Jane Bean, 
who d. Oct. 1857, but had no ch. 

3 I Dudley^ {He7i7y^) of Sanbornton, N. H.*" was b. 
In Candia, N.H. 9 Nov. 1788. He was apprenticed to 
N. S. Rollins, whose place afterwards came into his 
possession, and for several years he carried on the 
business of wheelwright. He removed to Winchester, 
Mass. where he died 7 Aug. 1867. He m. i Nov. 
1820, Hannah Clarkson, who d. in Sanbornton, 16 
Sept. i860. His children were : — 

Malvina b. 16 Jan. 1822. 
Henry B. b. 27 Apr. 1824, d. 16 Mar. 1828. 
Samuel Dudley b. 4 July, 1826. 
Mary Jane b. 3 July, 1828. 

John Weston b. 24 May, 1836, d. 15 June, 1867, 
in Cambridge, Mass. 5. P. 

a Malvina m. 25 Oct. 1842, Josiah F. Stone of Winchester, 
Mass. b. at Cornish, Me. 16 Oct. 1822, d. 26 Jan. 188 1. He 
was representative 1879 and 1881. They had Edivard A. 
b. 15 Oct. 1844, d. 22 May, 1849. 

b Mary Jane m. 5 Aug. 1849, Charles G. Taylor of San- 
bornton, N. H. b. 25 Mar. 1826, now of Chillicothe, 111. and 
had LydiaJ. b. 30 Nov. 1850, d. 9 Apr. 1868. 

32 John Henry^ {Henry^) of Sanbornton, N. H., b. 
in Candia, 27 July, 1797, came to Sanbornton in 18 16, 
and was an apprentice to his brother Dudley. He 
built the store at " Clark's Corner," and also the laro-e 

* Runnels' History of Sanbornton, Vol. II, gives much information con- 
cerning the Clarks of Sanbornton, and allied families. 



• • 



• « • 






dwelling house near It, occupied in 1878 by Daniel 
Tllton. He was a most worthy citizen. He removed 
to Danvers, and d. there 7 Aug. 1875. He m. 13 Feb. 
1823, Betsey Moore, b. 12 Apr. 1803, d. 7 Aug. 1875, 
dau. of Jonathan and Theodosia (Gale) Taylor. Her 
father was In the Reyolutlonary army, and was corporal 
In a volunteer com.pany during the war of 18 12, and 
much respected as a citizen. John Henry's children 

78 i. John Taylor b. 19 Sept. 1825, d. 20 Oct. 1880. 

79 ii. William Jones b. 14 Dec. 1828. 

a iii. Hannah Dudley b. 18 Dec. 1830. 
b iv. Susan Brown b. 29 July, 1835. 

80 V. Nathan Joshua b. 24 Oct. 1837. 

81 vi. Henry Wood b. 15 Feb. 1839. 

a Hannah Dudley m. i Oct. 1862, Joseph Plumer of Milton, 
N. H., b. II Mar. 1820, son of Joseph and Sarah (Brown) 
Plumer. He was representative in 1873. No children. 

b Susan B. m. 25 Apr. 1861, Jeremiah B. Calef, b. 30 Dec. 
1 83 1, selectman of Sanbornton, 1870-71. 

33 Oilman^ {Heiiry^) lived in Candia on the farm of 
his father and o^randfather. He was born in Candia 
20 May, 1802, d. Sept. 1876; he m. first 13 Apr. 1831, 
Nancy b. 30 Aug. 1803, d. 18 Aug. 1843, d^^- ^^ 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Barker) Shute ; m. second, 20 
Feb. 1844, Sarah F. Pearson, and his children were 

a i. Sarah E. b. 9 Jan. 1834. 

82 ii. Henry Oilman b. 6 June, 1836. 

a Sarah PI m. 3 Apr. 1855, Merrill Johnson of Candia, 
N. H., and had i Alice J. b. 21 June, 1856. 11 Moses G, b. 
30 May, 1 86 1. 111 Hattie /. b. 13 Oct. 1867. 


34 Dudle)^ [John") of Wheelock, Vt., Avas b. in 
Campton, N. H., 18 Apr. 1787, and d. In Wheelock, 
Vt. 14 Nov. i860; a farmer. He went to Wheelock 
in 1808, and while there held many town offices, was 
justice of the peace many years, and agent for Dart- 
mouth College. He was a Freewill Baptist. He m. 
in Wheelock 6 Dec. 18 10, Polly b. 27 Dec. 1789, in 
Gilmanton, N. H. d. 10 May, i860, in Wheelock, Vt., 
dau. of Jonathan and Joanna (W^illey) Folsom. They 

a i. Lydia b. 10 Sept. 181 1, d. 24 Oct. 1883, in Campton. 

ii. Melinda b. 6 Mar. 18 15, d. 11 June, 1846. 

iii. John b. 20 Oct. 18 18, d. 21 Aug. 1842. 

iv. Kezia b. 16 Mar. 1821, d. 8 Apr. 1844. 

v: Leonard P. b. 29 Aug. 1823, d. 8 June, 1824. 

vi. Mary A. b. 6 Dec. 1826, d. 8 June, 1828. 

a Lydia m. 28 Nov. 1833, in Campton, N.H., David Thorn- 
ton b. 26 June, 1808, in Hatley, Stanstead County, Canada, 
son of Samuel and Kate (Baker) Thornton, who were from 
Campton, and had i Jolin C. b. 7 Aug. 1834, d. in Campton 
25 Oct. 1873, m. 7 Jan. 1863, Eliza A. Thomas b. in Wheelock, 
Vt., 4 Mar. 1843, "^^^^ had three cliildren. 11 Melinda C. b. 17 
Jan. 1836, m. in Greensboro', Vt., 18 Mar. 1858, Geo. Miller 
b. in Draymon, Scotland, 1812, d. 31 Mar. 1876, in Groton, 
Vt., and bad eiicht children. She m. 2d, 6 Feb. 1877, in 
Groton, Vt., Peter Darling b. there 2 Feb. 1827, and has one 
child. Ill Kczia C. b. 14 May, 1838, d. in Wheelock, 19 
Mar. 1859. IV Dudley C. b. 20 Sept. 1840, m. Hannah 
Hastings of Greensboro', Vt., and had three chikh-en. v 
yerod D. W. b. 26 Apr. 1842, m. in Hatley, Stanstead Co., 
Canada, 24 Jan. 1865, Mrs. Lucy Colby, b. there Sept. 1834, 
dau. of Benjamin and Sarah (Simons) Wadley. He was for- 
merly in the milk business in Somerville, Mass., but now a 
farmer in Top^ham, Vt. vi Mary H. b. 5 May, 1844, m. 15 


June, 1878, in Campton, Richard H. Copithorn b. in Boston, 
5 Mar. 1852, now a farmer on the old John Clark farm in 
Campton, N. H. vii Horatio IV. H b. 30 Aug. 1847, m. 
Lizzie Clark, and has two children, viii Sitinncr b. 8 Oct. 
1850, d. 6 Feb. 1859. ix yiidson b. 4 Nov. 1853, d. 6 Feb. 
1859. -^ Frank A. b. 25 Apr. 1855, d. 7 Feb. 1859. J^^^^ 
and Melinda were b. in Campton, N. H., and the others in 
Wheelock, Vt., where the three youngest died. 

35 John^ {Johii') of Campton, N. H. was born there 
3 Dec. 1793, and d. 28 July, 1868. He m. 6 Nov. 
1823, Alice Baker b. 27 July, 1798, In Campton. They 

83 i. Josiah Baker b. i Aug. 1824, d. 15 Oct. 1856. 
a ii. Lydia b. 19 Dec. 1829. 

a Lydia m. 12 Apr. 1863, in Campton, John S. Hanaford 
b. 17 Mar. 1830, in New Hampton, N. H. 

36 Leavltt^ {yolm^) of Campton, N. H. was b. there 
7 Apr. 1796, and d. 6 Mar. 1855 ; was selectman. He 
m. 30 Dec. 1824, Almira Bump b. 8 June, 1803 ? in 
Campton, d. 6 Feb. 1833, ^^'^^ had 

Malvina b. 8 Nov. 1825. 

John Rogers, b. 17 Jan. 1828, d. 25. Mar. 1875, hi 

Dudley Leavitt b. 18 Jan. 1830. 
Infant d. 6 Feb. 1833. 

a Malvina m. 6 May, 1847, in Campton, N. H., Charles 
Bickford b. in Campton, 1822, d. 7 Dec. 1854, in Thornton, 
N. H., and had i Abnira b. 11 Sept. 1848, in Thornton, d. 
in Campton. 11 Sarah G. b. 26 May, 1850, in Thornton, m, 
19 Apr. 1875, Geo. Emery b. Feb. 1855, and had Charles S. 









b. 21 Dec. 1879. Ill Mary M. d 10 Apr. 1854, in Campton. 
Mrs. B. m. 2cl, 21 Dec. 1856, in Campton, Hon. Russell Cox 
of Holderness, N, H., b. there 19 Aug. 1799, and had Almira 
b. 25 June, 1858. Mr. Cox has held many town offices, and 
has several times been a member of the legislature. 


37 Joseph^ {JoJi7f) of Campton, N. H., b. at Haver- 
hill, N. H. 31 Jan. 1792, d. 18 Jan. 1865. He m. first, 
Mar. 1820, Hannah Cook b. 18 Sept. 1793, at Camp- 
ton, d. 24 Jan. 1832. He m. second, 28 Jan. 1834, 
Apha (or Aphia) Palmer b. 13 May, 1791, at Campton, 
d. 20 Jan. 1873. His children were 

86 i. Samuel C. b. 7 May, 1S21. 

87 ii! William Hutchins b. 13 Oct. 1822. 

iii. Moody b. 27 Sept. 1824, d. 15 Apr. 1825. 

88 iv. Joseph b. 2 Apr. 1826. 

89 V. Benjamin b. 11 June, 1828. 

90 vi. Calvin b. 12 Aug. 1830. 

91 vii. Daniel b. 28 Oct. 1834. 

38 Amos^ [Johf) of Campton, N. H. was b. at 
Haverhill, N. H. 6 Feb. 1794, and d. 28 Dec. 1876. 
He m. 9 Oct. 1828, Hepzibah, who d. 10 July, 1877, 
dau. of Dudley and Rebecca (Pingery) Palmer. Hep- 
zibah was sister of his brother Joseph Clark's second 
wife. His children were 

92 i. Moody b. 23 Sept. 1829. 

93 ii. Theodore Palmer b. 17 Aug. 1831. 
iii. Mehitable b. 27 June, 1834. 

iv. Phebe b. r8 Apr. 1839. 


39 John^ {Johv") of Rumney, N. H. was born at 
Haverhill, N. H. 25 June, 1800. He studied theology 
with Rev. George Punchard, a Congregational clergy- 
man, then of Plymouth, N. H. He was ordained 23 
Jan. 1835, and acted as pastor at Wilmot, Danbury, 
and Enfield, N. H. from 1835 to 1842. 

The author of the History of the New Hampshire 
Churches, writing of that at Wilmot, says: ''In 1835 
Rev. John Clark was elected pastor, and labored with 
good success among them until 1842." He was pastor 
of the Congregational Church in Burke, Vt., from 1842 
to 1854, and preached at Bristol, Bridgewater, and 
Hebron, N. H., from 1855 to 1870. He is now retired 
by reason of age, but in 1884 was in full possession of 
his faculties, and a most entertaining correspondent. 
The fac-simile is from his signature in his eighty-fifth 

He m. 3 Nov. 1825, Abigail b. 6 Oct. 1804, dau. of 
Robert and Abigail (Morse) Mitchell of Bridgewater, 
N. H. and has had 

Emily b. 26 June, 1827, d. 12 Aug. 1877. 

Robert M. b. 22 Feb. 1829, d. 3 June, 1833. 

Richard B. b. 29 Nov. 1830. 

Edwin b. 25 Feb. 1834. 

Martha A. b. 19 June, 1837. 

John M. b. 22 Jan. 1840. 

George W. b. 19 Feb. 1845, ^- 3 Aug. 1864. 














These children were all well educated, the older ones 
attending Lyndon, Danville, and St. Johnsbury, Vt., 
academies, and the others at Plymouth, New Hampton, 
and Meriden, N. H. 

a Emily m. 6 June, 1847, Ira Brown, M. D. b. at Kirby, Vt., 
20 Sept. 1 818, attended district school and was one term at 
Brownington academy. Studied medicine with his brother 
Abel, and attended lectures at Boston, Woodstock, Vt., and 
Castleton, Vt. (M. D. Castleton, 1845.) Practiced at Har- 
mony, Me., 1846; at Northumberland, N. H., 1847; Burke, 
Vt., 1850-64; Wells River, Me., 1864-83, when he moved to 
Minneapolis. They had i Edzvard Josiah b. 14 Jan. 185 1, 
was at Kimball Union Academy, and graduated with honor 
at Dartmouth Coll., 1874. Taught in Haverhill, N. H. and 
Truro, Mass., 1870-2, during the winter, and in Minnesota 
in 1874-5 ; was six months in Kentucky and Ohio. Studied 
medicine with his father, and was at Dartmouth Medical 
School, 1877 and 1878 (M. D. 1878). Also studied in New 
York, and practiced at Littleton and Haverhill, N. H. Apr. 
1882, he went to Minneapolis, and had charge of small pox 
cases at Montgomery, Minn., till June, by appointment of 
the State Board of Health. Inspector of infected districts, 
Dec. 1882, and Jan. 1883, physician at quarantine hospital, 
Minneapolis, where he still remains. 11 Abbie Ann b. 23 
Nov. 1853, (Sept. 1853,) educated at St. Johnsbury and Mt. 
Holyoke Female Seminary. Studied vocal music, and was 
instructed by the famous Madame Rudersdorff at New York 
city ; m. 23 Jan. 1880, Henry K. White of Newbury, Vt., then 
in charge of U. S. Signal Service at Lynchburg, Va. He 
resigned from the service in 1881, and went to Fargo, D. T. 
They now live at Minneapolis, and are engaged in teaching 
music. Ill Esther Miandah. 19 Dec. 1855. Educated at the 
same places as her sister, and also at Norwich Free Academy, 
Conn. She lives with her father, iv. yolm Clark b. 4 Apr. 
1859, entered a drug store at St. Johnsbury in 1877, and in 
1880 studied at the Philadelphia School of Pharmacy. In 
Apr. 1882, went to Hudson, Wis., and is still there. 


b Martha A. m. 27 Nov. 1862, J. R. Cummins of Eden 
Prairie, Minn. b. 24 July, 1834. They have no children. 

40 Charles Augustus^ {Enoclv") of Greenland, N. H., 
was born there 25 Nov. 1789, and d. at Elizabeth, N. J., 
4 Dec. 1876. He was clerk for Reuben Shapley of 
Portsmouth, N. H., a West India trader, and later was 
supercargo and captain. While master of a ship owned 
by himself he was wrecked, and on his return went to 
New Albany, Ind., and for twenty-one years commanded 
a steamier running to New Orleans, and was absent 
from his native place more than twenty years. Select- 
man of Greenland, 1857; town clerk, 1859-1864. He 
m. 6 Sept. 1824, at Vincennes, Ind., Virginia b. 20 Aug. 
1804, in New York City, d. 15 Mar. 1871, at Greenland, 
N. H., dau. of Francis Caesar and Eunice (Moulton) 
Le Roy. Mr. Le Roy came to this country from France 
during the revolutionary war, as an officer In the army 
of Rochambeau. The children, all of whom were b. at 
New Albany, Ind., were 

i. Mary Adelaide b. 12 Nov. 1825, d. 11 Aug. 1827. 

ii. Adelle Cora b. 15 June, 1827, d. 6 July, 1827. 

a iii. Adelaide Maria b. 28 Aug. 1828. 

iv. Augustus Le Roy b. 28 Jan. 1831, d. 6 Nov. 1872. 

b V. Cora Emily b. 14 Aug. 1832. 

vi. Louisa Hannah b. 15 Apr. 1834, d. 31 May, 1835. 

vii. Virginia Alexine b. 6 May, 1843, d. 28 May, 1867. 

c viii. Elizabeth Le Roy b. 5 Jan. 1845. 

a Adelaide M. m. 16 Mar. 1850, at Greenland, N. H., James 
Major Lewis, and had i Alfred Bedlow b. at Birmingham, 
Conn., 24 Mar. 185 1, d. 29 June, 1852. 11 Virginia LcRoy 
b. at Birmingham, 19 Sept. 1852, m. 2 Dec. 1880, Herbert 
B. Converse, and had Herbert Lewis b. in Dorchester, Mass. 


15 Sept. 1882. Ill Adelle b. at Brooklyn, N. Y., 22 June, 
1855, d. 20 June, 1858. lY James Major, h. at New York 
city, 3 Oct. 1859. V Charles Benedict h. at New York, 31 May, 

1 86 1, d. I Oct. 1863. VI Cora Alexine b. at New York, 
19 June, 1869, d. 19 Sept. 1869. 

b Cora E. m. 18 Feb. 1861, at Nashville, Tenn., Geo. D. 
Crockett, and had i Chas. Hillman b. at Nashville, 7 Dec. 

1862, d. 12 Dec. 1862. II Mary Adams b. 13 Jan. 1864, m. 
15 Feb. 1882, Edward B. Craig, and had William Crockett b. 
in Pulaski, Tenn., 27 Apr. 1883. iii Virgi^iia Le Roy b. 2 
Apr. 1865, d. Aug. 1865. IV NatJian Adams b. 31 Jan. 1869. 
V Coi^a Adelaide b. 3 Feb. 1875. ^^ ^^^ children but the 
eldest were born at Memphis, Tenn. 

c Elizabeth L. m. i Feb. 1883, at Elizabeth, N. J., Warren 
Rogers Dix. 

Augustus LeRoy Clark served in the 5th N. H. 
Regt. and was wounded at Gettysburg. While study- 
ing dentistry in New York city he became ill, and died 
of consumption at Greenland, N. H. 

4 I Enoch Henry^ (Enoch^) of Greenland, N. H. was 
b. there 6 Feb. 18 17, and is the last of his race there, 
and lives on the old homestead. He was selectman 
1845-50 inclusive, 1858 and 1865, most of the time 
being chairman, treasurer 1846-50, assessor 1863-64, 
highway surveyor 1854, auditor 1845 ^^^ ^^57' post- 
master 1851-52, besides various minor offices. This 
family have almost constantly filled important town 
offices in Greenland during a period of more than 140 
years. He m. Ann Mary Waldron of Portsmouth, 
N. H. b. 18 Nov. 1 84 1, and has had: — 

i. Mary R. b. 15 Oct. 1861. 
ii. Lizzie E. b. 16 May, 1864, d. 6 Aug. 1864. 
iii. Henry Enoch b. 6 Dec. 1867, d. 12 Feb. 1870. 


42 Edwin Augustus^ {Thomas March^) of New 
Orleans? was b. at Newburyport, Mass. 15 Mar. 1800, 
and d. 31 July, 1863. He m. 29 June, 1825, Henrietta 
b. 1795, d. 19 June, 1850, dau. of Enoch and Mary 
(Clark) Toppan of Newburyport, but had no children. 

43 Thomas March ^ [Thomas March^) of Providence, 
R. I. was b. at Newburyport, Mass. 4 July, 181 2. He 
graduated from Yale College in 1831 ; became rector 
of Grace Church, in Boston, 5 Nov. 1836, and was after- 
wards rector of St. Andrew's, Philadelphia, and Grace 
Church, Providence. He received the honorary degree 
of A. M. at Trinity College in 185 i ; that of S. T. D. at 
Union in 1851, and at Brown in i860; and that of 
LL. D. at the University at Cambridge, England, in 
1868. He was visitor at Trinity in 1859, and curator 
1851-55, and also a member of the Senate of Trinity 
College. He was consecrated Bishop of Rhode Island 
Dec. 6, 1854, and is one of the most eminent clergymen 
in this country. He m. 3 Oct. 1838, Caroline, who 
d. 15 Aug. 1884, at Warwick, R. I., dau. of Benjamin 
Howard of Boston, and his children are 

i. Bryant Howard b. 6 Oct. 1840, d. 18 Aug. 185 1. 

a ii. Mary Rebecca b. 23 July, 1843. 

97 iii. John Mitchell b. 16 July, 1847. 

98 iv. Howard Lee b. 25 May, 1857. 

a Mary R. m. 29 Apr. 1869, Eugene Sturtevant of New- 
port, R. I. and has five ch. 

44 Rufus Wheelwright^ [Thomas March^) of Albany, 
N. Y., was b. at Newburyport, 17 Dec. 1813, and grad- 
uated from Phillips (Exeter) Academy ; from Yale Col- 


lege In 1838, and has the degree of A. M. Installed at 
the Second Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C, 
17 Jan. 1842, and at the North Church, Portsmouth, 
N. H., 16 Nov. 1842. From 16 Nov. 1843, to Nov. 
1854, he preached at Maverick Church, East Boston, 
Mass.; 3 Dec. 1851, to Apr. 1857, at South Congre- 
gational Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 14 Apr. 1857, to 
Nov. 1862, at First Reformed (Dutch) Church, Albany, 
N. Y. He received the degfree of S. T. D. from the 
University of the City of New York in 1862, and is the 
author of " Heroes of Albany." He m. June, 1843, 
Eliza Walton, b. 8 Aug. 1824, in Alexandria, Va., d. 21 
May, 1877, dau. of Rev. William C. and Margaret 
(Muse) Walton ; the latter was a native of Jefferson 
Co., now In West Virginia. His children are 

Rufus Wheelwright b. 29 May, 1844. 
Wilham Walton b. 8 May, 1846. 
Edward Warren b. 27 Jan. 1849. 
Fletcher b. ,23 Nov. 1852. An Episcopal clergy- 
Fran eke L. b. 15 Apr. 1859. 
Eliza Walton b. 27 Aug. 1865. 

45 George Henry ^ {Thomas March^) of Hartford, 
Conn., and Bernardston, Mass., was b. at Newburyport, 
Mass. 7 Nov. 18 19. He graduated at Yale College in 
1843, took orders at Boston in 1846, and was rector of 
All Saints' Church at Worcester. From 1 853-1 861 he 
was rector of St. John's Church, Savannah, Ga. and 
1862-1867 of Christ's Church at Hartford; he received 
the degree of S. T. D. at Trinity, 1863. He has also 
been a member of the corporation of that college. He 
m. 6 Dec. 1849, Lucia Blake Washburn of Worcester, 





• • 








Mass., d. 14 Feb. i860, at Savannah, Ga. He m. 2d, 3 
Oct. 1865, Mrs. Susan Sanderson Perkins of Hartford, 
Conn. He has : — 

i. Charles Washburn b. 16 Oct. 185 1, 
ii. George Henry b. 14 Oct. 1856.- 

Charles W. was for two years at Yale College, and 
Is a member of the bar of Worcester County, Mass. 
George H. graduated at Yale College in 1880. 

46 Samuel Adams® {Thomas Mar civ") of Elizabeth, 
N. J., was b. at Newburyport 27 Jan. 1822, and d. 28 Jan. 
1875. Educated at Andover, Litchfield, and the Theo- 
logical School at Alexandria, Va. He took charge of a 
new mission church, since called the Church of the 
Mediator, at Philadelphia, and later was minister of the 
Church at Plymouth, Mass., and while there was called 
to be assistant in St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
From 1848 to 1856 he was rector of the Church of the 
Advent, at Philadelphia, and in April, 1856, he took 
charge of St. John's Church, Elizabeth, N. J., where 
he remained until his death. He represented the 
diocese in two General Conventions, and at the time 
of his death was president of the standing com- 
mittee of the diocese. He published the " Life of 
the Rev. Albert W. Duy," soon after taking orders, 
and later the "History of St. John's Church, Eliza- 
beth." He was honored with the degree of D. D. by 
Rutgers College, N. J. He was entirely devoted to his 
life work, and a faithful pastor. His kindness of heart, 
genial disposition and witty speeches made him a 
favorite with all classes and creeds, and his death was 


universally lamented. On the day of the funeral the 
bells of the city were tolled, and addresses were made 
by Bishops Stevens and Scarborough. His congrega- 
tion have placed a memorial tablet in the church, and, 
by vote of the vestry, a monument has been erected 
over his grave in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. 
During his ministry at Elizabeth, the number of com- 
municants increased from sixty to four hundred and 
fifty, and a fine church and chapel were built and paid 
for. He m. 26 Oct. 1848, Sarah, dau. of John Snow- 
den and Elizabeth Ingersoll (Bayard) Henry of Phila- 
delphia. Their children were 

John Snowden Henry b. 17 Aug. 1849. 
Charles Cooper b. 5 Oct. 185 1. 
Thomas March b. 7 Feb. i8$6. 
Elizabeth Bayard b. 16 Jan. i860. 
Mary Louise b. 14 Sept. 1866. 
James Bayard b. 5 Apr. 1869. 

47 Ichabod^ [Joseph"^) of Wolfboro, N. H. was b. 8 
Aug. 1793, and d. 3 Apr. 1825, of consumption, as 
did his wife, two daus. and a grandson. He m. 4 Apr. 
1815, Eliza, d. 5 July, 1828, dau. of Dea. James and 
Mary (Fullerton) Day of Portsmouth, N. H. His 
children were 

a i. Eliza b. 5 Nov. 1817, d. 11 Dec. 1846. 

ii. Harriet Ceciha b. 27 May, 18 19, d. 2 Apr. 1862. 
b iii. Mary Greenleaf b. 27 Jan. 1824. 

a Eliza m. Mar. 1840, John H. Bowles of Portsmouth, 
N. H. and lived in Brooklyn, N. Y. They had JoJin Henry b. 
5 June, 1 841, d. 31 May, 1874, at Wolfboro, N. H., who lost 
an arm in the civil war. 






• • • 






b Mary G. m. 2 Sept. 1852, Charles Nowell of Wolfboro, 
N. H. who d. 3 May, 1864. They had i Eliza Day b. 11 
Nov. 1853, m. 30 May, 1876, Joseph G. Stoddard, now of 
Erving, Mass. and has a son. 11 Harriet Clark b. 21 Apr. 
1856, m. 30 May, 1876, Geo. W. Gould of Chelsea, Mass. and 
has two daus. 

48 Enoch Moody' {Joseph'') of Wolfboro', N. H., 
was b. 12 Apr. 1802, d. 7 Aug. 1865, m. 8 June, 1826, 
at Milton, N. H., Sarah Plumer b. 8 July, 1806, dau. of 
Ichabod and Lydia (Wentworth) Hayes. Mrs. Hayes 
was dau. of Ephraim and Phebe Wentworth, who were 
first cousins, Ephraim having m. the dau. of his uncle 
Jonathan. Ephraim and his wife were of the fourth 
p-eneration from Elder William Wentworth, the ancestor 
of a numerous and distinguished race. (See Wentworth 
Genealogy.) Their children were 

Sarah Elizabeth b. 30 Apr. 1827. 

Brackett Weeks b. 19 June, 1829, d. 2 May, 1865. 

Charles Ichabod b. 26 July, 1831, d. 18 June, 

1864. 5. P, 
George Avery b. 11 May, 1833, of Anoka, Minn. 
Anna Augusta b. 10 Aug. 1835. 
Mary Frances b. 19 Sept. 1837, d. 12 May, 1855. 
Henry Moody b. 14 Apr. 1840, d. 5 Mar. 1865, 

S. P., at Butts' Mountains, Cal. 
Ellen Eliza b. 21 July, 1843, d. 19 Sept. 1869. 
Greenleaf Brown b. 30 Nov. 1845. 
Joseph William b. 4 Sept, 1848, d. 12 Jan. 1850. 

a Sarah E. m. 10 Jan. 1850, David Charles Rogers of Wolf- 
boro, N. H., son of Hon. Nathaniel and Martha (Rust) Rog- 
ers, and had i Charles Henry b. 17 May, 185 1, d. 13 Feb. 
1879. II Ellen Florence b. 26 May, 1853, d. 10 Sept. 1854. 



















III NaUianiel b. 13 May, 1856, d. 12 Jan. 1865. iv He7^b&rt 
Etigene b. 25 Aug. 1861. 

b Anna A. m. 10 Nov. 1853, John Gilman Gate of Wolf- 
boro, and has i Emma Gilman b. 1854.'* m. 6 July, 1878, 
George A. Carpenter of Wolfboro, and has a son. 11 Sarah 
Frances b. 23 May, 1858, d. 10 Oct. 1858. iii Nellie b. 12 
Oct. i860. IV Lillian Maude b. 26 July, 1863. 

c Ellen Eliza m. Daniel Nute of Wolfboro, but had no 

49 Greenleaf® {Joseph^) of Dover, N. H. was born 
22 Mar. 1808, or 5 Mar. 1806, and d. 2 Mar. 1874. 
He m. Nancy Brown of Portsmouth, N. H. who d. 9 
July, 1846, aged 41. He m. 2d, 22 Nov. 1848, Aphia 
P. Johnson, b. in Lebanon, Me. 28 Nov. 1828. Ch. : — 

a i. Mary Helen. 

ii. James Edwin b. 1832, d. 16 Sept. 1862. 5. P. 

107 iii. George Greenleaf b. 21 June, 1850, in Dover, 

N. H. 

108 iv. Frank Herbert b. 25 Oct. 1852, in Dover. 

V. Daniel Johnson b. 25 June, 1854, in Dover. 

a Mary Helen m. Henry B. Upham of Saugus, and lives in 
Haverhill, Mass. 

50 Brackett Weeks^ {Joseph^) of Dover, N. H. was 
b. 2 Nov. 1809, and d. in Dover, i Jan. 1885 5 ^ 
painter. He is spoken of as a man of high character, 
genial, and well-informed. He m. 12 May, 1833, 
Martha Washington Dam of Parsonsfield, Me. who d. 
20 Feb. 1842. She is said to have been a woman of 
"uncommon loveliness." He m. 2 Apr. 1844, Mary 
Ann, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Watson) Waldron. 
His children were : — 


i. William Howard b. 30 May, 1835, d. 26 Sept. 1^36. 

ii. Amelia Frances b. 22 May, 1836, d. 29 Oct. 1836. 

iii. Joseph Edwin b. 18 Nov. 1837, ^- 23 Mar. 1841. 

iv. Araminta Cyrene b. 10 Nov. 1840, d. i July, 1841. 

V. Martha Waldron b. 18 Jan. 1847, d. 21 May, 1849. 

5 I Alfred Metcalfe {Joseph^) of Dover, N. H., was 
b. 17 Oct. 1812, and d. 18 Aug. 1855. He was a 
member of the First Church of Dover. He m. Abigail 
T. Gotten of Saco, Me., but had no children. 

52 Isaac Moody^ {Daniel^) of Reading, Mass., was 
b. at Piermont, N. H., 9 Jan. 18 19. He attended the 
district school and worked on his father's farrti till 1840, 
when he went to Cambridge, Mass., to work as a car- 
penter. Since 1845 he has been almost constantly in 
the employ of the Boston & Maine R. R., having been 
five years station and ticket agent at Plaistow, N. H., 
fourteen years at Newmarket Junction, and from 1866 
to 26 May, 1883, when he resigned, at Reading, Mass. 
He m. 2 July, 1845, ^^ Boston, Mary A. b. 9 June, 1822, 
at Brookfield, N. H., dau. of Samuel and Lydia Lang 
of Wakefield, N. H. He had 

a i. Fannie Mary b. 23 Dec. 1846. 
ii. Ida Estella b. 28 Nov. 1862. 
iii. Laurie Etta b. 4 Oct. 1864. 

The oldest was b. at Plaistow, N. H., and the others 
at South Newmarket, N. H. 

a Fannie M. m. 1871, Franklin Eugene Richardson of 
Biddeford, Me., b. 6 May, 1847, eldest son of Jason and Caro- 
line (Cutting) Richardson of VVoburn, Mass., and has Emma 
Genevra b. 16 Dec. 187 1. 


53 John Dana^ {DanieP) of Olean, N. Y., was b. at 
Plermont, N. H., 20 Apr. 1823, d. 21 June, 1874. He 
m. May, 1852, Abby E. Stark of Olean, N. Y., b. 1829, 
at Little Valley, N. Y., and had 

i. George Dana b. 15 Aug. 1853, d. 5 Oct. 1854. 

ii. Lillian b. 29 Feb. 1856, d. 5 June, 1857. 

iii. Edward Everett b. 8 June, 1858, d. 26 Nov. 1884, 
at Olean. vS. P. 

a iv. Edith May b. 20 May, 1861. 

V, Nellie E. b. 20 Sept. 1864. 

vi. John b. 13 Nov. 1868, d. 11 Feb. 1869. 

vii. Claudis b. 12 July, 1870, d. 19 Aug. 1873. 

viii. Harry R. b. 23 Aug. 1873, d. 7 July, 1874. 

All b. at Olean. 

a Edith May m. 5 Jan. 1881, Charles Major b. 8 Aug. i860, 
at Cuba, N. Y., and has two children. 

54 Daniel Gove^ [Daniel^) of Boston, was b. at 
Piermont, N. H., 24 Nov. 1827. He was in the employ 
of Chickering & Sons, pianoforte makers, for about 
fifteen years, and then became connected with Hallett, 
Davis & Co., and has been with them fifteen years. 
He was a member of the common council of Roxbury 
in 1867, and of the school committee of Boston, 1870, 
1871, 1872. He m. 20 June, 1853, at Lawrence, Mass. 
Sarah E. b. 30 Nov. 1832, at Brentwood, N. H., d. at 
Boston, Mass., 12 Aug. 1880, dau. of Eliphalet and 
Sarah E. Thing. His children, both b. at Roxbury, 

109 i. Frank Gove b. 11 Apr. 1855. 
ii. Mattie Lincoln b. 14 May, i860. 


55 Amos Hurd^ {Daniel^) of Piermont, N. H., was 
b. there 15 June, 1831. He is a farmer, and is a res- 
pected and useful citizen. In Nov. 1870, he was 
ordained at Concord, N. H., a preacher of the gospel, 
by the Advent Christian Society. He m. 13 Oct. 1853, 
at Piermont, Ann Eliza Piper b. 20 May, 1834, at An- 
dover, N. H. His children are 

no i. Elmore Charles b. 10 Aug. 1854. 

a K ii. Emma Augusta b. 7 May, 1856. 

Ill r iii. George Augustus b. 7 May, 1856. 

b iv. Abbie Elvena b. 29 Aug. i860. 

c ( V. Hattie Ann b. 25 May, 1863. 

( vi. Herbert Amos b. 25 May, 1863. 

a Emma Augusta m. i Jan. 1884, at Piermont, Joseph P. 
Wallace of Rumney, N. H., b. Sept. 1844. 

b Abbie E. m. 25 Dec. 1884, at Piermont, Charles L. Davis 
of Wentvvorth, N. H., where he was b. 2 May, 1859. 

c Hattie A. m. 16 Nov. 1884, at Piermont, Edward R. 
Griffin of Warren, N. H., b. 11 Feb. 1858, at Bradford, Vt. 

56 Winthrop George^ [Daniel^) of Salamanca, N. Y. 
was b. at Piermont, N. H., 3 Aug. 1839. A carpenter. 
He removed from Piermont to Olean, N. Y. in 1869, 
and in 1875 to Salamanca. He m. Feb. 1867, Mary E. 
Billings of Orford, N. H. b. Apr. 1840, and has 

i. Fannie Etta b. 8 Mar. 1868, at Piermont. 

57 John^ {SmitJv') of Kasson, Minn, was b. at Fort 
Ann, N. Y. 16 Aug. 1817. A farmer and carpenter; 
m. 4 May, 1840, at Fort Ann, N. Y., Lucy Jane Wood- 
ard, b. II Aug. 1818, d. 19 Oct. 1854. He m. second, 





• • 









• • 





29 Mar. 1855, at Palmyra, Wis., Abigail L. Safford, and 

William H. b. 6 Mar. 1841. 
Albert M. b. 20 Apr. 1848. 
Myron J. b. 8 Feb. 1850. 
James E. b. 27 Oct. 1852. 
Angie E. b. 18 Mar. 1856. 
Ella D. b. 5 Jan. 1859. 
Emma b. 28 Nov. i860. 
Lucinda b. 31 Jan. 1865. 
Mary b. 17 Aug. 1868. 

All his children were b. at Palmyra, except William 
b. at Fort Ann, and Mary b. at Kasson, Minn. 

a Angie E. m. 7 June, 1876, Gomel De Vogel, and had 
I Dorcas E. b. 25 Sept. 1877, at Kasson, Minn. 11 Lticious E. 
b. 5 Sept. iZ'^i, at Hayfield, Minn. 

58 Albert G.^ {Smitlv") was b. at Fort Ann, N. Y. 
9 July, 1822, m. 27 Oct. 1847, Abigail Griffin Burpee 
of Cambridge, Mass. 

59 Enos^ {Smitlv") of Palmyra, Wis. was b. at Berlin, 
Vt., 16 June, 1829, m. 12 Mar. 1854, Jane Walch of 
Palmyra, Wis., and his children are 

i. George b. 20 May, 1855, d. 10 Sept. 1857. 
ii. George E. b. 12 July, 1858. 
iii. Charles H. b. 14 July, 1861. 

60 Vandon B.^ [SmitJf) of Minneapolis, Minn, was 
b. at Fort Ann, N. Y., 27 Nov. 1836, m. 2 Nov. 1863, 
Corilla E. Houghton of Kilbourn City, Wis., and has 


i. Mary b. 9 Apr. 1865, at Minneapolis, Minn, 

ii. Lillie b. 26 June, 1870, at Ripon, Wis. 

iii. Frank b. 4 Nov. 1872, at Kearney, Neb. 

6 I Joseph H.' {Joh7t') of Wentworth, N. H. was 
born 4 Apr. 182 1. He m. ist, Dec. 1865, Emeline 
Hobbes, who d. Apr. 1880; he m. 2d, 25 Dec. 1881, 
Mrs. Chloe Mills, but has no children. 

62 Stevens K.^ {jfohrv") of Warren, N. H. was born 
27 Nov. 1825. He m. ist, 18 Sept. 1849, Chastina 
Packard, b. 9 Feb. 1824, d. 28 Nov. 1861 ; he m. 2d, 
II June, 1862, Martha R. b. 24 Nov. 1830, dau, of 
Rev. Perry and Betsey (Johnson) Mason of North 
Monroe, N. H. and his children are : — 

116 i. Elvin W. b. 15 Sept. 1850, d. 8 Sept. 1873. ^- P- 

a ii. Mary Evalyn b. 29 July, 1852. 

iii. John F. b. 25 Feb. 1858. 

iv. Chastina J. b. 5 June, i860. 

a Mary Evalyn m. 18 Apr. 1883, Charles O. Robinson of 
Lynn, Mass. 

63 John L." {John') of Warren, N. H. was b. 7 Mar. 
1829. He m. 22 Nov. 1858, Sarah J. Sanborn, b. 3 
Sept. 1835. He has had no children. 

64 Oscar B.® {Enoch^) of Altamont, Labetta Co., Kan. 
was b. at Piermont, N. H., 27 Dec. 1827, m. 5 Apr. 
1855, at Andover, Mass., Betsey b. 10 Mar. 1838, in 
England, dau. of John and Elizabeth Burfield, and has 


i. Fred W. b. 24 Sept. 1862. 

( ii. Wilt J., b. 20 Nov. 1864. 

( iii. Will B. b. 20 Nov. 1864. 

iv. Amy B. b. 29 May, 1873. 

V. Nettie M. b. 23 Sept. 1876. 

The sons were b. in Illinois, and the daus. in* Kansas. 

65 Enoch^ {Enoc/r") of Lawrence, Mass. was b. at 
Piermont, N. H. 27 July, 1831. He left Wentworth in 
1863, and has since lived in Andover and Lawrence, 
Mass. He m. 23 Sept. 1870, at Andover, Helen M. b. 
20 Nov. 1 85 1, at Plymouth, Mass., dau. of Elbridge 
and Lydia A. Sears, and has 

i. Walter L. b. 21 Apr. 1872, in Lawrence. 

ii. Jennie S. b. 8 Sept. 1875, in Plymouth, Mass. 

66 James H.^ {Enoch^) of North Andover, Mass., 
was b. at Wentworth, N. H., 18 Oct. 1836, and d. at 
North Andover, 29 Apr. 1882. When eighteen years 
of age he left Wentworth, and entered the employ of 
the Chickering Piano Co. at Andover, Mass., and about 
1863 removed to North Andover, and was in the employ 
of Davis, Fisher & Co., manufacturers of machinery for 
woolen factories. The following is from a notice of his 
death: "James H. Clark, a resident of the town for 
about twenty years, passed away last Saturday after a 
long and painful illness. He bravely combated the 
disease, but to little avail. He was a man of quiet 
disposition and excellent character. With his fellow 
workmen he was a great favorite." His friends speak 
of him as a man much beloved. He m. 2 June, 1864, 
at Andover, Mass., Mary S. b. 7 Mar. 1837, ^t Alexan- 


dria, N. H., dau. of John and Susan Canney. She was 
the widow of Herbert J. Kenney, whom she m. 14 June, 
1862, at Augusta, Ga. Their only child was 

i. Nellie May b. 24 Feb. 1868, in North Andover, 

67 John^ {Stephen^) of Meredith, N. H., was b. 21 
Nov. 1812, d. 7 Mar. i860. He m. 16 Aug. 1838, 
Martha Roberts, and had 

117 i. Elon b. 10 Jan. 1846. 
a ii. Fannie M. b. Aug. 1849. 
iii. Charles F. b. Mar. 1857, d. 2 Sept. 188 1. 

a Fannie M. m. Nov. 1866, Daniel L. Alexander of Mere- 
dith, and has two daus. 

68 David^ {Stephen^) of Meredith, N. H., was b. 30 
Jan. 1816. He m. 16 Nov. 1848, Mary RolHns b. 1821, 
and had 

i. David H. b. 30 Nov. 1850, who lives with his father. 
a ii. Addie b. 4 Aug. 1856. 
b iii. Lizzie b. 26 Nov. 1859. 

a Addie m. 25 Nov. 1880, Charles Osgood of Lake Village, 
N. H., but has no children. 

b Lizzie m. 3 Feb. 1883, Gilbert Merrill of Concord, N. H. 

69 Gilman^ [Stephen^) of Tamworth, N. H., was b. 
5 Mar. 182 1. He m. i Jan. 1850, Mary Jane, b. 13 
June, 1825, d. 27 Dec. 1866, dau. of Jonathan and 
Lucinda (Sanborn) Thompson. He m. second, 18 Oct. 
1869, Laura A. b. 4 Sept. 1837, dau. of Oilman and 
Sarah M. (Call) Newton, and had 


i. Isabella Jane b. 29 Jan. 1853, d. 25 Mar. 1859. 

ii. George W. b. 15 July, 1858, d. 7 Apr. 1859. 

iii. Isabella Frances b. 25 Aug. i860, d. 9 Aug. 1865. 

iv. Idella F. b. 16 Jan. 1871.' 

V. Minnie C. b. 27 Apr. 1872. 

vi. George E. b. 5 Apr. 1874. 

70 NathanieP (Joshua^) of Thornton, N. H., was b. 
8 Feb. 1815, d. i Apr. 1875. He was for many years 
an invalid. He m. 22 June, 1848, Mary M., b. 6 June, 
1829, dau. of Joseph and Fanny Sargent of Thornton, 
N. H. She m. second, 17 Apr. 1880, Maj. John H. 
Gill of Plymouth, N. H., who has been twice represen- 
tative to the legislature. The children were 

Frank Harland b. 3 Apr. 1849. 

Albert Westford b. 2 July, 1852, d. 17 Nov. 1882. 

Ellen Cyrene b. 10 June, 1856. 

Charles Edgar b. 13 Dec. 1858. 

Fannie B. b. 24 Feb. 1861. 

Mary Emma b. 16 Oct. 1866. 

Charles is now in a store at North Stratford, N. H. 

a Ellen Cm. 18 Dec. 1879, Charles E. Parks of Passumpsic, 
Vt. and lives in Somerville, Mass. They have one child. 

7 I John D.^ (EnocJt') was b. in Gilmanton, N. H., 21 
July, 1810, and d. in Littleton, N. H., 28 Mar. 1855. He 
moved from Gilmanton to Littleton, in 1832, and bought 
the homestead on which his son John A. now lives, and 
later a farm on which his brother-in-law John Dudley 
had lived. There is a lime quarry on the home farm, 
and this was worked by him, as it is now by his son. 
He m. Oct. 1838, Elizabeth, b. 12 Jan. 1808, dau. of 











John Stevens of Littleton, and Anna (Webster) 
Stevens of Methuen, Mass. The latter lived to the 
age of 96, and was much esteemed. Mrs. C. lived 
with her son George after her husband's death until 
she m. 10 Nov. 1879, Rev. Levi Streeter of Lisbon, 
N. H. The children were : — 

120 i. John Arthur b. 18 Oct. 1839. 

121 ii. George A. b. 5 Feb. 1841, d. 24 Aug. 1880. 
a iii. Eliza A. b. 31 Aug. 1843. 

b iv. Phebe J. b. 5 Mar. 1847. 

a Eliza A. m. 12 May, 1867, Summer E. Farr of Dalton, 
N. H., and has Lorenzo E. 

b Phebe J. m. 5 Mar. 1865, Geo. Carpenter of Dalton, 
N. H., who was a selectman 1881 and 1882, and has Alary E. 

72 Thomas^ {^SamueP) of Gilmanton, N. H., was b. 
14 Aug. 1798, and d. 3 June, 1879. He m. 16 June, 
182 1, Hannah Fellows b. 19 Dec. 1801, d. 5 Oct. 1879, 
and his children were 

a i. Frances H. b. 25 Mar. 1827, d. 27 Nov. 1858. 
b\\. Julia A. b. 5 Dec. 1828. 

a Frances H. m. 25 Oct. 1854, William F. Swain of Laco- 
nia, N. H., but has no children. 

b Julia A. m. 3 Apr. 1851, John W. Wells of Belmont, 
N. H., b. 17 July, 1824, and has i Walter Clark b. 14 June, 
1853. II Fanny May b. 8 May, i860, in Thomas Dudley h. 
9 May, 1862. 

73 Nathan^ {Samuel^) of Tilton, N. H., was b. at 
Gilmanton, 6 May, 1804, m. 8 Feb. 1826, Hannah B. 
b. 12 Jan. 1802, dau. of David and Joanna Kimball of 
Gilmanton, and had 


a i. Caroline b. 1826. 
b ii. Mary E. b. 24 Aug. 1828. 
iii. Joanna K. b. 22 Aug. 1830, d. 7 Nov. 1868. 

a Caroline m. 14 June, 1854, John C. Mason of Canterbury, 
N. H., but had no children. 

b Mary E. m. 8 Sept. 1852, Smith S. Morrill of Canterbury, 
and has i Albro D. b. 29 Aug. 1854. He is m. and teaches 
in Lewiston, Pa, 11 Ajiiia C. b. 26 Oct. 1856. She is m. and 
lives at Northfield, N. H. iii Bessie S. b. 17 July, 1859. ^^ 
Estella T. b. 2 Sept. 1861, d. young, v Caroline M. h. 15 
Mar. 1863, d. young, vi Kate D. b. 6 June, 1867. 

74 SamueP {Samuel^) of Belmont, N. H. was b. in 
Gilmanton, N. H., 5 May, 1809. He m. first, 2 Sept. 
1834, Eliza G. b. 1813, d. 30 Apr. i860, dau. of Coffin 
and Polly Sanborn of Gilmanton. He m. second, 3 
Feb. 1862, Susan J. Smith, b. 28 Jan. 1838. His 
children were 

i. Mary b. 1835, d. 1839. 

a ii. Eliza Ann b. 30 July, 1840. 

iii. Joseph b. 23 Apr. 1864. 

iv. Alvin b. 16 June, 1866. 

a Eliza Ann m. 20 Oct. 1857, Daniel Mooney of Salem, 
Mass., and has i Medora F. b. 12 Dec. 1859, in Gilford, N.H., 
m. 5 Sept. 1882, Dr. Frank A. Durgin of Salem, Mass. 11 
Lillian N. b. 23 July, 1864, in Salem, d. 19 Apr. 1865. 

75 Joseph H.^ {SamueP) of Minnesota, was born at 
Gilmanton, N. H. 10 Feb. 18 19, and d. 23 Sept. 1879. 
He was State senator from first district of Minnesota 
for three terms. He m. first, 2 Feb. 1843, Mahala D. 
Gile, who d. 27 Jan. 1854; m. second, 17 Sept. 1856, 


Sarah b. 27 Jan. 1821, dau. of Simeon and Sally B. 
(Smith) Hoyt. His children were 

i. Charles T. b. 14 Mar. 1847, d. i Feb. 1868. 
ii. Joseph Edwin b. 7 Apr. 1850, d. 5 Dec. 1856. 
122 iii. Herbert Edwin b. 28 Feb. 1858. 

76 William M.' {Peter") of Gilmanton, N. H. was 
b. there 10 Dec. 1809. He m. first, 2 Jan. 1832, 
Abigail T. Morrison of Gilmanton, b. 9 May, 18 10, d. 
3 May, 1867. He m. second, 19 Apr. 1868, Mrs. Mary 
Ann Dearborn, b. 22 Oct. 1822, dau. of Jacob and 
Polly (Nourse) Little. Jacob was sixth in descent 
from George Little, one of the early settlers of New- 
bury, Mass. (See Little Genealogy.) He has 

a i. Mary M. b. 4 Jan. 1839. 

a Mary M. m. 5 Mar. 1862, John A. Ladd, b. i Sept. 1832, 
but has no children. 

77 Samuel Dudley^ {Dudley") of Boston, Mass., 
was b. in Sanbornton, N. H., 4 July, 1826. A piano 
finisher. He m. 25 Nov. 1852, Annie M. Smith, and 

i. Ellen M. b. 17 Mar. 1855, at Winchester, Mass. 

78 John Taylor^ {John Henry") of Boston, was b. 
at Sanbornton, N. H., 19 Sept. 1825, and d. 20 Oct. 
1880. He was of the firm of Clark, Adams & Clark, 
wholesale dealers in crockery, china and glass ware. 
Elected to the Board of Aldermen in 1872, and served 

* A full line of this family has not been obtained. It is said that he 
has one dau. who is married, and that she is not his only child. 


till 1878, the last four years as chairman. He was a 
prominent Freemason. He m. 16 Oct. 1855, Elizabeth 
Weld, b. 18 July, 1833, dau. of William T. Andrews of 
Boston. His children are 

i. Fannie Maria b. 8 Oct. 1856. 

ii. Caroline Bigelow b. 4 Oct. 1859. 

iii. Bessie Taylor b. 22 Jan. 1862. 

iv. Emily Andrews b. i Aug. 1865. 

V. Edward Andrews b. 5 Dec. 1868. 

vi. Alice Weld b. 30 July, 1872. 

vii. John Taylor b. 31 Mar. 1875. 

79 William Jones^ {jfohn Henr)^) of Boston, was 
b. at Sanbornton, N. H., 14 Dec. 1828. He is of the 
firm of Clark, Adams & Clark; m. 25 June, 1868, Lucy 
Thorpe b. 16 Feb. 1845, ^^^- ^^ Thomas and Celestia 
D. Ashley of Westfield, Mass., and has 

i. Elizabeth Andrews (Ashley) } b. 6 Aug. 1869. 

80 Nathan Joshua^ {jfohn Henry"^ of Framingham 
and Danvers, Mass., was b. at Sanbornton, N. H., 24 
Oct. 1837, m. 25 Sept. 1872, Georgiana Bartl^tt b. 3 
Jan. 1848, dau. of Chas. B. Perley of Sanbornton, N.H., 
and his children are 

i. William Henry b. 2 Jan. 1874, d. 6 Feb. 1875. 
ii. Nathan Perley b. 7 Feb. 1876. 
iii. Lucy Ashley b. 15 Apr. 1879. 

8 I Henry Wood^ {John Henry"^ was b. at Sanborn- 
ton, N. H., 15 Feb. 1839. A commission merchant, of 
the firm of Clark & Co. 5 India St., Boston. He m. 
24 Aug. 187 1, in Boston, Ella b. 1847, ^^.u. of Darius 
and Emily P. Ladd. 


82 Henry Gilman^ {Gihtan^) of Manchester, N.H., 
was b. 6 June, 1836, lived on the ancestral farm for 
some years ; m. 23 May, 1869, Kezlah C. BIckford of 
Deerfield, and has no children. 

83 Josiah Baker^ (jfohn^') of Campton, N. H., was b. 
I Aug. 1824, and d. 15 Oct. 1856, m. 6 June, 1852, 
Amanda, b. 16 Aug. 183 1, d. 7 Feb. 1876, in Campton, 
dau. of Henry and Clarissa (Bartlett) Little of Campton. 
They had 

i. Henry Little b. 19 July, 1853, in Campton. He m. 
20 June, 188 1, Mrs. Addie C. Walton of Campton. 

84 John Rogers^ (^Leavitf) of Plymouth, N. H., was 
b. 17 Jan. 1828, and d. 25 Mar. 1875, in Plymouth. 
He m. 6 Oct. 1858, Abigail Stickney, b. 20 Jan. 1823, 
or (11 Jan. 1824), d. 6 Mar. 1875, dau. of John Poore 
and Apphia (Brown) Butler^ of Campton, and had 

i. Nellie Jane b. 28 June, 1861. 

85 Dudley Leavitt^ {Leavitt^) of Maiden, Mass. was 
b. 18 Jan. 1830. A livery stable keeper. He formerly 
lived at Plymouth, N. H., and was deputy sheriff. 
He m. 4 Nov. 1852, Jane Parkmun Butler, b. 20 July, 
1829, a sister of his brother's wife. Children : — 

123 i. John Leavitt b. 10 July, 1853, at Campton. 

124 ii. Edwin Charles b. 25 June, 1856, at Chelsea, 
iii. Kate Elizabeth b. 31 Mar. 1867. 

See Poore Genealogy. 



86 Samuel Q? {Joseph'') of New Hampton, N. H. 
was b. 7 May, 1821. He m. 31 Oct. 1850, Mary 
Angeline Colman, b. 3 Oct. 1831. He had 

i. Ida Josephine b. 16 Aug. 185 1, d. 9 Aug. 1854. 
ii. Evehn b. 10 May, 1856. 
iii. Sidney J. b. 28 Apr. 1862. 

87 WilHam Hutchins^ {Joseph^) was b. 13 Oct. 
1822. He removed to Melrose, Minn, in 1866; m. 14 
Dec. 1852, Mrs. Abby Jane Aldrich, b. 20 Oct. 1828, 
at Hill, N. H. dau. of Jonathan and Sally (Tucker) 
Batchelder. His elder children were b. at Concord, 
N. H. and the youngest at Melrose. His children 

i. Arvilla Cora b. 6 July, 1855, d. 30 Sept. 1864. 
ii. William Henry b. 4 Apr. 1865. 
iii. Levin Perley b. i Nov. 1867. 

88 Joseph' {JosephF) of San Francisco, Cal. was b. 
2 Apr. 1826, graduated at Kimball Union Academy in 
1850, and at Dartmouth College in 1854, and has the 
degree of A. M. Read law with Napoleon B. Br}^ant 
at Plymouth, N. H. teaching part of the time there and 
at Gilford. He was Captain Co. A, Sixth Regt. N. H. 
Vols, in the Civil war, 1861 and 1862. He is now 
attorney and counsellor at law, No. 420 Montgomery 
St. San Francisco. He m. 30 Aug. 1855, ^-t Holder- 
ness, N. H., Polly Chandler, b. 25 Nov. 1831, dau. of 


Hon. John Hayes and Charlotte (Baker) Thompson, 
and had 

i. Joseph A. b. 14 June, 1856, d. 2J June, 1872. 

ii. Charlotte Hannah b. 26 June, 1859, ^' 23 Nov. 1863. 

iii. Anna Josephine b. 12 Oct. 1861. 

iv. Bertha Evangeline b. 19 Oct. 1865, d. 16 Aug. 1867. 

All born at Plymouth, N. H. 

89 Benjamin"^ {jfoseph^^ of Sauk Rapids, Minn, was 
b. 1 1 June, 1828, graduated at Kimball Union Academy 
in 1 85 1, and at Dartmouth College in 1855. Taught 
in Gilford Academy from Aug. 1855, to June, 1856. 
Read law with Ellery A. Hibbard of Laconia, N. H. 
and Messrs. Flint and Bryant of Concord. He was in 
Melrose, Minn. 1857-58, then returned to Plymouth, 
N. H. and practiced his profession there. 

90 Calvin^ {Josephf) of Plymouth, N. H., was b. 12 
Aug. 1830. He was deputy sheriff for Grafton and 
Carroll counties, 1855 to 1858 inclusive, and selectman 
of Plymouth, 1873 and 1874. He m. 29 Oct. 1856, at 
Thornton, N. H., Betsey Ann b. 28 Nov. 1832, dau. of 
Anthony Carpenter and Ruth (Aldrich) Colcord. Mr. 
Colcord was b. at Newmarket, N. H., 18 Dec. 1788, 
and his wife at Lebanon, N. H., 2 Aug. 1792, and m. 
26 Nov. 18 1 7. Calvin's children were 

i. Everett Colcord b. 21 Nov. 1857. 

ii. Mary Cora b. 13 Aug. 1862. 

iii. Calvin A. b. 22 Aug. 1864, d. 16 May, 1865. 

iv. Alma Hannah b. 3 May, 1866. 

The two elder were b. at Campton, and the youngest 
at Plymouth, N. H. Mary C. graduated from the State 


Normal School at Plymouth, N. H., 1883, and is a 

9 I DanieF {Joseph^) of Campton, N. H., was b. 28 
Oct. 1834, m. 10 Dec. 1863, Sabrina b. 27 Apr. 1845, 
dau. of Arthur and Hannah A. (Thayer) Hunt of Fran- 
conia, N. H., and his children are 

i. Alice L. b. 15 Aug. 1864. 

ii. Apha S. b. 3 Sept. 1866. 

iii. Arthur D. b. 25 July, 1868, d. 4 May, 1878. 

iv. Lottie H. b. 29 Dec. 1871. 

V. Eugene J. b. 29 Dec. 1873. 

vi. Harry C. b. 14 Mar. 1877. 

vii. Charles W. b. 5 Mar. 1880. 

viii. Clarice V. b. i Jan. 1885. 

The six eldest were b. at Campton, and Charles W. 
at Woodstock, N. H. 

92 Moody^ (Amos^) of Kirwin, Phillips County, 
Kansas, was b. 23 Sept. 1829, and m. 4 June, 1856, 
Frances H. Smith. His children are 

i. Mehitable b. 16 June, 1861. 

ii. Alice H. b. 30 Apr. 1865. 

iii. Arthur P. b. 20 Oct. 1867, d. 26 Oct. 1871. 

iv. Frank A. b. 23 June, 1870, d. 11 Feb. 1880. - 

V. Herbert T. b. 20 Oct. 1872. 

vi. Harry M. b. 18 Dec. 1877. 

93 Theodore Palmer* {Amos^) of Campton, N. H. 

was b. 17 Aug. 1 83 1, and m. 20 Dec. i860, H. Louise, 

dau. of Samuel and Sarah T. (Draper) Stevens, and 


i. T. Ernest b. 22 Sept. 1863. 
ii. George H. b. 23 Aug. 1867. 


94 Richard B.^ {John'') of West Plymouth, N. H., 
was b. at Groton, N. H., 29 Nov. 1830. He was assis- 
tant to his brother Edwin at the Indian Agency in 
Minn. He m. 6 June, 1855, at Derby, Vt., Sarah S. b. 
14 Dec. 1830, at Bow, N. H., dau. of WilHam and Lucy 
Ann (Farnum) Gault ; the latter b. at Bow, and the 
former at Hooksett. His children are 

i. Charles Fremont Gault b. 17 May, 1856. 

ii. Jennie Helen b. 28 June, 1858. 

iii. William Richard b. 21 June, * 863. 

iv. George Perley b. i Sept. 1872. 

All were b. at Plymouth except William, who was 
b. at Bridgewater. Charles and William are in the 
employ of the Boston and Lowell Railroad. 

95 Edwin' {John^) of Melrose, Minn. b. at Bridge- 
water, N. H. 25 Feb. 1834. He went West when a 
young man, and was in company with William A. 
Croffit, as a proprietor and financial editor of the St. 
Anthony Evening News, a daily paper printed at St. 
Anthony, Minn, from 1857-62, He was afterwards 
Indian agent of the Chippewas and Winnebagoes in 
Northern Minnesota with a major's commission, under 
President Lincoln, and one of the pioneers of Minne- 
sota politics. He is now proprietor of the Melrose 
Flouring Mills, and dealer in merchandise, grain and 
lumber. Melrose owes its rapid growth in a great 
measure to his enterprise. At the time he made the 
purchase of the lands on which his mills now stand, he 
was in company with William H. Clark, under the firm 
name of Edwin and William H. Clark. He m. i Jan. 


i860, at St. Anthony, Ellen F. Rowe, b. 9 Feb. 1836, 
at Upper Gilmanton, N. H. and has had 

i. Everett Edwin b. 3 June, 1862. 
ii. Herbert Charles b. 5 June, 1864, d. 29 Nov. 1865, at 

iii. Mabelle Ellen b. i Apr. 1867. 
iv. John George b. 19 Jan. 1870, d. 27 Aug. 1870, at 

V. Rowe b. 6 Oct. 1873, d. 8 May, 1874, at Melrose. 
vi. Walter b. 14 Dec. 1880. 

His oldest son was b. at St. Anthony, the second at 
Upper Gilmanton, and his daughter at Chippewa 
agency. The younger sons were b. at Melrose. 

96 John M.^ {John'') of Rumn^y, N. H. b. 22 Jan. 
1840; he resides with his father. He was prepared 
for college, but went to Minnesota, and was a success- 
ful printer and proof-reader, having been previously 
two years in the business in Boston. In 1861 he 
removed to the Pacific coast, and In 1867 returned to 
New Hampshire to care for his parents, then advanced 
in years. He is a dealer in real estate, and an exten- 
sive and prosperous farmer. He was selectman of 
Rumney, in which town the home farm lies, in 1880, 
188 1 and 1882, and perhaps since. 

97 John MItchelF {Thomas March^^ was b. 16 July, 
1847, ^^^<^ received the degree of Ph. B. at Brown Uni- 
versity in 1865. He is now in the iron business with 
Naylor & Co., Boston. 

98 Howard Lee^ {Thomas March^) of Providence 
and Warwick, R. I., was b. in Providence 25 May, 1857. 


He took the degree of Ph. B. at Brown In 1876, and 
passed the following year abroad ; is now with O. N. 
Purdy & Co., wool brokers. He m. 22 Sept. 1881, 
Eliza Greene b. 28 Oct. 1859. dau. of Russell M. and 
Mary Eliza (Greene) Earned of Providence. Mrs. E. 
is dau. of Hon. Albert C. Greene of Providence. (See 
Earned Gen.) 

99 Rufus Wheelwright Jr.^ {Rufus Wheelw7nght^) 
of Detroit, Mich., was b. at Portsmouth, N. H., 29 May, 
1844. He fitted for college In Brooklyn, N. Y., and 
entered Williams, but passed his Sophomore year at 
the University of New York, returning to Williams the 
following year, graduating in 1865. In his senior year 
he was President of the Adelphic Union Society. He 
taught for a time at Auburn, N. Y., and then entered 
the Episcopal Divinity School at Philadelphia, com- 
pleting his course at the General Theological Seminar}^ 
N. Y., and acting as assistant minister at Calvary 
Church in that city. He was rector of St. John's 
Church, Portsmouth, N. H., from Oct. 1868 to 1871, of 
Trinity Church, Columbus, O., 1871-77, and St. Paul's, 
Detroit, 1877 to the present time. He m. 9 Apr. 1874, 
at Columbus, O., Eucy, dau. of William Dennlson, the 
well known ''war Governor" of Ohio, who was also 
Postmaster General under two administrations. He 
was a trustee of Kenyon College from 1873 to 1876 ; 
is a member of the standing committee of the diocese 
of Michigan and of the Church missionary board, and 
has served as a delegate to the General Convention. 
His children are 

i. Helen b. 18 Jan. 1875. 
ii. Rufus Wheelwright b. 20 Dec. 1876. 
ill. Elizabeth b. 27 Feb. 1879. 


100 William Walton' {Rufus Wheelwright^) of 
Tompkinsvllle, Staten Island, N. Y. was b. at Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 8 May, 1846. He fitted for college in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. and graduated at Williams in 1866. 
He engaged for a time in business in New York, 
building the works of the Buffalo Mutual Gaslight 
Company, and in 1872 those of the Citizens' Gas Co. 
in Rochester. Retiring from business on account of ill 
health, he passed a year in Europe, and on his return 
began the study of divinity at Union Seminary, N. Y. 
where he graduated in 1877. He was ordained pastor 
of the Congregational Church, Painesville, O., remain- 
ing but a year, when his health failed. About four 
years ago he took the pastorate of the Reformed 
Dutch Church at Brighton Heights. He m. 4 Mar. 
1868, Elizabeth M. Wyckoff of Brooklyn, by whom he 


i. Elizabeth Morris b. 8 Dec. 1869. 

ii. Marion b. 15 May, 1875. 

iii. Ahce Webster b. 11 Nov. 1877. 

I O I Edward Warren"^ [Rufiis Wheelwright^) was b. 
27 Jan. 1849. He spent four years in Asiatic coun- 
tries, and was professor at the Imperial University at 
Tokio. He is the author of " Life and Adventures in 
Japan." He m. 10 Sept. 1879, Louisa McCull£k of 
Wisconsin, b. 14 Nov. 1859. 

102 ]o\\.w?iViO\^A^v\Y{^nry^ {Samtiel Adams^). Lum- 
ber dealer, 812 Broad St., Newark, N. J. He was b. 
17 Aug. 1849, m. 4 Dec. 1872, Mary E. Davenport, 
and has 

i. Samuel Adams b. 9 Apr. 1875. 
ii. Amelia Schuyler b. 7 Jan. 1878. 


iii. Henry Githens b. 17 Feb. 1879. 
iv. Alexander Bayard b. 20 Sept. 1880. 

1 03 Charles Cooper' (^Samuel Adams^^ was b. 5 
Oct. 1851 ; he is of the firm of Clark, Neergaard & Co., 
manufacturers of paper, importers and dealers in paper 
makers' supplies, 140 Nassau St., New York City. He 
m. 3 Jan. 1876, Margaret b. 6 Apr. 1853, in Baltimore, 
d. 17 Nov. 1878, in Baltimore County, dau. of Jeremiah 
and Margaret S. (Dusham) Wheelwright. He m. 2d, 
2 Feb. 1 88 1, Sarah E. b. 6 Apr. 1852 (3), dau. of Dr. 
Samuel and Sarah E. (Leeds) Lockwood of Stamford, 
Conn. His children are 

i. Margaret Wheelwright, b. 19 Nov. 1877, in Baltimore, 
ii. Charles Cooper b. 3 Jan. 1882, d. 1 1 Sept. 1882. 

I 04 Brackett Weeks^ [Enoch Moodf) b. at Milton, 
N. H., 19 June, 1829, was killed by an accident at 
Farmington, N. H., 2 May, 1865. Hem. 10 Nov. 1853, 
Abigail Amanda, b. 8 Nov. 1834, dau. of Joseph Cook 
and Tryphena (Roberts) Wentworth of Farmington, 
N. H. Joseph was sixth in descent from Elder WilHam 
Wentworth. Their children are 

i. Wilmer Brackett b. 24 Nov. 1854. 
a ii. Caroline Frances b. 28 Dec. 1856. 
iii. Adelaide Augusta, d. young. 

Wilmer B. is in business in Boston. 

a Caroline F. m. at Dover, N. H. 20 Jan. 1880, Lemont P. 
Hatch of Boston, Mass. 

1 05 Charles Ichabod*^ {Enoch Mood)^) was b. 26 
July, 1 83 1, and served in Company C, ist Minnesota 
Vols., and was killed at Petersburg, Va., 18 June, 1864. 


106 Greenleaf Brown^ {Enoch Moodf) of Wolfboro', 
N. H., was b. 30 Nov. 1845, ^^^ n^- ^^ Oct. 1877, 
Victorine Marie Jaclard of Wolfboro'. She d. 17 May, 
1880. He m. second, 18 Oct. 1883, Ida Frances b. 
1849, i^ Bradford, Mass., dau. of Charles C. and Sarah 
(Jackman) Morse. 

I 07 George Greenleaf"^ ( Greenleaf^) of Dover, N. H., 
was b. there 21 June, 1850. He m. 20 June, 1870, 
Mary E. Locke of Barrington, N. H., and had 

i. George Greenleaf b. 17 Nov. 1874, in Dover, N. H. 
ii. Thatcher Rich b. 21 June, 1881, in Dover, N. H. 

I 08 Frank Herbert^ ( Greenleaf^) was b. at Dover, 
N. H., 25 Oct. 1852. He has been in the employ of 
the Eastern Railroad. He m. 24 Nov. 1880, Mary P. 
Tibbets of Bath, Me., and has 

i. Mary Louise b. 1 881, at Lewiston, Me. 

1 09 Frank Gove"^ (Daniel Gove^) of Providence, 
R. L was b. at Roxbury, Mass. 11 Apr. 1855. He is 
in the employ of the Providence and Worcester R. R. 
He m. 24 Oct. 1883, Emma J. b. 27 Mar. i860, at 
South Scituate, R. L dau. of Harley W. and Joanna 
(Franklin) Potter. 

110 Elmore Charles^ {Amos H.^) was b. 10 Aug. 
1854. He was educated at New Hampton, N. H. 
graduating in 1884, and has preached at Wentworth, 
Bridgewater, and Bristol, N. H. Ordained and in- 
stalled as pastor of the Free Baptist Church at Sutton, 


N. H. 2 1 Aug. 1884. The following notice of him is 
from a local paper : 

"Bro. E. C. Clarke, a student at New Hampton Institu- 
tion, supplied our pulpit for a time, and after graduating last 
June located here and became our pastor. He is evidently 
the right man for the place. He and his wife are both 
winning the confidence and esteem of the people. The 
church is encouraged and revived. The attendance at both 
the preaching and social services is increasing, and a deep 
interest is manifested." 

He m. 30 Aug. 1873, at Waterford, Vt., Annette E. 
Turner, b. 28 Feb. 1855, at Monroe, N. H., and has no 

I I I George Augustus^ {Amos H^) of Piermont, 
N. H. A farmer. He was b. 7 May, 1856, and m. 3 
Mar. 1881, at Haverhill, N. H. Belle G. Hardy, b. 4 
Mar. 1 86 1, at Haverhill, and has 

i. Ernest Greenleaf b. 21 Jan. 1883, at Haverhill. 

I I 2 William H.^ (John'') of Kasson, Minn, was b. 
at Fort Ann, N. Y. 6 Mar. 1841. He enlisted 6 Aug. 
1862, from Chicago in Company A, 72d 111. Infantry, 
and was made a sergeant, and served to the close of 
the war. One or more of his brothers served for short 
terms of sixty or ninety days. He m. 4 June, 1867, 
Eunice M. b. at Dansville, N. Y. 15 Feb. 1847, <^^u- of 
William and Lydia Cornell. Children : — 

i. Emma Gene b. 20 May, 1868, d. 28 Feb. 1870. 
ii. John b. 27 Nov. 1871. 
iii. William Cornell b. 13 Feb. 1874. 


iv. Tess b. 25 May, 1879. 
V. Allie Lydia b. 28 Oct. 1882. 
vi. Henry Leroy b. 28 Aug. 1884. 

William and Tess were born at Byron, Minn, and the 
others at Kasson. Gene died at Kasson. 

I I 3 Albert M.' {jfohn'^) of Mitchell, Dakota, was b. 
at Palmyra, Wis. 20 Apr. 1848. He m. 27 Oct. 1870, 
Kate M. dau. of William and Kate Huntly. His chil- 
dren are 

i, Byron H. b. 24 Sept. 1871, d. I Mar. 1872. 

ii. Arthur G. b. 26 Apr. 1873. 

iii. Walter B. b. 4 July, 1875. 

iv. Fred V. b. 23 Oct. 1877. 

V. Lucy F. b. 17 Aug. 1881. 

All b. at Kasson, Minn, except Lucy, who was b. at 
Parker, Dakota. 

I I 4 Myron J."^ (jfohn^) of Topeka, Kan. was b. at 

Palmyra, Wis. 8 Feb. 1850. He m. 23 Nov. 1870, 

Isabella M. dau. of Shadrac and Maranda Smith, and 


i. Charles J. b. 17 Jan. 1874, 
ii. Frank T. b. 28 June, 1875. 
iii. Edith P. b. 25 May, 1877. 

All b. at Kasson, Minn. 

I I 5 James E."^ {John^) of Tracy, Minn, was born at 
Palmyra, Wis. 27 Oct. 1852. He m. 4 July, 1872, 
Mary A. dau. of Aaron and Sarah Walradth. Children : 

i. Mabel L. b. 4 Aug. 1876, at Kasson, Minn. 

ii. James E. b. 28 June, 1878, at Byron, Minn. 

iii. Hattie D. b. 15 Dec. 1882, at Tracy, Minn. 


116 Elvin ^? {Stevens TT.^) was b. 15 Sept. 1850, 
and d. 8 Sept. 1873. He m. i May, 1873, Eva A. 
Poor, and had no children. 

I I 7 Elon' {John^) of Meredith, N. H. was b. 10 Jan. 
1846. He m. 31 Mar. 1875, Sarah A. Dow, but has 
no children. 

I I 8 Frank Harland"^ {Nathaniel) of Concord, N. H. 
was b. 3 Apr. 1849. A locomotive engineer. He m. 
2 Dec. 1 87 1, Mary Emma, dau. of David and Mehitable 
Woodbury of Woodstock, N. H. but has no children. 

I I 9 Albert Westford^ {Nathaniel^) was b. 2 July, 
1852. He was a conductor on the Boston, Lowell and 
Nashua R. R. and was killed by an accident at North 
Billerica, Mass. 17 Nov. 1882. He m. 28 Oct. 1876, 
Mary Adelaide, dau. of Charles and Mary Nutting of 
Concord, N. H. and had 

i. Bertha Atossa b. 17 Dec. 1880. 
ii. Alice Westford, b. 15 July, 1883. 

120 John Arthur^ {John D.') of Littleton, N. H. 
was b. there 18 Oct. 1839. He is a farmer and lime 
dealer, and owns the two large farms bought by his 
father. He m. 23 Mar. 1861, Eliza J. b. 13 May, 1841, 
dau. of Benoni and Joanna (Smith) Clough of Lyman, 
N. H. and has 

i. John W. b. 14 Aug. 1863. 

I 2 I George A.^ {John D.^) of Littleton, N. H. was 
b. there 5 Feb. 1841, d. 24 Aug. 1880. He was a 


farmer and wheelwright, and Hved about two miles 
from his brother. He m. 2 Aug. 1862, Olivia M. b. 24 
Apr. 1844, in Bethlehem, N. H. d. 27 Apr. 1874, dau. 
of Trueworthy and Sylvia (Hadley) Dudley. He m. 2d, 
3 July, 1875, Lina Merrill, d. 12 Nov. 1878. He and 
both of his wives d. of consumption. His children 

i. Kate A. b. 10 June, 1864. 
ii. Jennie P. b. 29 May, 1866. 

The daughters live at Whitefield, N. H. 

122 Herbert Edwin^ {Joseph H^) of Claremont, 
Dodge Co. Minn, was b. 28 Feb. 1858. He m. 10 
Feb. 1 88 1, Clara B. b. 10 Nov. i860, dau. of Oscar and 
Almedia (Wallace) Searle, and has 

i. George H. b. 12 Nov. 1881. 

1 23 John Leavitt^ [Dudley Leavitt^) of Concord, 
N. H. was b. at Campton, N. H. 10 July, 1853. He 
is connected with United States and Canada Express. 
He m. 23 Oct. 1878, Mary Ella, b. 10 Nov. 1856, dau. 
of Gershom L. and Abby W. Fall, and has 

i. Howard Dudley b. 18 Oct. 1880. 
ii. Edna Barrett b. 5 June, 1882. 

124 Edwin Charles'^ (Dudley Leavitt^) of Chelsea, 
Mass. was b. there 25 June, 1856. He is a druggist. 
He m. II July, 1878, Georgianna, b. at Maiden, Mass. 
1856, dau. of Aaron and Lucinda Barrett, and has no 






OSIAH CLARKE of Boston, was the seventh 
son of Nathaniel, and was born in Newbury, 
Mass., 7 May, 1682, and d. in Boston, 29 
Apr. 1 7 17 (see page 21). 15 Mar. 1703, Josiah Clarke 
.of Newbury sold to Dr. Humphrey Bradstreet twenty 
acres in " Almesbur}'," which he inherited from his 
'•' Honoured father Ensign Nathaniel Clarke of New- 
bury." Josiah acknowledged the deed before Paul 
Dudley "J. pacis" in Boston. 

4 Dec. 1 706, Josiah and Sarah Clarke conveyed to 
Nicholas Gilman for £14., the ''upland, woodland, 
swamp, and meadow," which he had in Salisbury and 

26 Feb. 1 7 10, Henry Hale and Thomas Moody sold 
Josiah for ^5, Moody's wife Judith's rights in the estate 


of her grandfather, Henry Somerby. Mrs. Moody was 
daughter of Sarah Hale. 

I Mar. 1 7 10-11, EHzabeth Hale, daughter of Henry 
Somerby, Joslah Clarke of Boston, "taylor," legal rep- 
resentative by purchase of Sarah Hale, daughter of 
Henry Somerby, and Nathaniel Clarke of Newbury, 
heir by will of Daniel Somerby, and James Wise, clo- 
thier of Newbury, purchaser of said Nathaniel Clarke's 
rights, sold to Nathaniel Coffin two fifths, to James 
Coffin two fifths, to Stephen Coffin one fifth of all the 
real estate of Henry and Daniel Somerby "except what 
Nathaniel Clarke now has" for ^130. Josiah d. Insol- 
vent, and letters of administration were granted to his 
widow, I Feb. 17 19. 

27 June, 1720. "The account of Sarah Woodwell 
(late Clarke) Adminis^. on the Estate of her former 
Husband Josiah Clarke late of Boston Tailor deceased" 
(see Suffolk County Probate records) was presented, 
and she prayed allowance for the following expenses 
among others, which are given here as illustrating 
the manners of the times, it appearing that wine, 
gloves, etc., were then considered necessaries at a 
funeral, even when the deceased had died Insolvent. 

For a Coffin £\. Wine £2. Gloves £2, 


Porters ;^i.i. Pall .12 

. /6 


Mourning for myself 

• 4 

a Scarfe a p' of Gloves and Fan 



Mourning for 2 children . 



2 hatts and hatbands 


3 pr Shoes . ... 




He was m. 24 Jan. 1705-6 by Benjamin Colman to 
Sarah b. 15 Jan. 1689, d^^- ^^ John and grandau. of 
Wm. ChamberHn of Hull, Mass. She m. second, 26 
May, 1720, Joseph Woodwell of Bridgewater, Rev. 
Cotton Mather officiating. She was then of Hingham. 
Josiah and Sarah Clarke had, b. in Boston, 

i. John b. 21 Oct. 17 10. 
ii. Josiah b. i Jan. 17 13. 

Nothing further Is known of these children. 




Showing the number of descendants of the name of 
Clarke (Clark) from the five sons of Nathaniel. 






Third generation, 






Fourth generation, 





Fifth generation, 




Sixth generation. 




Seventh generation, 




Eighth generation, 




Ninth generation, 



Tenth generation. 


364 74 9 473 2 

Add the eleven children in the second generation, and the 
total is nine hundred and thirty-three. 

Although the number is small, it is certain that the 
descendants from Thomas have been traced more thor- 
oughly than from any of his brothers, excepting John, 
whose line became extinct in the fourth generation. 
The record of Henry's descendants must be nearly 
complete, but it is possible that some families of the 
tribe of Nathaniel have escaped the researches of the 
author. Of the family of Josiah nothing is known. 


>>»:o« — 

A BRANCH of the family have in their possession a coat of arms 
which they regard as an heir-loom. It was evidently painted by 
John Coles, Senior, of Boston, and therefore cannot be much over 
a centur}^ old, and its genuineness is considered doubtful by heraldic 
authorities. The following is the blazon : gules, three swords erect 
in pale argent, hilts or. An inescutcheon argent, charged with a 
sinister hand gules, upon the blade of the middle sword. Crest, a 
helmet azure, embossed or ; above the helmet a wreath and a swan. 
A palm branch vert is on either side of the shield. There is no 

The arms are evidently a copy of those of the Clarkes, Baronets 
of Shirland, County Nottingham, England. The crest of the 
Baronet is "A hand gules couped at the wrist, holding a sword as 
in the arms." The inescutcheon is the Baronet's badge, and does 
not descend to younger sons. 

Coles may have merely been directed to reproduce or make a 
copy of the ancient family arms, but the facts cannot now be ascer- 

In explanation of the heraldic terms, it may be said that the 
arms are, on a red shield three straight old-fashioned swords silver 
color, their points toward the top of the shield, with cross-shaped 
hilts of the color of gold. The inescutcheon is a small, white shield 
with a red left hand open, the palm to the front, on it ; gules signi- 
fies red, azure blue, argent white, vert green, and or golden. 


Page 42. Hon. Isaac W. Smith was elected a trustee of 
Dartmouth College, 1885. 

Page 69. Susan Greeley (Moulton) Clarke, wife of Hon. 
John Badger Clarke (^o), died on or about 10 May, 1885. 

Page 73. Abner P. Emerson was killed by an explosion 
at Port Royal in July, 1861, while on board a vessel which 
had been fitted out by New York merchants for the service 
of the Government in the war. 

Page 94. Frank Leverett Clarke died 16 Mar. 1885. 

Page 107. Sophia Fellowes (Clarke) Flint died 18 May, 

Page 147. Sixth line from the bottom, for **ii" read "iii." 

Page 155. Mr, Josiah F. Stone was six years a member of 
the board of selectmen of Winchester, Mass., and his name is 
connected with many local enterprises. Besides his son 
given on page 155, he had Joseph, who died young, P^rank 
M., Willie Rix, Ella Clara, and perhaps others who d. young. 
The whole family have removed to California. 

Page 180. A full record of the family of Samuel Dudley 
Clark {jy) was received too late for insertion in its proper 
place, owing to the author's not being able to obtain his 
address in season. He m. 25 Nov. 1852, Anna Maria, b. in 
Boston, 29 Sept. 1829, dau. of Horace Holbrook and Ellen 
Maria (Dow) Smith, and his children were 


a i. Ellie Maria b. 17 Mar. 1855. 

ii. Frederic Dudley b. 24 Nov. 1857, d. 14 Aug. i860, 

iii. Bertha Wyman b. 19 Sept. 1864. 

iv. Lucia Smith b. 5 Jan. 1872, d. 31 Aug. 1872. 

Ellie and Bertha were b. in Winchester, Mass., Frederic in 
South Boston, and Lucia in Hyde Park, Mass. 

a Ellie M. m. Frederic Henr)' Lewis. 

In the note at the bottom of page 180, instead of 'Mine" 
read "record," which latter was the word used in the com- 
piler's manuscript. 

Page 187. John M. Clark (96) has been chairman of the 
board of selectmen of Rumney, N. H., for the past three 




Aaron Woodman, . 


Allie Lydia, 


Abbie Elvena, . 


Alma Hannah, 


Abbie H., 


Almira Lorain, 


Abigail, 36, 37, 41, 42 

, 53. ^4h 130 



Abigail Augusta, 



. . 61,85 

Abigail W., 

• 54,55 

Amelia Frances, 



39» 52, 77 

Amelia Schuyler, 


Abraham Wheelwright, 



141, 159 

Addie, .... 


Amos Hurd, 

147, 172 

Addie Longfellow, . 


Amos S., . 

. 52, 77, 78, 141 

Adelaide Augusta, . 


Amy B., . 


Adelaide Maria, 

162, 163 

Angie E., 


Adelbert A., 


Ann Matilda, . 


Adelle Cora, 



125, 136, 137 

Agnes, .... 


Anna Augusta, 

168, 169 

Albert G., ... 

148, 173 

Anna Bates, 


Albert M., ... 

173, 193 

Anna Greeley, . 

. 57.58 

Albert Westford, . 

177, 194 

Anna Josephine, 


Alethea, .... 

134, 13s 

Anna Norton, . 


Alethea Smith, 


Anna Woodman, 


Alexander Bayard, . 


Annah Maria, . 


Alfred, . . . 


Anne, . 33, 3J 

), 39, 100, loi, 105 

Alfred Dame, . 


Anne White, . 


Alfred Metcalf, 

146, 170 

Annie Hill, 


Alice H., .... 

. 185 

Annie L., . 

• 50,7s 

Alice L., . 

. 185 

Annie Louise, . 


Alice Webster, 


Anthony, . 


Alice Weld, . 


Apha S., . 

. . ,85 

Alice Westford, 


Araminta Cyrene, . 




Ariana, . . . . 


Charles T., . . . 


Ariana Batchelder, . 


Charles W., 

. 52, 185 

Arthur A., 


Charles Washburn, 


Arthur D., 

. 185 

Charles William, 


Arthur Eastman, 

. 69,86 

Charlotte Hannah, . 


Arthur Franklin, 



150. 151 

Arthur G., 


Chastina J., 


Arthur P., . . . 

. 185 

Clara M., 


Arvilla Cora, . 

. 183 

Clarice V., 

. 185 

Augustus Le Roy, . 

162, 163 

Claudis, . 


Benjamin, 36, 47, 48, 7c 

), "7. 

Comfort, . 


131. M5. 146 


120, 159, 184 

Cora Emily, 

162, 163 

Benjamin Wells, 

• 57,82 

Daniel, 17, 21, 30, 32, 36, 

39. 46, 

Bertha Atossa, 


52, 78, 99, 100, loi, 102, 105, 

Bernice H., 


129, 130, 133, 134, 135, 147, 

Bertha Evangeline, . 


159. 185 

Bertha Wyman, 


Daniel Edward Church, . 

. 78,95 

Bessie Taylor, . 


Daniel Gove, . 

147. 171 



Daniel Johnson, 

. . 169 

Betsey B., . 


Daniel Seldon, 


Brackett Weeks, . 146, 

168, 169, 190 

David, 35, 39, 41, 53, 5.1 

[, 78, 151, 176 

Bryant Howard, 


David Greenleaf, 


Byron H., 


David H., . . 




David Oliphant, 

. 54, 80 

Calvin A., 


Deborah, .... 

117, 120 

Caroline, . 

. 46, 179 

Deborah Smith, 


Caroline A., 


Delia D., . 


Caroline Bigelow, . 



148, 149 

Caroline Frances, . 


Dudley, . . 138, 

139.155. 157 

Caroline Judson, 


Dudley Leavitt, 

158, 182 

Caroline P., 


Ebenezer, . 29, 30, 32, 

129, 130, 133 


136, 137. 153 



Catharine Patten, 

. 50, 51 

Edith M., ... 


Charles, . 

. . 48 

Edith May, 


Charles Augustus, . 

143, 162, 163 

Edith P., . 


Charles Bartlett, 

• 72, 89 

Edmund Greenleaf, 


Charles Bennet, 


Edna Barrett, . 


Charles Cecil, 

. 64, 86 

Edward, .... 


Charles Cooper, 

167, 190 

Edward Andrews, . 


Charles Edgar, 


Edward Edson, 


Charles Edward, 

• 74.90 

Edward Everett, 


Charles F., 


Edward Harrington, 


Charles Francis, 


Edward Hilton, 

. 74.92 

Charles Fremont Gault, 


Edward Ray, . 


Charles Gilman, 

. 90,97 

Edward Warren, 

144, 165, 189 

Charles H., 


Edward Wight, 


Charles Ichabod, 

168, 190 


160, 186, 187 

Charles J., 


Edwin Augustus, 

144, 164 



Edwin Charles, . . 182, 195 

Ethel May, 

. . 98 

Eleanor, 36, T,y, 38, 39, 130, 13 r, 132 

Eugene J., 

. . 185 

Eleanor French, ... 77 


• 34, 125 


• 47, 167 


. . 183 

Eliza A., . 

. . . 178 

Everett Colcord, 


Eliza Ann, 

• 73, 179 

Everett Edwin, 

. 187 

Eliza Jane, 


Ezra B., . 

70, ?>7, 88 

Eliza M., 


Ezra Barker, . 

• 47, 72 

Eliza Pollard, . 

. . . • 54 i 

Ezra Bennett, . 


Eliza Walton, . 

. . . 165 

Fannie B., 


Elizabeth, 17, 18, 21, 24, 25, 27, 

Fannie Etta, 


28, 30. 3Z^ 36, 37, 41, 48, 54» 

Fannie M., 

. . 176 

55, 102, 104, 105, 114, 125, 

Fannie Maria, . 


132. 136, 137. 143. 188 

Fannie Mary, . 


Elizabeth Abby, ... 53 

Fanny Kemble, 


Elizabeth Andrews (Ashley.''), 181 

Fletcher, . 

. . 165 

Elizabeth Augusta, ... 50 

Florence, . 


Elizabeth Bayard, 

. . . 167 

Frances H., 

. 178 

Elizabeth Cogswell, 


Francis, . 

. 46, 61, ^s 

Elizabeth Le Roy, 

162, 163 

Francis Gardner, 

. . 89 

Elizabeth Marion, 


Francis Henry, 

III, 112 

Elizabeth Morris, 


Francis Marland, 

. 85 

Ella D., . 


Francke L., 

. 165 

Ella Maria, 




Ellen A., . 

. 70,71 

Frank A., 

. . 185 

Ellen Cyrene, . 


Frank Algeroy, 

. 55,80 

Ellen Eliza, 

168, 169 

Frank Gove, 


Ellen Elizabeth, 


Frank H., 


Ellen M., . 


Frank Harland, 

^77, 194 

Ellen White, . 

. 49, 50 

Frank Herbert, 

169, 191 

Ellie Maria, 


Frank Holden, 


Elmer K., 

. . . 87 

Frank Leverett, 

. 94, 201 

Elmore Charles, 

172, 191, 192 

Frank M., 

• 87,97 


176, 194 

Frank T., * . ' 


Elvin W., 

174, 194 

Fred Leslie, 



75, 143, 160, 161 

Fred v., . . . . 


Emily Andrews, 


Fred W., . 



• . 173 

Frederic Ainsley, 


Emma Augusta, 


Frederic Dudley, 


Emma Gene, . 


Frederick Gardner, 


Enoch, 124, 125, 128, 129, 130, 



13^ 133. 134, 136, 142, 143. 

George A., . . . 

178, 194, 195 

150. 153.175 

George Albert, 

107, no 

Enoch Henry, . . . 143, 163 

George Augustus, . , . 

172, 192 

Enoch Moody, 132, 143, 145, 146, 168 

George Avery, 


Enos, .... 148, 173 

George Dana, . 


Ernest Greenleaf, . . . 192 

George E., . . . 

173, ^77 



George Greenleaf, . 

169, 191 



George H., 
George Henry, 
George Kuhn, . 
George Nelson, 
George Perley, 
George Pickering, 
George Smith, 
George W., 
George Warren, 
George Washington 
George Wheeler, 
George William, 
Gertrude A., 
Gertrude Alice, 

185, 195 

145, 165, 166 

82, 95, 96, 97 



• 5o» 76 

71, 88, 160, 177 
74, 91, III 

• 58, 59 



Gertrude W^ells, 
Gilman, . 129, 138, 151, 156, 176 
Greenleaf, 31, 34, 35, 37, 38, 44, 
45. 46, 49. 53. 58, 60, 61, 62, 
65* 74, 75. 79. 84, 85, 108, 

129, 132, 145, 146, 169 
Greenleaf Brown, . . 168, 191 

Hannah, 31, 32, 33, 56, 104, 129, 
130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 138, 

141,146, 151, 152, 154 
Hannah D., . . . 152,153 

Hannah Dudley, . . . 156 
Hannah O., .... 71 

Hannah Russell, . . . 109 
Harriet, . 43, 72, 141, 142, 144 

Harriet Ann, .... 55 

Harriet Cecilia, . . . 167 
Harriet Davis, . . . 107, 108 

Harriet Elizabeth, ... 92 

Harriet Frances, ... 79 

Harriet Newell, . . . 147 
Harriet Richardson, . . 49 

Harrison Stillman, . . . 109 
Harrison Thacher, . . . 112 
Harry Canfield, ... 79 

Harry C, 185 

Harry M., .... 185 

Harry R. 171 

Hartford Geddings, ... 92 

Hattie Ann, .... 172 
Hattie D., .... 193 

Henrietta A., . . . . 52 

Henry, 17, 18, 21, 27, 
123-126, I 
Henry B., 
Henry D., 
Henry Enoch, . 
Henry Gilman, 
Henry Githens, 
Henry Leroy, 
Henry Little, . 
Henry Moody, . 
Henry Wood, . 
Herbert Amos, 
Herbert Charles, 
Herbert Edwin, 
Herbert M., 
Herbert T., 
Herbert W., . 
Howard Dudley, 
Howard Irving, 
Howard Lee, 
Howard P., 
Ichabod, . 
Ida Estella, 
Ida Josephine, 
Idella F., 
Isaac M., . 
Isaac Moody, 
Isabel Noyes, 
Isabella Frances, 
Isabella Jane, 
Isabella Thompson, 
Jacob Pfaff, 
James A., . 
James Albert, 
James Bayard, 
James E., 
James Edward, 
James Edwin, 
James H., 
James Wason, 
James Wheelock, 
Jane B., 
Jane Graham, 
Jane Stickney, 

28, 100, 
29» 130. 137 








56, i8i 



180, 195 





187, 188 


145, 167 



75, 93, 94 
147, 170 




I, 47' 70 

74, 92, 93 

173. 193 








48, 49 



Jennie Jlelen, .... 186 

Jennie L., .... 87 

Jennie P., .... 195 

Jennie S., .... 175 

Jerome, 54> 79 

Jessie Bryson, .... 76 

Jessie I., 88 

Joanna Jane, . . . . 153 

Joanna K., . . . . 179 
John, 17, 18, 21, 30, 32, 2,1, 36, 
39, 44, 48, 50, 53, 56, 57, ^i, 
88, 1 1 3-1 18, 120, 129, 130, 134, 
137, 13S-141, 148, 149, 151, 

176, 192, 198 

John Albert, 
John Arthur, 
John Badger, 
John Currier, 
John D., . 
John Dana, 
John Davis, 
John Eastman, 
John F. 
John George, 
John Hampden 
John Henry, 
John J., . 
John James, 
John L., . 
John Leavitt, 
John M., . 
John Mitchell, 
John Moses, 
John Phillips, 
John Rogers, 
John Snowden 
John Taylor, 
John Thayer, 
John Theodore, 
John W., . 
John Wendell, 


III, 112 

178, 194 

46, 65-69, 201 

50. 76, 11 

153. "^11^ 1S8 

147. 171 

107, no 


. 187 


138, 155, 156 



149, 174 

182, 195 

160, 1S7, 202 

164, 187 

• 74. 91 
106, 108, III 

158, 182 

167, 189 

156, 180, 181 


• 57,83 


41. 54- 55 

John Weston, 

John Woodman, 

Joseph, 129, 130, 132, 135, 136, 

137, 141, 143, 145, 154, 159. 

179. 183 
Joseph A. .... 184 

• 73, 90 
170, 180 

149, 154, 174, 179 




Joseph B., 

Joseph Edwin, 

Joseph H., 

Joseph Henry, 

Joseph T., 

Joseph William, 

Josiah, 17, 21, 28, JOG, 196, 197, 

Josiah Baker, . . . 158, 182 

Josiah Bartlett, . . 47, 71, 72 

Joshua, . . 130, 132, 135, 152 

Judith, 17, 21, y^, 34, 100, 123, 

125, -1 33 

Judith Lunt, 
Judson G., 

Julia A., . 
Julia Cogswell, 
Julia Frances, 
Kate A., . 
Kate Elizabeth, 
Kate Tenney, . 
Kezia, . . 130 
Laura Dwight, . 
Laurie Etta, 
Lawrence Fletcher, 
Leonard, . 
Leonard P., 
Leverett C, 
Leverett K., 

Levin Perley, . 
Lewis Havier, . 
Lizzie E., . 
Lottie H., 
Louisa Hannah, 
Louisa Powell, 
Louise Rebecca, 
Lovina B., 
gLucia Smith, 
Lucinda, . 
Lucretia Keith, 
Lucy Ashley, . 











139, 153, 157 















134, 148, 149 


2 08 



Lucy Bernice . 
Lucy Caldwell, 
Lucy F., . 
Lucy Maria, 
Lydia, loi, 104 

Lydia Jane, 
Lydia Phillips, 
Lydia Woodman, 
Mabel Augusta, 
Mabel L., 
Mabelle Ellen, 
Malcolm Wallace, 
Malvina, . 

Margaret Melvin, 
Margaret More, 
Margaret Wheelwright, 
Maribel, . 
Marion Hill, 
Mark Langdon, 
Martha A., 
Martha Allen, . 
Martha Anna, . 
Martha C, 
Martha Caldwell, 
Martha Ellen, . 
Martha G., 
Martha Jane, . 
Martha P., 
Martha Waldron, 
Mary, 21, 33, 35, 36, 41, 43, 44, 
45, 52, loi, 125, 130, 131, 132, 

136, 152, 164, 173, 174, 179 




105, 137, 157, 158 

1 09, III, 112 





158, 159 









loi, 133, 135 
160, 162 





70, 74, 92 



Mary A., . 

Mary Adelaide, 

Mary Ann, 50, 51, 52, 

Mary Coburn, . 

Mary Cora, 

Mary Cornelia, 

Mary E., . 

Mary Electa, . 

Mary Ellen, 

Mary Emma, . 

Mary Emma Eastman, 

Mary Evalyn, . 

. 88, 157 

57, 70, 73, n 



149, 179 

. 82,83 


Mary F., . 
Mary Frances 
Mary Greenleaf 
Mary Helen, 
Mary J., . 
Mary Jane, 
Mary Jennie, 
Mary L., , 
Mary Louisa, 
Mary Louise, 
Mary M., . 
Mary Moody, 
Mary R., . 
Mary Rebecca, 
Mary Smith, 
Mattie Lincoln, 
Maurice Dwight, 
Mehitable K., . 
Melinda, . 
Mercy Eliza, 
Michael (Micah), 
Minnie C, 
Morris Herbert, 


" 153 


167, 168 





167, 191 

145, 146 

145, 164 


64, 85, 86 

zi^ 159, 185 






141, 159, 185 


Moses, 30, 31, 35, 36, 43, 46, 47, 

62-65, 66 
Moses L., .... 56 

Myron J., ... 173, 193 

Nancy, 39, 40, 41, 44, 45, 138, 151 

Nancy Niles, . 
Nathan Joshua, 
Nathan Perley, 
Nathaniel, 7-21, 23-30, 

154, 178 
156, 181 

32, 34, 

35, 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 45, 52-55, 
58, 99, 100, loi, 117, 124, 130, 

135, 136, 152, ^n. 196, 197 

Nathaniel Haven, . . -53, 79 

. 55, 80 

Nathaniel Sibley, 
Nellie E., . 
Nellie Jane, 
Nellie May, 
Nettie M., 
Octavius Leonard, 




109, III 





Oscar B., 



Perle V., 



Phebe J., 

Phebe T., 

Philetta Belle, . 

Phillips, . 


Rebecca, . 

Rebecca M., 

Rebecca Swett, 

Richard B., 

Richard Hilton, 


Robert M., 

Rooksby, . 


Rufus W., 

Rufus Wheelwright, 


Ruth K., . 

Ruth Libby, 


Sally W., 

102, 104, 105, 152 

150, 174 

102-106, 109 

32, 33. 35» 40, 105 

105, 159 

141, 142 

106, 107, 108, no 

44, 151, 154 

34, 35, 38 

. 48, 49 

160, 186 

. 91,92 

30, 38, 48, 73, 89 



144, 164, 165, 188 

134, 151, 152 

149, 150 


• 44,151 

• 38, 40 

Samuel, 30, 31, 32, 38, 48, 130, 

136, 138 
Samuel Adams, • 145 

Samuel C, 
Samuel Dudley, 
Samuel Everett Church, 
Samuel Greeley, 
Samuel Phillips, 106, 108 
Sarah, 17, 21, 22, 27, 28, 30, 31, 
33, 35, 43, 46, 47, IOC, 1 01, 
102, 105, 125, 132, 133, 134, 
137, 138, 146, 148, 149, 196, 197, 198 
Sarah A., . . . . 148, 149 

Sarah Ann, . 54, 55, 147, 148, 152 
Sarah Caroline, . . •57, 58 

153, 154, 179 
166, 167, 189 

159, 183 

155, 180, 201 


57, 80, 81 

109, III, 112 

Sarah E., . 
Sarah Elizabeth, 
Sarah Farnsworth, 
Sarah Francis, 
Sarah G., . 

• 58,156 
74, 168, 169 




Sarah Goodhue, . . .48, 49 
Sarah Jane, .... 73 

Sarah Jordan, . . . . 56 

Sarah Martha, . . . . 72 

Sarah Noyes, .... 62 

Sarah Persis, .... 55 

Sidney J., .... 183 

Smith, .... 134, 148 

Sophia Elizabeth Church, .* 78 
Sophia Fellowes, . . 107, 201 
Stephen, 30,32,33, 125, 126, 129, 

130, 135, 143, 151 

Stephen Greeley, 

Stephen Wells, 

Stevens K., 


Susan Brown, . 

Susan Bunker, 

Susan Frances, 

Susan Moody, . 

Susanna, . 

T. Ernest, 


Thatcher Rich, 


Theodore Palmer, 


33, 34 



149, 174 






35, 105 




Thomas, 17, 21, 28, 99-102, 105, 

143, 154, 178 
Thomas J., . . . .47,71 
Thomas March, 131, 143, 144, 164, 167 

Tyler, 120 

Vandon B., . . . 148, 173 

Virginia Alexine, 
Waldo E., 
Waldo Josiah, 
Wallace Roland, 
Walter, . 
Walter B., 
Walter G., 
Walter L., 
Walter Smith, 
Walter W., 
Warren, . 
Will B., . 
William, . 












38, 118, 120, 138, 155 

William Augustus, 

74, 90, 91 



William Cogswell, 20, 29, 30, 46, 

59, 60, 62, 64, 67, 69, 84, 86, 87 
William Cornell, . . . 192 
William Frederic, . . 107,110 

William H., . . . 173, 192 

William Henry, 48, 73, 74, 90, 

97, 181, 183 
William Hollyday, ... 85 

William Howard, . . . 170 

William Hutchins, 
William Jones, 
William M., . 
William Richard, 
William Walton, 
Willis Gaylord, 
Wilmer Brackett, 
Wilt J., . . 
Winthrop George, 

159, 183, 186 
156, 181 
154, 180 
165, 189 

• 77,95 

147, 172 




Abbott, . 

104, 143 








Brickett, .... 28,41,53 

Aldrich, . 

183, 184 

Britton, 92 


. 176 

Brown, 17, 27, 42, 45, 57, 82, 



105, no, 116, 123, 133, 156, 

Andrews, . 


161, 169, 182 

Andros, . 


Br}'ant 46 





. - 158 



Bunker, . 

• 58, 137 




• 34, 53 






. 32, 146 








45, 65, 66 



Bagler, . 






Byley, . 



157, 158, 184 




37,46,47, 147, 156 

Caldwell, . 


Barrett, . 



126, 156 

Barrows, . 



. . 176 

Bartlett, . 

12, 13, 182 

C alley, 



. 90, 129, 183 


175. 176 


• 83,91 


. . 46 


. 167 




• 114, 



169, 178 









Bennett, . 



. 138 



158, 159, 182 



Billings, . 

. 74, 172 

Caverno, . 




Caw ley, . 





. 198 




. 8,12 

Blaisdell, . 



119, 136 

Blodgett, . 

150, 151 

Charles, . 





28, 29, 142 



Cheney, . 



. 167 



Boynton, . 


Church, . 


Bracket, . 

129, 132 



Bradley, . 

• 85, 143 




. 87, 196 



. 50. 63 



Clark and Clarke, 


23, 29, 



36,64, 75, 136, 158 

De Vogel, 


Clarkson, . . . 108, 155 



Cleasby, . 


Dix, . 


Clement, . 

. 42, 148, 150 




Clough, . 

40, 54,71, 137, 194 



Coburn, . 

. ' . 46 



Coffin, 8, 12, 15, 18, 20, 26, 27, 

Dorman, . 


30,93, 114, 123, 124, 125, 197 




Cogswell, .... 45, 65, 79 

Downer, . 



56, 157 


• 45,76 

Colcord, . 




Coleman, . 




Colman, . 

183, 198 

Dudley, 74, 96, 97, 1 13, 1 14, 1 16, 

Connor, . 


138, 153, 177, 195, 196 



Dummer, 10, 11 







Dusham, . 



139, 140 


. 78, 149 

Cornell, . 


Dwight, . 

. . . 63,66 



Eastman, . 





35, 44, 77, 149 





Cowdrey, . 









. 163 

Emerson, 40, 43, 44, 67, -j^, 116 



141, 142, 201 



Emery, .... 13,17,158 

Crockett, . 




Crofoot, . 

• 50,75 


. . 138 

Crombie, . 








Currier, . 


Farmer, . 


Cushing, . 


Farnum, . 


Cutting, . 

loi, 170 


. 178 



Fellowes, . 

106, 107 



Fellows, . 

"i^Zl. 178 







Fifield, . 





. . 87 

Daniels, . 




Darling, . 





104, 189 


107, 201 



112, 151,172 



Davison, . 

. 10, 14 

Folsom, . 

96, 136, 156 






117, 120 




137, 142, 180 


43, 131 



Francis, 130 

Hartford, 55 

Franklin, . 


Hastings, . 

• 64, 157 

French, . 

. 17, 36,44, 52, 145. 154 




81, 120 





Hawkes, . 



, . . . 167 






146, 168 


. . . 156 



Garagan, . 




Gardner, . 

. . . . 89 


. . . 167 




• 37,83,153 

Gedney, . 

. 24,26 



German, . 

. . . . 89 

Hilton, . 

47, IZ^ 74 


10, 12, 16, zi, 124 





Hobbes, . 


Gill, . 


Hobson, . 


Gilman, 22, 23, 96, 100, 114, 


. . . 85 

123, 124, 136, 138, 146, 196 



Glines, 42 



Gooden, , 


Howard, . 

• 97, 164 

Goodhue, . 



• 37,53 

Goodwin, . 



152, 180 


72, 121 


139, 185 



Huntly, . 






Graham, . 

. . . 76 


9, 134, 139, 140 





Greeley, . 





• 57, 117 




. 88, 188 



Greenleaf, 9, 10, 17, 20, 21, 27, 



29. 32, 33y i05> 124, 125, 145 


• 33.47 

Griffin, 172 


. . 83 

Griggs, . 



94, 156, 169, 174 








. 11,149,150 





Hale, 22, 23, 25, 26, 99, 100, 105, 


. . 176 

lis, ^23, 144, 196, 197 



Hall, 103 





Kimball, . 

34,38,43, 1 78 




• .• 152 


128, 158 



Hanson, . 



II. 13. 104, 149 


34. 192 

Knowles, , 



141, 150 


. . 83 






107, 108 



3, 75. 

136, 140, 180, 181 






. . . 46 


108, 146 




. 71,170 



Langdon, . 

131, "^ZZ 



Langue, . 

. . . 138 



Larned, . 



138, 154, 180 


. 74,114,139 

Morse, 8, 15, 35, 100, 104, 105, 



123, 160, 191 

Leonard, . 


Moulton, . . 17, 66, 69, 162, 201 

Le Roy, . 





162, 163, 202 



. . . 165 


• 83, 146 



Lincoln, . 









. 43, 180, 182 

Newton, . 

. . . 176 



Nichols, . 

i3i» m 






109, 125 

Nodian, . 


Lougee, . 

. . . 48 



Love joy, . 





. 11,16 



Lunt, 15, 17, 27, 

loi, 102, 106, 131 

Noyes, 10, ii, 14, 17, 18, 39, 


IZ^ 171 

43, 49, 62, 99, 100, loi, 102, 108 


• . • 54 

Nute, 169 


10, 107, 131, 132 


. . . 58 

Marden, . 




Marland, . 


Oakman, . 

• 74,75 








23, 117, 118, 121 

Mason, . . i 

0, 35. 130, 174, 179 











McCloy, . 



. 40, 148 


■ . . 138 

Palmer, . 

• 47» 141, 159 




. 7,8, 90, 117 







Parsons, . 







■ . . 38 




31,49, 176,195 





Pearson, . 

29, 45, 132, 156 

Metcalf, . 







• 45» 54» 79 









5, 9. 1 

to, 13, 14, 120, 125 

Mitchell, . 

. 49, 160 



Moody, 12, 41, 100 

, loi, 132, 


118, i?o 

196, 197 


48, 102, 149, 166 




140, 181 


16, 26, 100, 114 


. 33. 146 




100, 105 



Phillips, . 

■ 47, 103 

Simons, . 



. 90, IOC 

Simpson, . 

. 46, 150 


17, 22, 31, 115 

Sinclair, . 






Piugery, . 


Smith, 28, 30, 31, 32, 

41, 42, 53, 


• 37, 135. 172 

91, 100, 104, 105, 

108, 109, 



132, 134, 179, 180, 

185, 193, 194, 201 

Plumer, . 

. 12, 156 

Somerby, 13, 18, 20, 24, 25, 26, 

Pollard, . 


28, 29, 32, 197 

Polyguin, . 


Springer, . 




Standish, . 



33,40, 153,194 









Stetson, . 


Powell, . 

. . 85 

Stevens, . 

125, 177, 178, 185 

Prentiss, . 

• 96,97 

Stewart, . 


Prescott, . 

• 36,45 

Stickney, . 

. . 48 

Putnam, . 


Stinson, . 


Ramsey, . 



. 92, 168 




72,89, 155, 201 

Richardson, 14, 49, 9] 

[,102-105,113, 170 


. . . 84 

Roberts, . 

. 154, 176,190 

Streeter, . 





• • 55 


. 48, 143, 174 


. . . 85, 164 

Rogers, . 

. 54, 16S 


. . 178 


13,27, 28, 115, 124 

Swasey, . 

. . . 46 

Rollins, . 

. 70, 138, 176 






• I5» 38, 39, 137 



Taft, . 


Rowell, . 

• 58, 72, 138 



Russell, . 


Taylor, . 



. . . 37, 168 

Tenney, . 

• 51.52 




. . . 87 




• 49, 79, 185 

Safford, . 


Thember, . 



. 26, 34 



Sanborn, 57, 59, 7 

7, 88, 174, 176, 179 

Thomas, . 


Sargent, . 



. 146, 176, 183, 184 


. • • 5.51 



Sawyer, . 

. 41,98,152 



Scribner, . 




Scullard, . 


Tibbets, . 









. 58,156 



1 Tipping, . 




Titcomb, 12 


• 37^ 131, 132, I45» 146 

Todd, 38 

Wells, . 

• 57, 178 

Tolman, yj 

Went worth, 

. 22, 151, 168, 190 

Toppan, 14, 21, 24, 26, 28, 115, 

Wheeler, . 

• 52,89 

124, 125, 131, 164 


144, 190 

Towle, 146 

White, . 

13. 38, 42, 143, 161 

Travers, . 


Wiggin, . 

• 40, 45, 46, 47 



Wight, . 

. . . . 84 


. . 183 

Willey, . 



. 81,90 


. 43, lOT 

Turell, . 


Willson, . 




W^ingate, . 

• 46, 47, 132 

Tyler, . 


80, 107, 118 

Winslow, . 


Upham, . 



• 34,37,74 

Wade, . 

. 18, 20 


. 24,28 


. 42, 114 

Wolcott, . 


Wadley, . 

114, 157 

Wood, . 


Wain Wright, 

. 103, 104, 120 



Walch, . 



10, II, 15, lOI, 

Walcott, . 



115, 116, 117 

Waldron, . 

163, 169 


. 70, 194 

W^ all ace, . 



142, 172, 195 

Woodman, 8, i 

[I, 12,28,29, 39, 40, 123 




• • .38, 39, 134 

Walton, . 

165, 182 


197, 198 





Warren, . 



• 53» m 


. . 165 

Wright, . 


Watson, . 

• 34, 35, 169 



Webster, 36 

, 119, 


141, 142, 178 





Wyman, . 

. 92, 146 

Weed, . 


Young, . 



of the 


Newbury, Massachusetts, Ten Generations, 1642-1885 

George K. Clarke, LL.B. 

Nathaniel Clarke left descendants throughout New England, 
some in New Jersey, and beyond, but the bulk of the family 
lived in Massachusetts and New Hampshire during the time 
period covered by this work. This is a predominantly male 
line genealogy - daughters are rarely carried beyond one 
generation; about 900 Clarke families are included. This 
is a revised and expanded edition of a work which first 
appeared in 1882. 

ISBN 1-55613-444-4